Forest Governance, Markets and Climate Programme

Forest Governance, Markets and Climate
UK Support for the FLEGT Action Plan
Hugh Speechly (DFID)
What is FGMC?
• £250-million 10-year programme - £79 million approved for period 201115
• Funded through £2.9 billion UK International Climate Fund
• Outcome: “Governance and market reforms that reduce the illegal use of
forest resources and benefit poor people”
• Outputs
Engagement by multiple stakeholders increased and sustained in targeted
producer and processing countries
Public policies and private business standards that tackle trade in timber
and other commodities from illegal forest practices
Increased knowledge and momentum for change
Coherence between programmes on forests and deforestation at national
and international levels
What does FGMC do?
• Supports VPA implementation
– Direct support via contracts and MoUs
– Contribution to EFI
– Additional funding (EU, NO, DFID country offices)
• Tackles underlying governance and market failures, through
advocacy, capacity building, research
– Grants to CSOs (£36.2 m)
• Programme coordination and facilitation
• External Monitoring
FGMC country cooperation
• Liberia: VPA Support Unit (HTSPE)
• Liberia: Legality Verification Department (SGS)
• Ghana: VPA Implementation (direct support to Govt)
• Congo (B): VPA Implementation (MoU with AFD)
• West and Central Africa: VPA Facilitation (Coffey/IDL Group)
– Ghana, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, [CAR]
• Guyana: Facilitation / Negotiation support
• Indonesia: Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme
• China: FGMC Cooperation
• EFI: All VPA countries +
FGMC Grants
• Research and communications: Chatham House, Forest
• Advocacy - linking EU and southern NGOs: FERN
• Capacity building: CIDT, Proforest, Client Earth
• Grass roots capacity building: Well-Grounded, Rainforest
Foundation, IUCN
• Monitoring, whistle-blowing, advocacy: EIA, Global Witness:
• Tenure rights advocacy: RRI
• Business-business trade links: ETTF
• Forest footprint disclosure: Global Canopy
Challenges and Lessons – Coordination
• High-level political support essential – how to maintain it in a
changing world?
– Need to understand actors and their motivation
– Need to package messages
– Need to have stories to tell
– “Bombs” can be useful, but don’t always have desired impact
• Reporting results crucial
– Difficult in relation to climate change agenda
– How to report “governance” results in a digestible form
• Coordination between actors – grantees and contractors
– Need to ensure coherence within countries and themes
– In-country facilitation crucial
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