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Association d’Avocats à Responsabilité Professionnelle Individuelle
15, rue du Temple
75004 Paris - France
Tél. +33 (0) 1 58 80 80 00
Fax. +33 (0) 1 44 61 42 87
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SMITH D’ORIA is born of the merger of SMITH VIOLET, an international business law practice and
of UHRY D’ORIA, a real estate and public law practice.
With 15 law practitioners, our development and the quality of our client base are the demonstration
of the specific added value which is the result of the combination of 6 assets:
the 30 years of experience of our multilingual and multicultural “international business” practice
which is supported by a worldwide network of proven correspondents;
our long-term interaction with the property management divisions of major groups, with claims
managers, asset managers and, generally, with all the professions of the real estate sector;
a specialist team covering labour and employment, social relations and social welfare, conducted
by a former Human Resources Director;
our competence in Public Law and Public Affairs which is of specific interest in the constant
interface with public authorities which is present in the French environment;
a valuable track record in insolvency resolutions, either for the defence of creditors rights or in the
turnaround of distressed businesses;
a specific expertise in climate change governance.
The areas of practice of SMITH D’ORIA are:
• International Commerce;
• Real Estate;
• Employment and Social Protection;
• Public Affairs and Public Law;
• Corporate;
• Insolvency;
• Climate Change;
• Private Clients;
• Dispute resolution.
SMITH D’ORIA is proud of having established a long term client relationship with major French and
global groups in the sectors of banking, insurance, real estate and construction and industry.
We also have the confidence of mid-cap companies as well as of charities and other non-profit
We also have a sizable private client practice composed of managers, of investors and of equity
holders, for whom we handle estate management legal issues.
At the international level, SMITH D’ORIA is the French correspondent of many foreign law firms.
We are predominantly involved in the following business sectors:
• industry: automotive, energy, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical devices, industrial capital
equipment, rail, R&D;
• services: IT, asset finance, education, tourism, events and exhibitions, banking, insurance and
asset management;
• cultural products: publishing, audiovisual and fashion;
• construction: engineering and civil works;
• non-profit;
• food and agri-business;
• private clients.
Isabelle SMITH MONNERVILLE contributes her thirty years of experience in the international legal
environment to assist companies at all stages of their development, from their formation, through all
the various internal and external stages of their growth and all their changes and restructurings, up to
their sale and/or the prevention of their insolvency. Isabelle SMITH MONNERVILLE is a co-author of
the Model Share Purchase Agreement of the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC and a
member of the working group of the same organization which prepares the Model Asset Purchase
The know-how and methods developed for the assistance of foreign investors are put to use in the
domestic operations of French clients.
The practice is relying on one associate, Romain ARNAUD and one paralegal, Anaïs HORION and
handles the following operations:
Changes in the share capital and structuring:
• Shareholder agreements;
• Organisation of data-rooms and legal due diligence (either as in a vendor or in a purchaser
• Acquisitions and sales of companies;
• Asset purchase agreements;
• Corporate governance strategy and implementation;
• Domestic and international joint-ventures;
• Equity funding: share capital increase and equity restructuring, mergers, de-mergers and asset
• Company law and company secretariat;
• Corporate Social Responsibility strategy: advice on risk management programs; compliance
program advice.
With an experience of over 30 years servicing clients with international issues, the practice
has substantial references in commercial contracts, international construction, joint-ventures, the
financing of projects and assets, international insolvency, arbitration and other alternative methods of
dispute resolution.
The skills of the international commerce practice of SMITH D’ORIA are constantly honed by its
active membership in professional multilateral organizations, such as the working groups of the
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and of the Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA).
With a multilingual team of associates and partners, the practice is supported by the resources of
specialist groups of SMITH D’ORIA in Labour and Employment Law, Insolvency, Real-Estate,
Corporate, Public Affairs and Public Law.
The experience of the practice covers the main following operations:
• International sales, agency and distribution contracts;
• International development;
• Asset and vendor finance;
• Joint-ventures, co-development and cooperation agreements;
• Major construction projects;
• Services agreements, logistics, outsourcing, industrial sub-contracting and supply chain
management contracts;
• Intercompany contracts;
• Transfers of technology, engineering contracts and licenses;
• Protection of intangible assets;
• Anti-bribery, anti-money laundering and compliance.
Hubert CHARPENTIER capitalizes on his experience of over 25 years as head of Human
Resources, including over 10 years as a member of executive committees in leading
international groups.
With a focus on advisory work, Hubert CHARPENTIER also provides HR management training. He
also handles individual and collective labour litigation. For major operations, he relies on the support
of a team of chosen outside consultants (such as outplacement consultants and transition
management consultants).
The experience of SMITH D’ORIA in Employment Law and Social Protection encompasses the
following operations:
• Mergers and acquisitions: HR due diligence, HR re-engineering (harmonization of individual and
collective agreements, internal guidelines and rules, modification of the scope or structure of staff
representation bodies, audit of employee benefits, pension schemes, employee information);
• Assistance to distressed companies: design, implementation and follow-up of redundancy plans
preparation of consultations with staff representation bodies, negotiations with unions, employee
information and internal corporate communication;
• Restructuring of the company, transfer of business units, internal reorganisation, renegotiation of
individual and collective agreements, functioning of the executive committees by objectives;
• Social welfare, compensations and benefits: social security coverage, additional pension schemes,
profit-sharing schemes, health and safety, systems of remuneration;
• Management of conflicts and individual and collective disputes, representation and defence of the
company in court, termination of employment agreements; negotiations of settlement agreements;
• Legal analysis of specific situations, legal drafting: employment contracts, special contractual
conditions, termination by mutual agreement, collective agreements, delegation of authority schemes
and processes;
• Good practices, compliance and conformity (employment contracts, working time, agreements for
the management planning of jobs and skills, charters, codes of ethics, professional parity, prevention
With over 20 years’ experience, the practice group is conducted by Jean-Olivier D’ORIA and
François GRENIER, the former focussing primarily on private and commercial projects and the latter
on public law aspects and projects.
The practice relies on two associates, Romain ARNAUD and Arthus NOËL, the former with
experience in the sale and purchase of leases and undertakings and the latter concentrating on real
estate litigation.
The practice group handles the following operations:
• Construction warranties and Insurance: Decennial and other warranty litigation for all participants to
construction projects and for insurers, assistance in the context of court-ordered expert evaluations;
• Complex property management: drafting and updating of organisational instruments of resident
associations (ASL), of unregulated urban property associations (AFUL) and of co-ownership
agreements and regulations, negotiation and drafting of agreements with utility suppliers and
common suppliers (telecom, energy and such);
• Co-ownership: drafting and updating of co-ownership agreements and regulations; co-ownership
litigation (law of July 10th 1965 and its implementing decree); appointment of ad hoc administrators
and/or judicial trustees; assistance of co-ownership unions in the usual and exceptional management
of their buildings; mergers and de-mergers of owner’s unions and syndicates; negotiation and
drafting of agreements with utilities and common suppliers (telecom, energy and such);
• Residential leases: drafting and advisory assistance; rent adjustment and expulsion litigation;
enforcement and collection of rents, credit investigations;
• Commercial leases: drafting and advisory assistance; rent fixing, eviction and expulsion litigation;
enforcement and debt collection; repossession of premises in the context of insolvency;
• Commercial property: legal organization and management of shopping malls;
• Urban planning: planning permission litigation;
• Regulatory: legal assistance in connection with, in particular, safety regulations for consultations in
connection with establishments servicing the public (ERP) or high-rise buildings (IGH), or with
accessibility regulations (universal access);
• Real estate transactions: confidential real estate search mandates and transactions.
A 30 year experience in international commercial transactions as a legal practitioner, in a context of
global, permanent and accelerated economic change, has brought Isabelle SMITH MONNERVILLE
to close familiarity and substantial references in the field of insolvency, creditors’ rights and the
management of disruption risks in the supply chain.
Isabelle SMITH MONNERVILLE is a member of INSOL (International Association of Restructuring,
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Professionals), of the working groups of the ICC Commercial Legal
Practice Commission, and a contributor of the Doing Business Project of the World Bank for the
insolvency section since 2006. She is a frequent speaker at international events on topics related to
insolvency, at the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC, International Bar Association – IBA
and Inter-Pacific Bar Association – IPBA.
The insolvency practice of SMITH D’ORIA is experienced in the following operations:
• Restructuring of investments (tourism resorts, industrial investments, French operations of
distressed international groups) ;
• Pre-insolvency assistance to the debtor for the renegotiation of public and private liabilities ;
• Representation of creditors : analysis and declaration of claim, protective set-offs, minimisation of
risks and losses, creditor representation in the capacity of controller of the collective procedure,
assistance to creditors in the collective renegotiation of claims in pre-insolvency procedures
(safeguard, conciliation, ad hoc mandate);
• Repossession claims and negotiation of deliverables with distressed suppliers, continuation
agreements ;
• Out-of-court or judicial defeasance of distressed subsidiaries or divisions ;
• Assistance in take-over of all or part of insolvent undertakings;
• Collective procedure litigation.
The practice group is conducted by Jean-Claude BEAUJOUR and François GRENIER, the former
focussing primarily on Public Affairs and the latter on Public Law.
The group assists a clientele which is composed of private and public institutions as well as of small
and medium size enterprises in the context of tenders for public procurement as well as in the
performance of public contracts, in particular in the sectors of construction and urban planning and
Jean-Claude BEAUJOUR has a dual experience in Public Economic Law (regulatory, public
procurement, government relations) as well as in International Commercial Law (negotiating and
drafting of commercial contracts, international development). He has experience as an advisor of
foreign governments and is regularly acting as a mediator or as counsel for mediating parties.
François GRENIER has specific experience of urban development and planning projects, of public
procurement and of inter-municipal cooperation. His former office as a judicial assistant in the
administrative courts, prior to his joining the Bar, has honed his procedural acumen with added value
for his litigation practice.
The practice relies on one associate attorney, Arthus NOËL, who focusses on urban planning and
sustainable development as well as on one paralegal: Cécile SANCHEZ, Master of Laws, and one
legal secretary Bénédicte GUSTIN, whose 25 years’ experience is an added value.
The practice group handles the following operations:
Public Affairs:
• negotiation, mediation in the public sphere (administrations, local authorities, independent
administrative authorities);
• regulatory issues mainly in the health, energy and aerospace sectors;
• information to clients about legislative projects in the sectors that affect them.
Public Law:
• Public procurement: advisory assistance throughout the bidding process (preparation of tenders,
audits, prevention of litigation) as well as during performance. Litigation assistance in the
administrative courts, including interim relief procedures;
• Public Service Law (functional protection);
• Administrative Law: advisory assistance to private enterprises as well as to local authorities in
operations of land us, urban development or construction;
• Expropriation Law: advisory and litigation assistance;
• Environment and Sustainable Development: advisory and litigation assistance ;
• Urban Development: advisory and litigation assistance in matters of building permits and
permissions to operate, or authorisations, criminal law of construction and urban planning.
The resolution of disputes is a fundamental activity of all of the partners of SMITH D’ORIA, in
their respective areas of competence.
SMITH D’ORIA brings assistance at all of the stages of a dispute, from its prevention to its
resolution, as well as for the enforcement of awards and judgments in France and abroad.
We are committed to promoting the use of alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as
mediation, and have a substantial record of its use with success.
Nevertheless, SMITH D’ORIA also has an extensive litigation practice, in French courts and in
arbitration. Our litigation experience hones our advisory and drafting services.
Examples of our dispute resolution practice include:
Real Estate litigation and mediation:
• Disputes regarding leases (lease renewal, eviction of lease holders, validity of indexation clauses);
• Disputes regarding construction operations (expert investigations, contractor claims);
• Co-ownership litigation and mediation;
• Ownership litigation (expropriation, forced application of undertakings to sell).
International commerce litigation, arbitration and mediation:
• International litigation in French courts, jurisdiction and conflicts of laws;
• Technical litigation and expert investigations;
• Arbitration and mediation of international construction cases as well as of supply-chain issues.
Public Law litigation:
• Legality of administrative decisions, contractual disputes and claims for damages ;
• Litigation relating to public contracts ;
• Urban planning disputes, whether on planning documents, planning permission or authorizations
prior to commercial development.
Labour and Employment Law:
• All types of employment litigation, either individual or collective (disputes initiated by staff
representative bodies or trade unions, strike management and collective conflicts), at all stages of
these disputes (risk assessment, management of crisis situations, amicable proceedings or
IP litigation:
• Patent disputes, of European or international nature ;
• Literary and artistic property disputes.
Corporate Litigation:
• Post-acquisition disputes (earn-out, price adjustment, warranties);
• Shareholder disputes (enforcement of shareholder or sale agreements, undue use of
majority/minority powers);
• Corporate officer liability
• Creditor and repossession claims, assistance to debtor in possession.
The practice is conducted by Jean-Olivier d’ORIA who has an experience of over 15 years advising
private clients in their wealth management, family and matrimonial issues, with a growing
international focus.
With a long-term pro-bono involvement in advocating for victims of violence, his approach is based
on empathy and solid legal work. He has built a loyal client base of high net worth individuals who
value a close personal relationship with a trusted advisor for the management of their assets.
SMITH D’ORIA works jointly with proven correspondents for international tax matters and estate
planning issues.
Two associates, Julien MAIRE DU POSET and Arthus NOËL support the practice.
The private client practice of SMITH D’ORIA has experience in the following areas:
• Intellectual property: defence and protection of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks,
patents); license agreements; privacy and image rights;
• Real estate transactions and negotiations: management of confidential sale or research mandates;
• Property: acquisition and management of assets; estate planning and liquidation of matrimonial
property, succession dispute;
• Personal injury: advice, claims, litigation and settlement negotiations.
Gabriela MERLA has recognized experience of over ten years in the area of carbon contracts,
as well as in the implementation of pioneering projects and programs of reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions. She received several distinctions for her work.
The team advises public and private sector players as well as institutions in Europe, the United
States as well as in Latin America. With the support of the International Business team, the
development of African projects is under way.
The team provides the following reference activities :
• Legal advice to the development of carbon credit generating projects and regulatory advice in
various program processes (Kyoto Protocol, Climate Action Reserve, regional and voluntary
• Joint-venture agreements for the implementation of projects.
• Carbon trading a greements,
• Audits,
• Legal structuring of CDM programs;
• Legal structuring of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs).
AREAS OF PRACTICE: International commerce - Insolvency Dispute resolution - Corporate
MAIN ACTIVITIES: International Commercial Contracts;
International Financing (Project and Asset Financing);
Commercial and Company Law; Insolvency; Dispute
Resolution and Arbitration.
EDUCATION: Institute of Political Sciences, Paris (1980);
Diploma of Higher Studies (DESS) in International Commerce,
Paris IX-Dauphine (1981); Master’s degree in Litigation Law,
University of Paris II-Assas (1982).
BIOGRAPHY: Member of the International Chamber of
Commerce (ICC); President of the joint working group between
AFJE (French Association of Corporate Counsel) and the
International Commission of the Paris Bar on the Legal
Privilege of Corporate Counsel (2002-2003); Officer of the
International Sales Committee of the International Bar
Association (IBA) from 2003 to 2005; Member of the InterPacific Bar Association; Member of the Arbitration Club of
London and of the International Commission of the Paris Bar.
Contributor of the World Bank for the Doing Business Annual
Report (Closing a Business - Bankruptcy Chapter) since 2006;
Member of INSOL (International Association of Restructuring,
Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals).
PUBLICATIONS: “Benefits and risks for creditors in French
court-assisted workouts – 2003”; Co-author of the ICC model
contracts “Share Purchase Agreement - 2004”; “ICC Model
Turnkey Contract for Major Projects – 2007”; “Subcontract 2011”; Member of ICC France; Co-author of the “Third-Party
Funding in International Arbitration” (2013) and member of the
working groups ICC drafting model contracts “Asset Purchase
Agreement”, “Consortium Contract” of the ICC Commission on
Commercial Law and Practice.`
LANGUAGES: French, English.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 1984.
Born in 1959
AREA OF PRACTICE: Real Estate – Private Clients
MAIN ACTIVITIES: Construction; Insurance; Co-ownership
Law; Public and Commercial Urban Planning Law; Commercial
leases; Residential leases; Complex Real Estate (AFUL, ASL,
etc…); Real Estate Transactions.
EDUCATION: University Diploma in English applied to legal
sciences, University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne (1994);
Diploma of Higher Studies (DESS) in European Business Law,
University of Paris 2 Assas (1995); Diploma of Further Studies
(DEA) in Literary, Artistic and Industrial Property Rights Law,
University of Paris 2 Assas (1996).
BIOGRAPHY: Lecturer at the National School for the Police
Officers (1996 – 1997) – Editor in legal edition at SEPIJ / Legal
Consultant at VOGEL & VOGEL (1997 – 1999) – Pro-bono
and legal representation for AFV and ARFOG associations
(fight against domestic violence) – Founding partner of the
PALAZZO ITALIANO, a French/Italian lawyers’ association
(2005 – 2006) - Real estate transaction agent.
LANGUAGES: French, English, Italian.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2000.
Born in 1972
AREAS OF PRACTICE: International Commerce - Public
Affairs and Public Law
MAIN ACTIVITIES: International Contracts; International
investments; Business Law; Public Procurement; Public
Affairs; Anti-bribery; Litigation.
EDUCATION: Doctor of Laws, Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne
(1998): "The foreign private investment regime in Japan"; LLM,
University College of London (1995); PIL, Harvard Law School
(2001); Master’s degree in Public Law, Paris II-Assas (1986);
Graduate of “Ecole des langues orientales de Paris” (Chinese,
BIOGRAPHY: Mission of assistance for the Supreme Court of
the Republic of the Ivory Coast (1989-1991); In-house Jurist
PRESSINVEST (1992-1997); Lecturer of international
business law (ISTEC 1997-2002); 1989-1998 – Legal expert
(United Nations 2004-2006); Lecturer on negotiation
techniques at Ecole Nationale d’Administration (2002-2008);
Member of the International Trade Commission of the Inter
Pacific Bar Association (IPBA); Member of the French
Commercial Chamber in Japan and Member of the Executive
Committee of the Franco-Chinese Society for the development
of economic law (AFCDE); Member of the IPBA Council
seller in the sale and distribution of goods with emerging
countries: example of China, UIA, Valencia, March 2009;
Secure subcontracts in India, Sénat, Paris, January 2010; How
to thwart corruption, Les Echos, January 2013; The lawyer as
party’s counsel in a commercial mediation procedure, Gazette
du Palais, January 2013; The Bar Association, professional
place to crash or lure?, Le cercle des Echos, January 2013;
Seminar: Contracts negotiation/drawing up and Management
of disputes in the energy sector, Ecole des avocats de
Martinique, March 2013; Breakfast/debate IPBA, Two years
after Fukushima: which opportunities for French companies in
Japan?, April 2013; Conference Companies and Globalization:
which strategy for France? April 2013; English at the
University: go throughout, Les Echos, June 2013; Conference
Foreign Investment in Japan: new stakes, September 2013;
Colloquium Mediation: invent tomorrow’s Justice, December
2013, National Assembly, Paris December 16th 2013.
LANGUAGES: French, English, Chinese, Japanese.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 1998.
Born in 1963
AREAS OF PRACTICE: Real Estate – Public Affairs and
Public Law
MAIN ACTIVITIES: Public and Private Real Estate;
Construction/Insurance Law; Public and Commercial Urban
Planning Law; Public Procurement (advisory and litigation).
EDUCATION: CAPA-HEDAC: CRFPA of Versailles, Major in
Construction Law (2009); Vice-Major of the Legal Studies
Institute (IEJ) University of Paris XI (2008); PhD – University of
Paris I (2005-2008); Master’s degree in Public Law - University
of South Paris (2005); Diploma of Higher Studies (DESS) in
Public Works Contracts, Urban Planning, Real Estate University of Paris I (2004).
BIOGRAPHY: Associate at URHY&D’ORIA 2011 - 2012 and
then Partner in 2013; Consultant for several Law firms (Claisse
& Associés, DS Avocats, Landwell, Landot & Associés: 20052011) - Judicial Assistant at the Administrative Courts (2008).
LANGUAGES: French, English.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2010.
Born in 1980.
AREA OF PRACTICE: Climate Change
MAIN ACTIVITIES: Advice and attending of French companies
for their investments in Latin America; Contract advice and
redaction aiming at reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
Selling and buying of European quotas, carbon credits:
negotiation support, agreements development.
EDUCATION: Law degree, Escuela Libre de Derecho Mexico
City (1993-1998); Course on “Contemporary Mexico”, Colegio
de Mexico, Mexico City (1995); Postgraduate studies on Law
and Environmental Policies in Mexico, Universidad
Iberoamericana (1999-2000); Master’s degree in
Environmental Law, London School of Economics (20002001); Course on “Russian economy and political situation”,
Saint Petersburg University Russia (2001); Course on “Climate
change: identified options for developing countries”, Jülich
Research Center, Jülich, Germany (2003); Course on
“Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency”, RENAC
Academy (Renewable Energy Academy), Berlin Germany
(2010); LEAD fellowship program, Leadership for the
environment (2013).
BIOGRAPHY: Corporate legal manager, Tribasa group,
Mexico City (1998-2000); Associate, Vera Burguete & Celis,
Mexico City (2000), first environmental lawyer firm in Mexico;
Legal practice/environmental lawyer, Mexican Embassy at the
World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva, Switzerland
(2001); Associate, Burguete Celis y Asociados, Mexico City
Legal director, Cabo del Sol Real estate and touristic
Development Society, Los Cabos, Mexico (2004-2006);
Director of the Paris office and the Climate Change practice
area, Goodrich Riquelme y Asociados, Paris, France (20072011); Partner, LAGUNA, Sustentabilidad y Derecho, Mexico
City (2011-2012).
coordinating entities of MDL Programmatical (with J. Urteaga
MG INNOVA and J. Libreros of Ernst & Young, published by
GIZ May 2012) ; Emerging opportunities in carbon markets in
Mexico: policies, business opportunities and challenges
seminar, London -Mars 2009; “Programmatic CDMs : The
Opportunity”, Carbon market workshop for Mexican Business
Leaders and Key Governmental Officials, Mexico City -Août
2009; “Legal certainty in programmatics CDMs”, Carbon expo
2010, Cologne, Germany -Mai 2010.
LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, French.
Admitted to the Mexico Bar in 2000.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2010.
Born in 1975
AREA OF PRACTICE: Employment and Social Protection
MAIN ACTIVITIES: Labour and employment law; Human
Resources consulting; individual and collective labour
disputes; social audits and social reengineering.
EDUCATION: Institute of Political Sciences, Paris (1977);
Diploma of higher studies in Public Law, University of Paris IPanthéon-Sorbonne (1979); MBA, ESSEC (2007); Paris
Institute of Expertise (2008).
BIOGRAPHY: Human Resources Manager at CEGEDURPECHINEY (1982-1986); Director of Human Resources
THOMSON-CSF group – THALES (1986–1992); Director of
Social Affairs ALCATEL ALSTOM (1992-1997); Director of
Human Resources EDS Group (2001–2003); Director of
Human Resources ABERTIS (2003-2008); Deputy President
of the executive chamber of the Paris Labour Court;
Administrator and member of the financial commission of
APRIONIS (4th largest French group active in social welfare);
Lecturer at the Universities of Grenoble, Cergy-Pontoise, the
Institute of Commercial Engineering of Paris and the Paris Bar
School; Former President of the Compensation and Benefits
Managers Summer School (2005-2007); School of Art; Musical
Director; SMAPRI Administrator (2012).
LANGUAGES: French, English.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2009.
Specialization Certificate in Labour Law, Paris Bar 2011.
Born in 1954
Of Counsel
AREA OF PRACTICE: Employment and Social Protection
MAIN ACTIVITIES: Resolution of individual employment
disputes, with a focus on negotiation of amicable settlements
at all stages of the procedure; Disciplinary issues at work as
well as in the context of regulated professions; Individual
dismissal procedures; Redundancy plans and other negotiated
modes of reduction in the work force; Employment agreements
and compensation and benefits packages including Chief
Executive and other Officers’ agreements; Working time
policies; Labour and HR audits; Employee representation.
EDUCATION: Master’s degree in Litigation Law, University of
Paris V-René Descartes (1993); ERASMUS Exchange
Program, UCL-London (1993); Diploma of Higher Studies
(DESS) in Health Law, University of Paris XI-Jean Monnet
Faculty (1994); Certificate of Achievement, DALE CARNEGIE
TRAINING, "Leadership and communication" (2002).
LANGUAGES: French, English.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 1996
Certificate of Specialization in Labour Law – Paris Bar
Born in 1969
Of Counsel
AREAS OF PRACTICE: Employment and Social Protection Public Affairs and Public Law
MAIN ACTIVITIES: Individual employment disputes;
Disciplinary issues; Employment agreements; Individual
dismissal procedures; Work inspection litigation and other
Public Law related matters.
EDUCATION: Master’s degree in Public Law, University of
Paris II-Assas (2005); Diploma of Higher Studies, Professional
Master’s degree in Public Business Law, University of Paris IPanthéon-Sorbonne (2006), Judicial assistant at the Paris
Administrative Court (2006-2007), Intern at the French State
Council – Litigation Section (2008).
LANGUAGES: French, English.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2009.
Born in 1983
AREAS OF PRACTICE: International Commerce - Dispute
MAIN ACTIVITIES: Dispute Resolution and Arbitration;
International Commercial Contracts; Commercial and
Company Law; Distressed Companies.
EDUCATION: Master’s degree in economic business law
(2005); Master’s degree in international relations – ERASMUS
course, University of East Anglia Norwich U.K. (2006);
Master’s degree in arbitration and international business
BIOGRAPHY: Member of ICC France’s Commercial Legal
Practice Commission; ASPARTAM Commercial Arbitration
Moot (Montpellier, France), Second Place, ICC Award; Willem
C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Vienna,
Austria); Member of the Scientific Committee of the Versailles’
International Arbitration and Business Law Review; Member of
ICC YAF; Member of Young ICCA and Paris Very Young
Arbitration Practitioners.
“Ignorance of the estoppel rule by arbitrators and international
public order”, Note below Cass. civ. 1st, December 19th 2013;
Co-author of “Getting the deal through”, Construction 2013
France; Conference ICC model contract on international sale at
Class Export Exhibition, 2013; ICC France training on the
model contract of international sale, 2013; Botas Petroleum,
Petites Affiches, April 30th 2013, n°86, p.7.
LANGUAGES: French, English, Italian, Hebrew.
PUBLICATIONS: “The new ICC model international sale
contract”, Echanges Internationaux, N°95, 3rd trimester 2012,
p.12; Co-author of the ICC Model International Sale Contract,
2013, ICC Publication 738E; Co-auteur of “Getting the deal
through”, Construction 2012 France; “Damages allocation for
noncompliance of a jurisdiction attributive clause”, Versailles
International Arbitration and Business Law Review, n°3, 2012;
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2009.
Solicitor of England and Wales in 2014.
Born in 1983
AREAS OF PRACTICE: International Commerce – Dispute
resolution – Employment and Social Protection
MAIN ACTIVITIES: International Commerce – Dispute
resolution – Employment and Social Protection
EDUCATION: Master’s degree in Business Law, University of
Toulouse 1 (2007) ; Master’s degree in Business Law - DJCE,
University of Toulouse 1 (2008) ; Certificate of Specialisation in
Labour Law, University of Montpellier 1 (2008) ; Master’s
degree in International Private Law and International Business,
University of Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne (2009).
PUBLICATIONS: Are the French Supreme Court decisions
likely to incite international companies to liquidate their French
branch offices abroad?, Revue Personnel (Association
Nationale des Directeurs des Ressources Humaines), Hors
Série Droit social, November 2013.
LANGUAGES: French, English.
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2011.
Born in 1986
AREAS OF PRACTICE: Real Estate – Public Affairs and
Public Law – Private Clients
EDUCATION: Bachelor degree in Private Law, University of
Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas (2008); Master’s degree in Private
Law, University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas (2009); Master’s
degree with Honours in Urban Planning Law and Sustainable
Development, University of Lille 2 (2010); Bar Training School
of Paris (EFB, Paris): Professional Lawyer’s Certification CAPA (2012-2013).
Admitted to the Paris Bar in 2014.
Born in 1987
EDUCATION: Master’s degree in Business Law, University of
Toulouse (2013); Master’s degree in business law, University
of Toulouse (2012); Bachelor in private Law, University of
Toulouse (2011); Diploma of International Technologies
Studies, University of Rouen (2007); BALAS Bachelor in Arts
in Law and Administration Studies, University of Lincoln U.K.
(2006); University Degree of Legal Careers, University of
Rouen (2005).
LANGUAGES: French, English, Spanish.
Born in 1984
EDUCATION: Master’s degree in Labour law, University of
Montpellier 1 (2010); Bachelor degree in private law, University
of Montpellier 1 (2009). Professional Certification of legal
secretary, Botticelli Center and ENADEP Paris (2011).
LANGUAGES: French, Spanish.
Born in 1985
In order to achieve our goals and to provide our clients with the best response to their expectations
and demands, our partners and lawyers rely on our responsive and multilingual back office.
Floriane VIAIS, Legal secretary
Bénédicte GUSTIN, Legal secretary

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