Center Programs for the Highly Gifted

Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Elementary GT Programming
Highly Gifted Centers
Instructional Approach
Academic Environment
Frequently Asked Questions
GT Programming in
MCPS Elementary Schools
Curriculum Needs
for Gifted
• Creative Thinking
• Critical Thinking
• Academic Success
• Interdisciplinary
• Instructional
GT Programming in
MCPS Elementary Schools
Curriculum 2.0 Reading/Language Arts
• Junior Great Books (Questioning, Inquiry, Discourse)
• William and Mary Units (Advanced Novels, Writing, Research, ThemeBased Integration)
• Advanced Core Books/Novels
Curriculum 2.0 Mathematics
• Designed to teach foundational concepts, reasoning, application, and
thinking that prepares students for upper level math in ms & hs
• Lessons & Resources for Acceleration & Enrichment
Curriculum 2.0 Science & Social Studies
• Enrichment Lessons/Tasks, Investigations, Cross-Curricular
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
• Designed for students with needs that cannot be easily
met through local school GT programming
• Program content is based on accelerated, compacted
and enriched MCPS curriculum
• Instructional atmosphere promotes thinking skills and
instructional strategies that encourage intellectual
growth, risk taking and creative expression
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Who is the Center program designed for?
Students who have been successful in the Centers come
from diverse backgrounds and share the following traits:
 Academic performance well above grade level in one
or more areas
 Exceptional content reasoning skills, advanced
vocabulary, advanced written expression
 Continual curiosity and motivation to learn
 Strong critical and creative thinking
 High level of commitment, persistence, independence
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
School Setting
• All students and their parents/guardians are participating
members in the center school and are part of the school
• Instructional groups are flexible and fluid. Students may
switch between center classrooms for various subjects.
• Mathematics instruction follows MCPS curriculum and
classes may include accelerated students from the local
school program.
• Students continue to participate in the school’s weekly
specials (art, music, instrumental music, P.E.)
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Instructional Approach
• Curriculum is presented through interdisciplinary units that
connect ideas and concepts across content areas.
• Research skills are integrated in each of the content areas
including information literacy.
• Students have the opportunity to apply and extend what
they learn to solve problems, address issues and create
products that are authentic and purposeful.
• Appropriate challenge and advanced instruction are
provided in response to varying learner needs to
encourage student engagement, motivation, and growth.
Sample Interdisciplinary Connections
“Is Humanity a Special
“Picturing Native
Shared Inquiry & Personal Analyze historical depictions
of Native Americans in
Lead sessions 1-3 with
MD and… record
Should there be human
observations of ways the
students. Have students
laws that punish those
cultural group adapted to
make connections to “Is
who break nature’s laws
or modified the natural
or should we let nature
Humanity a Special
Threat?” essay.
“Information in Images”
“Nacho Loco”
Enrichment OpportunityGather information on a
Response: Do
variety of Native
Investigate & compare the Personal
you agree that we must
American groups to
Exxon Valdez oil spill to
save the planet in small
determine how they
British Petroleum oil
ways? Do you believe
adapted to and modified
that many small actions
the environment and how
spill in the Gulf of
have the same impact
the environment
as one big action?
influenced the
development of cultures.
“Oil Spill Experimental
Social Studies
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Selection Process and Timeline
• October - Applications mailed to all Grade 3 students enrolled in
• October - Attend one of two evening meetings
• November 2 - Application deadline
• January - Testing at home elementary schools
• January 15-Non-MCPS students’ testing date
• March - Selection process
• April 1- Notification of selection
• April – Open Houses / Response to notification
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Centers and High School Clusters
Barnsley ES
• Walter Johnson
• Richard Montgomery
• Rockville
• Wheaton
Chevy Chase ES
• Bethesda Chevy Chase
• Whitman
Clearspring ES
• Clarksburg (except Fox Chapel ES
and Daly ES)
• Damascus
• Gaithersburg
• Magruder
• Watkins Mill
Cold Spring ES
• Churchill
• Wootton
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Centers and High School Clusters
Drew ES
Pine Crest ES/Oak View ES
• Blair
Paint Branch
• Einstein
Fox Chapel ES
Clarksburg (only Fox Chapel ES and Daly
Quince Orchard
Seneca Valley
• Kennedy
• Northwood
• Wheaton
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I get an application?
• Direct mail to all Grade 3 students enrolled in MCPS
• Web site:
• Available in the office of the home elementary school
• Applications available in various languages
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Frequently Asked Questions
How are the students selected for the Center Program?
• The central office selection committee uses a variety of data
points to determine those students whose needs would best be
met in the center program based on –
- Information provided by the school on the academic
performance and motivation of each applicant
- Parent and teacher information
- Student performance on the advanced level assessment
• The process is competitive and there are a limited number of
seats for each center
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Frequently Asked Questions
What transportation services are provided?
MCPS provides transportation from central stops for students in the Center
Programs for the Highly Gifted, from the areas that the programs serve.
Transportation is provided for the Highly Gifted Centers to and from
central stops (usually at MCPS schools) determined by the Department of
Stops may be several miles from the student’s home.
Parents are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the
central stops.
Bus trips are usually significantly longer and vary by program and location.
Please carefully consider transportation options and responsibilities.
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
Frequently Asked Questions
What middle school options are available after HGC?
Participate in honors or advanced coursework at the home middle
Apply to countywide middle school magnet programs:
Upcounty Center Programs at Roberto Clemente Middle School
Humanities and Communications Program at Eastern Middle School
Science, Mathematic, Computer Science Program at Takoma Park
Middle School
Apply to one of the Middle School Magnet Consortium Schools (MSMC)
Argyle Magnet School for Digital Design and Development
Loiederman Magnet School for the Creative and Performing Arts
Parkland Magnet School for Aerospace Technology
Center Program
for the Highly Gifted
• Monique Felder, Director, AEI
• Jeannie Franklin, Director, DCCAPS
• Elise Antoine, Instructional Specialist, AEI
• Betty Shevitz, Instructional Specialist, DCCAPS
Call the Division of Accelerated and Enriched Instruction with questions
about programming at 301-279-3163
Call the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services with
questions about the application process at 301-592-2040.
Visit the Web site:

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