The Odyssey Unit
Prepared by Heide AW Kaminski
February 2012
Day One
Pretest (I know… eeeek!)
About Homer (the Greek guy,
not Homer Simpson )
Explanation of your unit projects
(Activity booklet and some FUN stuff!)
Your Choices for Final Projects
Think about what you are good at when you chose which project to
commit to!
You may chose a partner or work alone, however, whatever choice you
make today will have to remain for the rest of the project.
“About Me” PowerPoint (about one of the characters in the novel,
not you ) You will need to be allowed to use the computer for
this one!
Board game
Diary from Odysseus to his son (you have to like writing a lot!)
Travel brochure about places Odysseus traveled to (you will have
to be creative and make gloomy places sound like an awesome
place to travel to!)
Book Report (at least two 12 pt font typed or four handwritten
Children’s book version, one picture per chapter and one or two
sentences capturing the chapter, all need to make sense as the
entire story
Now Let Us Begin!!!
We will read the entire novel, however, as it
is at times complicated to understand we
will begin with the graphic novel today 
Day 2
• Read chapter one, then answer questions (all of
our questions will be answered discussion-style)
• Read chapter two, then answer questions
• Discuss the travel map and the social map: we
will have one on the board and you each have
one in your activity booklet. As we read through
the book, we will add places and people’s
names together. YOU WILL NEED THESE FOR
• Work on draft for final project
Chapters one and two
1. Where is Odysseus?
2. What or whom is Athena disguised as?
3. Why do Telemachos and his mother need Odysseus?
4. Why does Odysseus's wife have suitors?
5. What does Athena advise Telemachos to do?
1. Describe the trick that Penelope plays on her suitors.
2. What specifically does Athena do to help Telemachos in this
3. Why does Telemachus get mad at the suitors?
• Read chapters three and four and answer
• Begin to fill in definitions for the “frequently used
words in Greek Mythology” chart (which is a part
in your activity booklet!)
• What is an “epic” anyway?
• Add names and places to the social and travel
maps, word search in your activity booklet,
definitions for a few more “frequent words”
• Work on draft for final project
Chapters three and four
What is Nestor's opinion of Odysseus
What type of ceremony do we learn about in this chapter?
Describe Nestor's reaction when he realizes that Telemachos's
companion is Athena.
What clues cue Menelaos and Helen that Telemachos is Odysseus's
How did Odysseus infiltrate the walls of Troy?
What is Menelaos' opinion of Odysseus?
Describe Antinous' plan to destroy Telemachos.
How do the suitors respond to Telemachus’ plans?
Day 4
• Read chapters five and six and answer
• Who, what, when, where, why and how
Write a short newsflash about what you know
about the Odyssey so far (at least one
handwritten page, write legibly, if I can’t decipher
it, I can’t grade it!)
• Add names and places to the social and travel
map, definitions for a few more “frequent words”
• Work on final
Chapters five and six
1 Who is Hermes, and what is his mission?
2. What can Hermes do with his wand?
3. Who is holding Odysseus captive?
4. What is Calypso's reaction to having to let Odysseus go?
5. What is the main problem Odysseus faces while traveling by sea?
6. What happens to Odysseus at the end of Book 5?
1. What "subliminal" message does Athena give to Nausicaa while she lies sleeping?
2. Who is the only person who doesn't run away from the terrifying Odysseus? Why
doesn't she run away?
3. Is it pure luck that Nausicaa helps Odysseus? Explain.
4. What does the fact that Odysseus won't bathe in front of the girls tell us about the kind
of person he is?
5. Does Nausicaa believe her parents will help Odysseus?
6. Why won't Nausicaa let Odysseus ride in her cart?
7. What instructions does she give Odysseus?
Odysseus (who) was spotted (what) near Ithaca
(where) last night (when). Witnesses believe he
might still be alive and is trying to return home
(why). It is still not confirmed that this is true
12 points, one each for addressing the questions and one each for the answer being
consistent with what we read so far.
Day 5
• Read chapters seven and eight, answer
• Add names and places to the social and
travel map, definitions for a few more
“frequent words”
• Try the crossword puzzle in your activity
• Work on your final project
Chapters seven and eight
1. What are the Phaiacians best known for?
2. How is Odysseus treated as a guest?
1. Describe the activities that King Alcinoos arranges to entertain
2. Who is Demodocos?
3. How is King Alcinoos helping Odysseus to get home?
4. What is Odysseus's reaction whenever Demodocos sings about the
Trojan War?
Day 6
• Read chapters nine, answer questions
• Cyclopes, minotaurs, and other creatures
in mythology, learn about them and then:
• CREATE YOUR OWN! Draw it, describe
it, give it character
• If time: work on your final
Chapter nine
1. What was the effect of the Lotus plant?
2. How heavy is the door of the Cyclops' cave?
3. What is the first villainous thing the Cyclops does?
4. Why doesn't Odysseus kill the Cyclops when he has the chance?
5. What does Odysseus give the Cyclops as a gift?
6. What gift does the Cyclops give in return?
7. What does Odysseus tell the Cyclops that his name is?
8. How do Odysseus and his men sneak out of the Cyclops' cave?
9. What foolish thing does Odysseus do?
10. What did a soothsayer once predict would happen to the Cyclops?
11. What does the Cyclops ask his father Poseidon to do for him?
Design Your Own Mythological
10 points: describe at least three physical
features (3), give it at least three characteristics
(3), give it a name (1) and draw it (3)
Day 7
• Read chapters ten and eleven and answer
• PUPPETSHOW! With one or two partners,
pick a scene, write a script and make
some puppets. Presentations will be
• If time: work on final
Day 7
1, Who is the god of wind?
2. What favor does he do for Odysseus and his men?
3. What dumb mistake do some of the men make on the
4. How do even more men die after the bag accident?
5. What does Circe do to some of Odysseus's men?
6. How does Odysseus get her to release his men?
7. What instructions does Circe give Odysseus?
Chapters 11 and 12
1. What does Odysseus do to call the souls of the dead to him?
2. Who is Teiresias and what does Odysseus want from him?
3. What does Teiresias predict for Odysseus?
4. What should Odysseus do to the suitors at his house?
5. What does Teiresias say Odysseus should do after dealing with the suitors?
6. What is the name of Odysseus's mother and how did she die?
7. Why can't Odysseus hug his dead mother?
1. Why should Odysseus be wary of the Sirens?
2. What should he and his men do to keep safe from the Sirens?
3. Describe Scylla.
4. What will Charybdis do if Odysseus's ship gets too close?
5. What does Odysseus keep secret from his men?
6. Describe the circumstances of Odysseus's shipmates' deaths. Is it Odysseus's fault?
Puppet Show
15 points, script at least two pages long (5), details
in the script are correct (5), performance (5)
Day 8
• Read and discuss chapters thirteen and
• SHOWTIME! Present your puppet show to
the class
• If time: work on final
Chapters 13 and 14
1.Describe Odysseus's journey home from Scheria.
2. What does Poseidon initially want to do to the Phaeacian ship?
3. What decision does Alcinoos make because of the wrath of
4. Why and for how long does Athena want Odysseus to be in
5. What does Athena instruct Odysseus to do now that he has returned
to Ithaca?
6. Whom does Athena instruct Odysseus to visit first?
1. What is the name of the swineherd?
2. What does Odysseus tell the swineherd about himself?
3. Describe Odysseus's disguise.
Day 9
• Read and discuss chapters fifteen and sixteen
• Make post cards: pick three places Odysseus
has traveled to so far, design and write one
postcard for each place, one to Penelope, one to
Telemachus and one to Circe
• Add names and places to the social and travel
map, definitions for a few more “frequent words”
• If time: work on final
Chapters 15 and 16
1. How has Eumaios proven his faithfulness in this and previous
2. Who do you think will be the first person to know Odysseus for who
he really is?
1. What does Telemachos call Eumaios? Why?
2. Describe Athena's changes to Odysseus's appearance.
3. Who does Telemachos think Odysseus is when Athena removes his
4. What do Odysseus and Telemachos plan to do?
5. Describe Penelopeia's confrontation with Antinoos.
Postcards to Ithaca
6 points, front picture (1), back message and address (1) for each of
three post cards
Day 10
Read and discuss chapters seventeen and eighteen
“Fictional Friends”
If you could be friends with any of the people, Gods,
Goddesses, or creatures we have read about so far,
who would you want to be friends with? Answer the
following: who, why and what kind of things would you
do together? Should be at least one page! Write legibly!
Add names and places to the social and travel map,
definitions for a few more “frequent words”
If time, guess what: work on final 
Chapters 17 and 18
1. What does Theoclymenos prophesy to Penelope?
2. How does Odysseus test the suitors?
3. Who recognizes Odysseus right away? How does he recognize him?
4. Describe Melanthios.
5. Who makes Odysseus extremely angry?
6. Why does Odysseus want to test his servants and his wife before
revealing his identity?
1. Why does Odysseus get in a fight with Iros? Who wins?
2. What trick does Penelope play on the suitors in this book?
3. Which three characters anger Odysseus in this book?
Fictional Friend
5 points, who (1), why (1), three things you would do together or talk
about (3)
Day 11
• Read and discuss chapters nineteen and
• Pick a character and write a poem… a bio
poem! I will give you a paper that explains
what components you have to put into it 
• And then… the usual, perfect your final, it
is due in a few days! Might want to show
me what you’ve got, to make sure you are
on the right track!
Chapters 19 and 20
1. What does Odysseus the beggar tell Penelope about Odysseus?
2. How does Eurycleia recognize Odysseus?
3. How did Odysseus get the scar on his leg?
4. Describe Penelope's challenge for the suitors
1. Name two people who are cruel to Odysseus the beggar.
2. Who proves himself to be a kind and faithful servant?
3. What do you think Odysseus is going to do to the suitors?
Bio Poem
15 points, name (1/2), four
traits (1/2 point each), three
relatives (1/2 point each),
lover of three people/things
(1/2 point each), three
feelings (1/2 point each),
three needs (1/2 point each),
three fears (1/2 point each),
gives three things (1/2 point
each), three things he/she
would like to see (1/2 point
each), resident of (1/2)
Day 12
• Read and discuss chapters twenty-one
and twenty-two
• Meeting of the Gods/Goddesses: with one
or two partners, prepare a script. Each of
you is going to play one of the
Gods/Goddesses in the book and you
need to create a meaningful conversation,
show time is tomorrow 
• Is your final coming along???
Chapters 21 and 22
1. Whom does Odysseus trust to help him defeat the suitors?
2. Why don't the men want Odysseus to try to string the bow?
3. How does Odysseus prove his true identity?
1. What did Odysseus prove about his abilities when he shot the arrow through the
twelve axes? Why is that important now?
2. Whom does Odysseus kill first and why?
3. How does Eurymachos plead his case with Odysseus?
4. Whom does Telemachos catch raiding the storeroom of weapons and what do they do
with him?
6. Which two servants who spared?
7. How does Odysseus identify the unfaithful maids?
8. What does Odysseus do to the unfaithful maids?
9. What is done to Melanthios?
Meeting of the Gods/Goddesses
5 points, pick a God/Goddess (1), make a nametag (1), introduce
yourself (1), tell a short story about yourself (2)
Day 13
• The final count-down: read and discuss
chapter 23
• Show time: present your meeting of the
God/Goddesses to the class
• Final about ready???
Chapters 23
1. How does Penelope test Odysseus?
2. Why does she test him?
3. Describe the one last task that Tieresias told
Odysseus to complete. What will be his reward
for this task?
4. After Odysseus tells Penelope about all his
adventures, he sets off again. What does he go
to do? What does he tell Penelope to do?
Day 14
• Last stretch!
• Your activity booklet is due by the end of
today! If it is not complete you will be
graded on what you have so far, because
it is DUE!
• Work on perfecting your final 
Day 15
• “Odysseus Needs a Job” – now that we
have read everything we need to get a
good idea about what kind of a person
Odysseus is, we need to help him find a
• Make finishing touches on your final!
• If we have time, we will play “Odyssey
Odysseus Needs a Job!
14 points, you have
seven jobs to evaluate
for Odysseus, one point
each for a reason why
these jobs are good for
him and one point each
for reasons why these
jobs are not good for
Day 16
• Finish your final! I need to approve it for
tomorrow’s presentation! I can’t wait to see
what my awesome students have come up
with! If it is not done, you can only turn it in
for partial credit
• If we have time, we can play a non-violent
game: Trojan War (nope, no violence!)
Day 17
• Present your final project to the class!
• During the last ten minutes of class, you
will write a “Dear Author” letter, in which
you will tell Homer what you think of his
epic (use nice words!!!!!)
Dear Author
10 points, one page (2), nice handwriting (2), address the author
(1), tell him about yourself (2) and what you liked/disliked about
his book (2), don’t forget the greeting at the end (1)!
Day 18
Finish presenting finals
Day 19
Post test
Movie time!
We will watch a
cartoon version
of the Odyssey 
WASN’T THAT FUN????????????????

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