Mobile * ERP for Municipal Corporation in Metro cities.

Internship Project
Part of Monster India-ACP course work
Mobile – ERP for Municipal
Corporation in Metro cities.
Executed by Rocky Jagtiani
Technical Head – Channel Partner – Monster India
Suven Consultants-Channel Partner-Monster India
Abstract :
This Application allows a common man to report
problems (under the Jurisdiction of Municipal
corporation like BMC) to Municipal corporation.
Problems like Pot Holes , open drainage , fallen
trees , etc. are logged into the application. This
data can be send to a web server ( use PHP
code ) and logged into MySQL DB server.
Suven Consultants-Channel Partner-Monster India
Specification :
With the help of this Application, user have to login first using
their login-Id and Password, after a successful Authentication
it will lead the user to the List of option’s screen where the
user will have different list of option depending up-on his or
her interests. User will select the option, the option list
contains the following.
Register Complaints
Where the users will put up the complaints depending upon
his location, types of Complaints and Description.
Click Photograph(using built-in-interface)
Here the user will click the photographs and save.
Open Contact
To open the contacts of the phone .
Suven Consultants-Channel Partner-Monster India
Specification – continued :
Activity 1: :
• Has 2 textboxes – Login Name and Pwd.
• 1 Button.
• On the Button – onClick Listener is registered
• If Login and Passwd is correct then use intent and call
Another activity PeoplesCornerActivity.class
• If Login and Passwd is incorrect show toast and clear
login and password text boxes.
Suven Consultants-Channel Partner-Monster India
Activity 2:
This extends ListActivity.
We are using ListView (optionList).
Data is given to it by RowAdapter class.
Why RowAdapter is needed ?
optionList.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener()registers the OnItemClick, the position is fetched and handled by
Suven Consultants-Channel Partner-Monster India
Activity 3:
It has following components 2 Spinner-location, complaint , EditTextdescription, sublocality, and 3 buttons-submit, click, fetch.
Location is taken from the Array location_array – defined in
listofspinner.xml file.
Complaint is taken from the Array complaint_array – defined in
listofspinner.xml file.
On the click button – call file.
On the fetch button – use LocationManager and LocationListener to
get Lat and long coordinates.
On the submit button – onClick() open sdCard and save data in a
Suven Consultants-Channel Partner-Monster India
Activity 4:
This Activity has 2 buttons – Click and cancel.
OnClick() over the Click button – we call the build in camera with following
code :, rawCallback, jpegCallback);
OnClick() over the Cancel button – We return the control to back to
PeoplesCornerActivity.class file.
Suven Consultants-Channel Partner-Monster India
Activity 5:
Calls the content provider ContactsContract.Contacts.
From here on the user can select an contact and make
a call.
Implementing the Note pad application and integrating it with the current application is optional.
Suven Consultants-Channel Partner-Monster India

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