PDI-Patient Discharge Instruction

PDI Hospital Overview
Patient Discharge Instructions can improve
outcomes and reduce readmission rates by
sending patient home with a single set of clear
and complete discharge instructions.
Step 1: Launching PDI
A. Click on the desktop icon to launch the PDI
application to sign on.
B. Through MEDITECH PCI using the
PCI data source Med Red/Discharge
Instructions routine on the PDI main
Step 3: Using the Main Display
The main PDI screen displays after logging on. All categories will display in a tab style.
How to Enter Medications
Home meds can be entered directly into the category PRE ADM,
or you can use the Copy Previous routine to initialize the home
medications from a previous visit.*
OPTION A: TO ADD MEDICATIONS (directly from the grid):
1. Highlight a line and right click.
2. Click on Add Med - Grid. A blank line displays. Start typing the medication
name. This is a type-ahead lookup. Status defaults to HOME. Fields entered in
the PHA Drug Dictionary may default in.
3. Click on the Dose, Route, and Frequency fields to enter the information.
*Do not use with DMI Category
How to Enter Medications
(second option)
OPTION B, TO ADD MEDICATIONS (using the “Add Med” routine):
1. Click on Add Med. Enter Home Medication
Instructions displays.
2. Enter medication name (type-ahead lookup),
status defaults to HOME again. Fields entered
in the PHA Drug Dictionary may default
3. Click in the Dose, Route, and Frequency fields to enter the information.
No Home Meds/Unable to Obtain
In Pre Adm Meds
there is a prompt
Medications” that
will allow you to
easily document of
the patient has no
home medications,
or if you were
unable to obtain
the medications
Admissions Reconciliation
Medication Reconciliation will be captured in the Pre Adm Meds Category query
“Continued upon Adm?”
Filing Meds and Finalizing Categories
After entering and editing your medications,
and discharge instructions click SAVE to file
your changes (located on the top left
When the medication list or instruction is
complete, click on Finalize Instr to electronically
After finalizing, you have the option to unfinalize the category to edit the medication list
Discharge Medications
Current active inpatient medications will default in and be marked as discontinued
upon discharge. Inpatient Medications will be indicated with a
To pull in home medications select Split
Then select “Home Meds & DMI –
Discharge Reconciliation
Discharge Medications will display on the left, and Home Medications will display on
the right.
Drag a Home Medication into
Discharge Medications to continue it
upon the patient’s discharge
Click on the
to continue an
inpatient medication upon the
patient’s discharge
W = Indicates patient should continue medications upon
discharge from hospital.
E = Indicates patient should discontinue medications
upon discharge from hospital.
Combined Discharge Forms
There will no longer be separate discharge forms for Page 1, and Discharge home
without services. All discharge instructions will be entered via the category “Discharge
Icons and Colors:
Pharmacy Medications
Home Medications
Home Med added on Admissions
New meds entered AND edited appear in green (Prior to filing) :
Deleted meds appear with a black line (prior to filing):
Please contact Sarah Freedman at:
[email protected]
Or IS staff on call at:

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