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The Way Forward in 2015
Calendar for America Planning Conference
December 9, 2014
Good News!
“But when I looked at this picture, it just happened to occur to me - this IS a
great story.”
- Don Roberts, WAVY-TV 10/Fox 43 (Hampton Roads, VA)
Why Outreach?
• "Community and public outreach is a crucial
Departmental activity that reinforces trust and confidence
in the United States military and in its most important
asset – people."
- Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
• “Educating the American public about the capability,
importance, and value of today’s Navy is an essential
responsibility of those who serve.”
- Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert
NAVCO Mission
“To inform, educate and increase
understanding of the Navy, its
people and its importance to
national security and prosperity.”
** Specific emphasis on U.S. markets that do not
enjoy a significant, everyday Navy presence **
The Navy’s Awareness Challenge
Relative to the Air Force and Army, the Navy has little presence
away from the coast.
Green = Army
Light blue = Air Force
Dark blue = Navy
Red = Marines
• Diversification: Navy Week-centric focus had become a
limiting factor, consuming a disproportionate amount of
resources and obstructing the employment of new outreach
• Fiscal realities: NAVCO had to position itself to succeed
in all future possible budget environments, necessitating a more
agile, adaptable and scalable organization.
• Opportunities: Forced to operate in a near-zero budget
environment in 2013, NAVCO experimented with and validated
new outreach tactics that proved effective in sharing the Navy
story nationwide.
Editorial content production
NAVCO personnel will mass produce copy, still photos, video, radio and multimedia content
for direct placement in media across America.
For deploying units
For unique units coincident with events (Constitution and July 4, USS New York and 9/11)
For issues of importance to top Navy leadership (LCS, SSBN replacement)
OP-ED pieces for senior Navy leaders
Direct contact marketing
NAVCO will broker phone, Skype and e-mail interviews with:
70 million impressions
earned in 2014 – 22%
of the U.S. population
Deployed Sailors
Sailors who have earned an achievement
For namesake units
For unique units coincident with events (Constitution and July 4, USS New York and 9/11)
For issues of importance to top Navy leadership (LCS, SSBN replacement)
Sailors assigned to units in the news
Existing content marketing
NAVCO will market stories, photos and video produced by PA personnel around the Fleet to
media nationwide.
Internal media production
NAVCO will maintain its organic capability to produce copy, still photos, video, radio,
multimedia, web-based and social media content for use in internal outlets.
Editorial Content Production
Yelm Grad Experiences Life as a Sailor
Local Sailor Serves Aboard One of Navy’s Most
Versatile Combat Ships
By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Electa Berassa For Nisqually
Valley News | 0 comments
SAN DIEGO — A 2011 Yelm High School
graduate is serving in the U.S. Navy as
part of a small crew working aboard one
of the country’s most versatile combat
Petty Officer 3rd Class Gary Meyer, an
information systems technician, serves
with Littoral Combat Ship Crew 101. The
crew most recently served aboard the
San Diego-based littoral combat ship
USS Freedom (LCS 1), which returned in
December from a nine-month deployment
to Southeast Asia.
1,450 stories and photos
Many run as-is
Your story as you want it
All published on
Sharable via social
“My name is James Sprague and I'm editor of the Connersville (Ind.) News-Examiner. We received your
email yesterday about Constructionman Hill and wanted to inform you that we will run the story already
written by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Electa G. Berassa, in its entirety, in our paper for
tomorrow. It was a good story and, truthfully, needed nothing more to it in my opinion.”
Ruth Redman Erickson This young man was a student of Terrace Heights E
Media Outreach Department
Direct Contact Marketing
Cut and paste the below text into an email
and answer all the questions.
Current Location:
Name (Last, First, MI):
Designator/Warfare Qualification:
High School:
Graduation Year:
Graduation Year:
Years in the Navy:
What is your military job in civilian terms?:
Additional info you think media might be
interested in?:
Command PAO:
Command PAO Email:
FOUO – Privacy Act Notice: This email
communication contains information subject
to the provisions of the Privacy Act (P.L. 93579). This personal data is intended only for
the use of the individual(s) addressed above
and is to be treated in a confidential manner.
If you have received this email in error,
please immediately notify the sender by
return email and delete this message.
Media Outreach Department
Existing Content Marketing
Event Planning Department
Navy Week Program
Traditional coordination and execution of Navy Weeks in cities across America,
including schedule planning and execution support for all participating assets
(namesake crews, home town Sailors, expeditionary units, etc.)
• 2015 Proposed Navy Week Schedule
• Bossier-Shreveport, LA, April 27–May 3
• Quad Cities, IA, May 4–10
• Rhode Island, May 25–31
• Rockford, IL, June 1–7
• Cheyenne, July 13–19
• Fargo, July 20–26
• Indianapolis, Aug. 10–14
• Kansas City, Aug. 17–23
• Detroit, Aug. 24–30
• Salt Lake City, Sept. 7–13
• Oklahoma City, Sept. 21–27
• Atlanta, Oct. 26–Nov. 1
Event Planning Department
Namesake Relationship Management
NAVCO will:
• Set up, plan and coordinate visits by crew members to their namesake cities/states.
• Liaison with sponsoring organization to maximize the outreach value of the visit.
• Assist with city/state government liaison if desired.
• Market and coordinate media interviews during namesake visits.
• Based on manning and other outreach requirements, we estimate NAVCO will be able to
support 13 namesake crew visits in 2015.
Special Events & Projects
Leaders to Sea embark program
Caps for Kids program
Other projects as necessary
Event Planning Department
Namesake Relationship Management: Visit Planning
USS Barry (DDG 52)
Namesake visit -- Philadelphia
July 8-10, 2014
Reenlistment at Independence Hall
Navy League reception
Meeting with retired flag officers
Visit to John Barry Elementary
Visit with Villanova NROTC
Color Guard and pre-game field visit
at Phillies vs. Pirates MLB game
Visit with veterans at Philadelphia
Medical Center
Visit with Sterling High School
Tour Independence Seaport
Executive Outreach Department
Flag Officer/SES/Senior Enlisted Leader Engagement
Identification of senior leaders for Navy Week participation and coordination of
Planning and execution of individual Executive Engagement Visits (EEVs)
• Twenty-five EEVs planned for 2015
Speaker Support
Content production
• Speakers materials (scripts and supporting materials) for observances and
• Speakers briefing notes, issue highlights, message alignment products,
communication plans
Organization Liaison
Speaker solicitation
Information sharing
Executive Outreach Department
Speaker Support: Proactive Speaker Engagement
NAVCO proactively markets Navy
speakers to key civic organizations
NRD, NOSC and NROTC unit leaders
are in a unique position to share the Navy
story with key influencers across America.
NRD Michigan Executive Officer, Cmdr.
Richard Simpson, delivers a presentation to
the Rochester, Mich. Rotary Club.
Executive Outreach Department
Senior Leader Engagement: EEV Program
RDML Stuart Munsch, commander,
Submarine Group Seven, EEV to
Fargo, ND, 27-30 Oct. 2014.
- Meeting with ND Governor
- Meeting with NDSU President &
VP for Research
- Corporate engagements with
Maintenance Engineering,
Ramada Suites and Microsoft
- Interview on KFGO Radio
- Guest speaker at Fargo Navy
League luncheon
- Addressed NDSU football team
- Visit to U.S. Navy Submarine
RDML Stuart Munsch joins KFGO Radio to talk about the
newly commissioned USS North Dakota.
Since 2012, NAVCO has planned and
executed 74 executive outreach visits,
engaging with more than 800 key influencers
across America from all market sectors.
Executive Outreach Department
Speaker Support: Content Production
Materials available at:
Evergreen presentation:
“How the Navy Protects
All products contain CNO
key messages
NAVCO will produce
content for events with
high speaker demand:
- Armed Forces Day
- Memorial Day
- Battle of Midway
- Independence Day
- 9/11
- Navy Birthday
- Veterans Day
- Pearl Harbor Day
Executive Outreach Department
Speaker Support: Content Production
Materials available at
Bearings product.
Digest of the Navy's top news,
issues and current events.
Compiled entirely from official
USG, DoD and DoN sources.
Aligned with Navy communication
priorities and organized by CNO
Can be used as an electronic
digest with links to the full text of
articles, speeches, blogs and
Can be used in its printed form,
as notes at the podium or as a
current events primer on the way
to an event, with brief abstracts
on each entry which provide the
5Ws & H of the item.
Posted every Wednesday.
Executive Outreach Department
Organization Liaison: VSO Support
Engaging prominent
organizations whose members
are key influencers in their
respective communities, and
have both the means and the
willingness to share information
with others in their circles.
Senior Chief Aviation Electronics Technician Carl M.
Thompson, assigned to Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS
George Washington's Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance
Department, received the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award during
a ceremony in Washington D.C., Nov. 5.
Veterans service organizations
Civic organizations
Professional associations
Trade, labor and commerce organizations
Youth groups
Asset Support Department
Navy Band support and scheduling
Implemented tailored band support at Navy Weeks, Fleet Weeks and other
community outreach events – able to provide the right asset for each event
Implemented strategic outreach to help mitigate Navy’s Awareness challenge
Unit-venue liaison to ensure maximum outreach value
Management of $1.5M operational funding in FY15
Aviation outreach support and scheduling
Processing and eligibility determination of 1,000+ requests annually for:
Blue Angel air performances (full Blue Angels schedule in 2015 – 36 shows)
F/A-18 tactical demonstrations and legacy flights (20 TACDEMOs in 2015)
Navy Parachute Team jumps (27 performances in 2015)
Flyovers and static displays (40 flyovers, 10 static displays in 2015)
Unit-venue liaison to ensure maximum outreach value
Assist in development of Blue Angels annual schedule
Integration of Naval Aviation assets into Navy Weeks, Fleet Weeks and other
community outreach events
Special unit support and scheduling
Support for drill teams, color guards and other special units
How to Reach Us
NAVCO Director
CDR James Stockman
[email protected]
Deputy Director
Mr. John Wallach
[email protected]
Media Outreach Department
Mr. Glenn Sircy
[email protected]
Event Planning Department
LT Timothy Page
[email protected]
Executive Outreach Department
Mr. Todd Martin
[email protected]
Asset Support Department
LT Kelly Cartwright
[email protected]

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