By: Bernardino S.
ccidentally on Purpose
It’s a show about a couple that are going to have a baby. They have to deal
with different situation like preparing for the baby, dealing with bosses, and
friends. I think this was one of CBS funniest show but sadly it got cancelled
because of ratings.
This is one of my favorite comedy shows on Wednesday nights. It’s about a family who
have to deals with everyday situations. It’s about 3 different relationship : Casey and
Mia (Known each other for 7 weeks and she’s already pregnant), Maddie and Ben (Been
dating for 7 years), Vicky and Joel (Been married 35 years).
• This show is about 2 step brothers and they have a little
sister. Their mischievous little sister always tries to prank
them. The show involves about the relationship about 2
brothers, school, and work.
Ellen is one of my favorite comedian because she’s
hilarious. She likes to prank celebrities and even
her guest. She also enjoys scaring people which I
think it’s just funny.
ran Drescher
Fran Drescher has been in hit comedy TV
shows like “The Nanny” and “Living with
Fran”. Now she’s going to have a new
upcoming comedy show called “Happily
Divorced”. She’s one of my favorite
comedian actress.
George Lopez is a comedian, actor, and
talk show host. He first started doing
stand-up comedy which led him to
become very popular at. Because of his
popularity Sandra Bullock approached him
to get his own show because there weren’t
no Hispanic-oriented sitcoms on American
television. In 2002 “George Lopez”
debuted his comedy show while Sandra
Bullock was the executive producer. After
the show got cancelled it went to
syndication which became a huge success.
“George Lopez” is one of my favorite show
of all time.
G eorge Lopez
H appy Endings
This comedy sitcom is about a group of friends that has to deal with friends and
relationships. This show has been compared as the new “Friends” which I agree but
with a different twist. I think this show is just fun to watch and my favorite character is
Penny because she’s hilarious.
“I Love Lucy” has been called as one of "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME” which I agree.
It’s just hilarious if people haven’t seen this show they must be living under a rock and
their missing a lot of laughter. I love the chemistry between Ethel and Fred because they
criticize/insult each other. Lucy just get into wacky situation which ends her up into
trouble and her husband, Ricky get impatience when she gets into this type of
Jokes are when a person intent to be humorous. People can be sarcasm or have a
punch line to make a joke. Depending on the joke a person can be successful at their
joke but also they can ruined it.
The show is about 2 best friends that are in their teen years. One has a job and it’s
the normal dude while the other is clumsy and jokes a lot. “Kenan and Kel” has
been called as one of the best 90’s family show.
Is an expression of happiness and the feeling of joy. Laughter can be caused by being
tickled or by hearing a joke. Laughter can be contagious even if a person just laughs.
It’s about a 3 families and they express their opinion directly into the camera. Each
family member is connected to each other which led to become one big family. Some
of the family members deals with the kids, baby, school, relationship, and family
odern Family
This comedy sitcom is about a bridal consultant who got fired and now she’s selling
cosmetic in the doorstep of a Broadway producer. The butler confuse her as the nanny
but because she needs a job Maxwell the producer gave her the nanny job. Now Fran
takes care of his 3 children and she get into wacky situations. Niles the butler and C.C.
(Maxell business partner) always insult each other and they have a love/hate
friendship. “The Nanny” has been describe as the modern 90’s “I Love Lucy”.
“The Office” is about the lives of each office employees. They always make fun or
make jokes about each other. It’s one of NBC popular comedy show to date.
He is the best friend of SpongeBob SquarePants.
SpongeBob and Squidward are his neighbors . Patrick
lives under a rock and he is consider as dumb but
SpongeBob thinks his a genius. Patrick and
SpongeBob always annoys Squidward.
Q uestion?
A question is when people need information or they have no idea what the other
person is talking about. A question is always provided with answer. In this case when a
person tells a joke and the other person don’t get it, they may ask a question.
T hat’s So Raven
This comedy teen sitcom is about Raven
who gets into situation because of her
psychic powers. Only her parents and
friends know about her powers.
Sometimes Raven’s wacky situation gets
her in trouble that she has to disguise
her self with the help of her friends,
Eddie and Chelsea. The show focuses on
family, friends, and school.
Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a sketch
comedy. The show always parody
contemporary American culture and
politics. SNL has made popular
sketches that has been turn into
films Wayne’s World and MacGruber.
Saturday Night Live is one of the
longest-running network television
programs in the United States.
Thanks to SNL some of actors have
become popular like Tina Fey, Amy
Poehler, Kenan Thompson, Seth
Meyers, Kristen Wiig, Eddie Murphy
and etc.
S aturday Night Live
T om and Jerry
Is an animated cartoon about a rivalry between a cat and a mouse. They always battle
and do mean stuff to each other. “Tom and Jerry” is consider one of the classic
cartoon ever made. It’s really popular among adults, teens, and children because of
the comic battles between them.
Is a spin-off animated show from
the “Rugrats”. This time instead of
being babies there’re all in their
teen years. It star the hilarious and
mean cousin of Tommy and Dil
Pickles, Angelica Pickles. The show
also has Chuckie, Kimi, Susie, Phil
and Lil.
All Grown
America's Funniest
This show is where viewers watch humorous home videos sent by people. It features
physical comedy and accidents. It also involves kids and pets doing funny things. Bob
Saget hosted the 1st eight season of AFV, the current host is Tom Bergeron.
W hat I Like About You
This comedy show is about Holly who moves
with her older sister after her dad moves to
Japan. Now her older sister, Val needs to learn
more about responsibility after her sister
moves. Holly always hangs out with her friends,
Gary, Tina, and Vince while her sister hangs out
with her best friend, Lauren. “What I Like
About” centers on friendships, relationships,
and jobs.
X ’s
Is an animated Nickelodeon show about a family who are spies. They hide their
identity from other people so they can’t be exposed. The X’s always tries to stop an
organization because they want to take over the world. The show also has some small
jokes reference.
es Man
Is a comedy film starring Jim Carrey. It’s
about a guy named Carl who learns how to
say YES because he always use to say NO.
Carl (Jim Carrey) does a lot of crazy things
just because he starting using YES.
Z one
Is an animated show from Nickelodeon.
There’s a kid named Rudy that has a
magical chalk. To go to ChalkZone
where everything is made up of chalk,
he needs his magical chalk. Rudy
friends are Penny and the funny chalk
drawing cartoon, Snap that Rudy

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