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4 June 2010
Financial Services Enhancement
Treasury Review Workshop
Back ground and the need for improvement as part of the
Financial Systems Enhancements (FSE) review
Current functions of Monash University Treasury
• Manage the University’s foreign exchange needs (Library, South Africa,
Prato, major equipment purchases, etc.)
• Manage the University’s transactional banking arrangements (Westpac)
• Cash Forecasting
• Manage University’s investments and Fund Managers
• Manage the University’s Commercial borrowings (currently $320M. approx)
• Manage internal investment funds (approx 230) Research funds,
Commonwealth Grants, Foundations, Donations, Bequests etc
-combined value greater than $220M. ..and growing
The Commercial borrowings and Internal investments are currently managed
via spreadsheets which is a time consuming process to manage and needed
system improvements.
How will improvement be done?
New SAP Treasury functionality will provide improvements through:
Better visibility from an audit view,
Automated processes,
Data consistency,
More secure data storage facility (central), and
Improved reporting.
New SAP Treasury functionality will be introduced in stages.
Stage one: (3rd quarter 2010)
• External Commercial loans (central users only)
• Internal Investment portfolios (excluding Common Fund investments)
Including Cash, Capital Protected, Treasury managed funds ONLY.
Reports for quarter ended 30 September will be SAP generated and sent via
email to nominated person(s).
How will improvement be done?
Stage two: (mid 2011)
Common Fund internal investments (longer term focus b/w 3-5 years)
externally managed portfolio comprising a mixture of domestic and foreign
equities, fixed interest, listed property trusts and some cash
–where we need to maintain both market and cost values.
SAP programmers and Business Systems have been consulted about
Treasury requirements and system design. Expect work to start by 3rd quarter
2010 and SAP functionality available for testing early 2011
Stage three: (TBA)
Improved cash forecasting
What will these new SAP features mean to
owners of internal investment accounts?
• Additional entries in ledger for interest earnings & fund movements
-For each update period, an interest journal will post to ledger
• Text on journal will begin "Treasury Allocation" followed by the investment
• SAP document type for journal transfers will be identified as “TR”
• New SAP generated reporting. (refer pdf example)
What happens next?
SAP Treasury (stage 1) moves to production
June 2010
Data cutover for internal investment data
3rd quarter
Reporting on internal investments from new system
(3rd quarter results)
~ Oct 2010
Any questions?
Treasury Contacts:
Phillip Tanner (ext. 56325)
[email protected]
Amanda Fernando (ext. 56938)
[email protected]
Geoff Murray (ext. 56317)
[email protected]
Corporate Business Systems Contact:
Liz West (ext. 56049)
[email protected]

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