Scholarship Meeting
October 10, 2014
Ms. Johal and Ms. Moorhouse
No One Source
• Hundreds of Scholarships, Grants, and
Bursaries available
University Entrance Scholarships
Automatic scholarships
Provincial Scholarships, etc.
• You are responsible for researching, applying,
and mailing your applications
Although many scholarships are based heavily on academic achievement, many have other criteria, which play a
large role as well. A combination of the following is also considered: community activities, leadership qualities,
athletic ability, a commendable character, ethnic background, special needs, specific area of study, career plan,
parents’ union affiliation
Bursaries are a non-repayable sum of money that are given based primarily on financial need, yet considers
academic achievement and other criteria. Usually official documentation affirming your financial situation is
Grants are a non-repayable sum of money that is given based primarily on financial need, yet considers academic
achievement. Government grants are available.
Money borrowed by student demonstrating financial need, which must be repaid. A full financial statement is a
necessary part of the application form. Student may get a loan from the government or a bank.
Monetary awards made in recognition of achievement and significant individual contributions to the school,
cultural and athletic development of school/community ie. Passport to Education
• For some scholarships, students are nominated and need a
recommendation from your school ie. Loran (direct,
• UBC Major Entrance Scholarship (MES)
Students will be automatically considered for a Major
Entrance Scholarship if they apply to UBC through the
online application by December 10, 2014.
• UBC Major Entrance Award (needs based funding) is due
January 31, 2015 Download the application online
Scholarships (cont’d)
LORAN Scholarship
• 30 Loran Scholars – receive $100,000
• 40 Finalist Awards ($3, 000)
• 40 Provincial Awards ($2, 000)
 Apply online at
 Two ways to apply a) Sponsored OR b) Direct
U of T National Scholarship Program
• Awarded to students who demonstrate superior academic
performance, original and creative thought, and
exceptional achievement in a broad context.
 Apply directly at
Where to find information?
• The Career Centre Webpage found on has information you need. There is
a list of some of the Scholarships available on the
Career Centre Web Page under Financial Aid. If you
are having difficulty accessing the page, please see Ms.
Moorhouse in the counselling area.
• Scholarship Booklet available on the Financial Aid page
on the Career Centre site on the Pinetree website
• The Howl, Career Office Bulletin Boards in counselling
area, Local Newspapers
Where to find information cont’d
• Student Information Brag Sheet is available under
Financial Aid webpage on the Career Center website.
Please fill out and give a copy to Ms Johal in the
counselling office. It can be updated throughout the
year if volunteer information changes. If you ask a
teacher for a reference letter, give them a copy as well.
• Look for information on financial aid offered on the
post secondary institution site, eg. Entrance
Scholarships are also found on every university
website that offers them
What you need to do!
Have a “ME” file. Include in it:
 Pinetree Student Information Brag Sheet
 Copies of Awards
 Contact information for Volunteer Experience
 Timeline of upcoming Scholarships
 Include copies of any essays or applications
Follow application instructions.
Most Pinetree scholarships require Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident.
Know your status and check the requirements of the specific scholarships.
Apply by due dates. Check whether it is apply by or received by for the
application date. Give time for the application to arrive by mail.
Sign up your email to be included in Ms. Moorhouse’s scholarship contact list for
scholarship updates
What you need to do (cont’d)
If you are asking your teachers for a reference letter:
 Give adequate time (at least two weeks)
 Make sure you give a copy of your student information
form (Brag Sheet)
 If possible include a copy of your application
 Some letters may be included in your application; some
may need to be submitted directly by your teacher.
• Edit! Edit! Edit!
• Read the topic carefully
• Scholarship providers get to know you through
your essays so be specific
• Use examples
• Only provide information that you are
comfortable being shared with others. Many
essays are published along with winner’s profiles.
If you won a scholarship…
• When you are notified that you have won a
scholarship tell Ms. Johal so you can be
recognized at Commencement
Upcoming Events
• Western: Fri. Oct. 10 at 1pm (Rm A200)
• UBC Information Night: Tues. Oct. 28 at 7:00pm
• McGill: Tues. Nov. 18 at lunch time (library)
• U of A: Thur. Nov. 20 at lunch time (Room A200)
• SFU: Mon., Nov. 24 after school (library)
• Road to Graduation TBA (tentatively scheduled for
• UBC Student Leadership Conference Jan. 10, 2015
• University Application Timeline on Career Center

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