SQA Update

NPAs in Enterprise and
Employability at SCQF 4 & 5
4 February 2015
Event Aims
Network Event
 Provides an opportunity for practitioners to meet,
discuss and share practice
 Establishing links between all stakeholders
 Chance for SQA to get direct feedback on
centres’ experiences of teaching and assessing
the qualifications
 SQA Update
 External Verifier Update (Personal & Social
 Raising Employability Skills in the Senior Phase
– Bo’ness Academy
 Networking (tea/coffee)
 Social Enterprise Academy / Lourdes Academy
 Youth Philanthropy Initiative – The Wood
SCQF Level 4 Framework (from Dec 2013)
SCQF Level 5 Framework (from Dec 2013)
 SQA Website http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/33817.html
- Units, framework, Arrangements Document
 SQA Secure site (via SQA Co-ordinator)
- ASPs, UASPs (Unit / Assessment Support Packs)
 SQA Academy http://www.sqaacademy.org.uk/
- Learning materials for SCQF Level 5 Units:
PD Self Awareness, PD Self & Work, Preparing to Work,
Working for Yourself, Enterprise Activity,
Work Experience
NPA Enterprise & Business SCQF Level 6
5 Mandatory SQA NQ credits
Pre-enterprise activity – Intro to Business Start-up
Range of transferable knowledge, skills and attributes
Can be delivered via a real idea, case studies,
investigation or a combination
 All business models (Sole trader, Social Enterprise etc)
 Helps learners decide if self employment “is for them”
NPA Enterprise & Business SCQF Level 6
SQA subject page http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/46312.html
Group Award Specification (Arrangements Document)
Qualification Structure
Unit Specifications
Links to external sites: e.g. Business Gateway, SFEDI,
Young Enterprise Scotland, Social Enterprise Acedemy
Assessment Support Packs on SQA secure site
U-Share - New Resource Sharing Fora
Available through SQA website
User owned and maintained
Open to any user (Teacher, learner, parent etc.)
Registration required to upload, rate and comment but
not to view and access
Resources shared are links to sites, documents etc. not
documents themselves
Resources rated by users – rating determines visibility
Content and comments moderated for profanity and
Resources are not verified or endorsed by SQA – user
ratings give indication of suitability
Site to be launched in April – initially six subjects
Wood Commission Report
Foundation Apprenticeships (FA)
The following are initial discussions subject to change:
 Skills Development Scotland leading – SQA engaged as
a key partner
 Current models of development involve packaging some
knowledge elements of an MA as the FA
 SDS are working with SQA and Sector Skills Councils to
develop FA content
Keeping informed
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National Qualifications.
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