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Indistar: What Next?
Indistar Summit
April 2013
Richmond, Virginia
The Premise
• District and school Leadership Teams will
candidly assess their professional practice and
chart their course for improvement if given:
 Clear expectations.
 A structured, continuous process.
 Access to resources.
 Coaching and feedback.
• Most districts can ultimately assume
responsibility for supporting, coaching, and
monitoring the work of their schools.
• Since the beginning, ADI has codeveloped Indistar in collaboration with
• Co-development means all states benefit
from each state’s suggestions for system
• Co-development means we are all
educators, working together to build
tools that enhance our work for the
ultimate benefit of students.
• 2009-2010: Proof of Concept study in 27
Virginia restructuring schools.
• Tracked assessment scores
• Edvantia—user satisfaction
• 2011-2012: Independent, external
evaluation of state implementation.
• 2013-2014: Evaluation of effectiveness in
school improvement for high-fidelity
Where We Have Been
Building Indistar: 2007-2011
• Center on Innovation &
Improvement invested about
$1 million in federal dollars to
create the system and support
states in implementing it.
Building Indistar: 2011-2013
• ADI invested another $850,000
in further improvements to
the system.
Building Indistar: 2012-Forward
• State membership of $10,000
per year in the Indistar
Network maintains the system
and provides client support. 24
States plus DC and BIE in 2013.
Where We Are Now
Center on Innovations in Learning
• 2012- forward: CIL provides basic technical
assistance to states using Indistar to:
 Improve the quality of implementation
 Share the states’ work with each other
 Sponsor the Indistar Summit
 Support the Indistar “Shepherds” in assisting
and advocating for the states
 Use Indistar to take innovations in learning to
Building State Capacity
and Productivity Center
• 2012-forward: BSCP Center, with Regional
Centers, assists states through:
 State Functions Integration Project:
Streamlining and integrating state planning,
reporting, and monitoring systems
 Managing Performance in the System of
Support: Assessing and improving their
Systems of Support with IndiSEA, using
Indistar’s engine with 52 rubric-based
The Institute for Performance
• Using Indistar documentation, will provide
independent certification process for:
 Indistar schools
 Principals
 Coaches
• Will study use of school certification
process to meet state accreditation
• Will contract with states for
advanced, co-development of webbased technologies.
• Will collaborate with ADI to integrate
Indistar into state systems.
Where We Are Headed
State Options
1. Continue with ADI management of
2. Assume basic management
capabilities for Indistar
3. Assume advanced management
capabilities for Indistar
The Cloud
• May 2013: Indistar will move to a
high-capacity server maintained
by IlliniCloud, a group that
provides service for schools,
districts, and related non-profits.
ADI’s Goals
• Utilize federally-funded technical assistance
centers to provide TA related to Indistar,
innovation, and systems of support.
• Apply state Indistar Network membership fees
to ensure basic maintenance and improvement
of the system.
• Improve the quality of implementation through
certification, state sharing, and technical
• Provide advanced system development in
conjunction with PLS 3rd Learning.
Bottom Line for States
• Ensured system quality at low, shared
• Access to expertise from national content
centers and regional centers.
• Independent certification to enhance
quality of district and school
• Options for more state management of
the system.
• Options for advanced work in developing
and integrating web-based systems.

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