ABW Finance Implmentaion Kickoff Meeting

ABW Finance Implementation
Kickoff Meeting
Karen Hercus & Simon Thorn
UoA Project Director & UNIT4 Project Manager
• Introductions & Objectives
• Project Background
• Project Approach
• Project Roles & Responsibilities
• Project Plan
• Risks & Issues
• Next Steps
• OneSource will transform the University’s business
• Major improvement agenda involving people,
processes and supporting technology.
• To replace Student Records and Admissions,
Research Management, Human Resources, Payroll
and Pensions, Finance and Procurement systems.
• Improve efficiency and transparency
Project Background
Irene Bews – Project Sponsor
Background to Project
• Reasons for undertaking the project
• Vision
• Benefits
• Scope
• Key Stakeholders
Project Approach
• Accounts Payable:
• Accounts Receivable:
• Agresso Business World:
• General Ledger:
• Integrated Systems Test:
• Project Initiation Document:
• Solution Design Document:
• Training and Documentation
• User Acceptance Test:
Project Phases
• Project consists of two Phases:
• Phase1 – Agreeing common hierarchies & organisational structures
• Phase2 – Implementation of Agresso Business World (ABW)
Finance Modules
Phase 1 – Common Hierarchies
• Approach- Workshops
Finance Representatives
HR Representatives
Student Records Representatives
• Deliverables
Agreed Organisational Structures
Agreed High Level Financial Structures
• Timescales
By end of April 2013
Phase 2 – ABW Finance Implementation
• Project Structure
• Management Stages
• Work streams
Mgt. Stage 1
Mgt. Stage 2
Mgt. Stage 3
Work Stream 1
Work Stream 2
Work Stream 3
Work Stream 4
Management Stages
• Initiation
• Solution Design
• Build
• Integrated System Test (IST)
• User Acceptance Test (UAT)
• Rollout
• Project Closedown
Management Stages Deliverables
• Initiation
• Project Initiation Document (PID)
• Project Plan and Detailed Stage Plan for Build
• Project Resource Plan with Resource Mobilised for Kick Off
• Project Governance Structures ,Process
• Project Standards Documentation
• Project Kick-off Meeting/Event
Management Stages Deliverables
• Solutions Design
• Project Team Training Completed (ABW Fundamentals Training )
• Solution Design Document by Module
• Standard Configuration To Meet Business Processes
• High Level Data Migration Requirements
• High Level Gap Analysis/Gap Filling Strategy Options
• High Level Reporting Requirements
• High Level Integration Requirements
• Installed ABW systems and Technical Training.
Management Stages Deliverables
• Build Pt1
• Prioritised Set of Reports, Integration and Conversion
Development Lists/Catalogues
• Migration & Data Cleansing Strategy
• Security & Administration Strategy
• Documented Configured Template of the ABW System
based on the Solution Design
• Testing and Training Environments and Facilities
Management Stages Deliverables
• Build Pt2
• Set of Developed Reports ready for release to IST Environment.
• Unit Tested Software Developments for Agreed Gap Filling Solutions
• Unit Tested Software Developments for Agreed Conversions
• IST Testing Strategy
• IST Test Plan
• Set of Test Scripts, Test scenario’s, Test data and expected results
• User Training Needs Assessment
Management Stages Deliverables
• Integrated Systems Testing
• Completed Test Cycles
• Executed Test Scripts and Documented Results
• Completed Test Issue Log
• IST Review & Sign off
• Developed Reports for UAT
• Signed off Data Migration
• UAT Testing Strategy & Testing Plan
Management Stages Deliverables
• User Acceptance Testing
• Set of Test Scripts, Test scenario’s, Test data and expected
• Trained Users to undertake Testing
• Completed Tests
• UAT Review & Sign off
• First Cut Cutover Plan
Management Stages Deliverables
• Rollout
• Trained End Users
• Production Environments in Place
• Documented Support processes
• Detailed cutover/cutback plans
Management Stages Deliverables
• Project Closedown
• Post Project Review
• Updated Lessons Learnt Log
Work Streams
Solution Design
Build & Testing
Security & Admin
End User (EU)Training
Data Cleansing & Migration
Change Management
Go Live
Solutions Design Work Stream
Project Application Process Owners and Team Members supported by UNIT4 Consultants
Basic ABW Training for Workshop Attendee’s
Series of Workshops by Module (GL,AP,AR)
Solution Design Document (SDD)
Standard configuration to meet business processes
High level Data Migration Requirements
High Level Gap analysis/Options to bridge gaps
High Level Reporting Requirements
High Level Integration Requirements
Data Control Requirements
Solution Design Document produced by UNIT4 Consultants & Reviewed by UNIT4 Systems
Play back of Completed SDD to project team through a workshop for sign off
Build & Testing Work Stream
• Project Application Team Members & UNIT4
• Full product training by module to the project team
• Configuration of the ABW modules based on the SDD
• Develop an IST & UAT Strategy
• Develop Test Scripts, Test Scenario’s, gather test
• Run IST Testing and Review Results
• Support Users during UAT Testing
Development Work Stream
• Project Application Team Members,
UNIT4 Application & Technical
• Produce Detailed Requirements for
• Produce Detailed Technical
• Undertake & Deliver Development
• Test & Sign Off Development
Security & Admin Work Stream
• Project Application Team Members, UNIT4
Consultants, ABW Systems Administrator
• System Admin & Security Training
• Security and Administration Workshop.
• Agree roles with Business
• Generate Security Matrix (Menu/Screen
access by Role)
• Configure Roles & menu Access within ABW
system for testing within UAT
Reporting Work Stream
• Project Application Team Members, UNIT4
Technical Consultants, UoA Technical
• Generation of Report Catalogue
• Reporting Workshop to Determine:
• Delivery Mechanism for Reports
• Priority for report development
• Train report writers in reporting tools if reqd
• Produce Detailed Report Specifications
• Develop reports and test
End User Training Work Stream
• UoA TaD Team, Project Application Team
• Training Needs Analysis
• Who
• What
• How
• Prepare Training Materials
• Test training delivery through UAT
• Develop End User training schedules and
run training
Data Migration Work Stream
Project Application Team Members, The Business, UoA Technical
Data Migration & Cleansing Workshop
Confirm data migrations from SDD
Confirm delivery mechanism for the data migration
Confirm Data Cleansing Reqd for each migration
Undertake Data Cleansing task within the business and manage this
Develop detailed Requirements for migrations requiring development.
Develop reconciliation processes for each migration
Develop, Document & Test Migration Process
Use Migrations to set up data for UAT
Technical Work Stream
• UoA Technical, UNIT4 Technical Resource
• Installation of ABW environments
• UNIT4 setup initial build environment and prod environment
• UoA Technical shadow installs to give in house capability
• Technical Training
• Document system environment strategy
• Maintain the ABW environments on a day to
day basis
• Apply patches & upgrades as reqd
Go Live Work Stream
• Applications Project Team, UoA Technical,
UNIT4 Application Consultants, The
• Develop & Document detailed cutover plans
• Including migrations from the migration work stream
• Dates for stopping processing on legacy systems
• Develop & Document Support procedures for
initial go live.
• Manage the cutover period
• Provide immediate support after go live
Change Management Work Stream
• Business Improvement Specialists with
support from the Applications Project Team.
• Ensure business process improvement
• Develop a communications strategy and
align to individuals
• Public Relations
• Workshops e.g. Risk, Drop In Events, Road Shows, Intranet
• End User Training
Roles & Responsibility
Management Roles
UoA Project Sponsor – Irene Bews
UoA Senior Responsible Owner – Irene Bews
UoA Project Board – Pat Browne, Caroline Inglis, Fred Stevenson-Robb, Stephen Hill,
Alison Povall, Mark Lewis, Marion Malcolm, Brian Paterson
UoA Project Director – Karen Hercus
UoA IS Technical Project Manager – Karen Grant
UoA Project Clerical Support – Alexander Olsen
UNIT4 Project Sponsor – Julie Munt
UNIT4 Project Manager – Simon Thorn
Project Team Roles
• UoA Process Owners
• UoA Applications Project
• UoA Technical
• UNIT4 Lead Consultant
• UNIt4 Implementation
• Decision makers from each
area within Finance
• Mhairi Rose, Susan Walker,
Shiona Denton
• Various
• Mike Purchase
• Alan Kinsella
• UNIT4 Technical
• TBA – dependant on hosting
• Business Improvement
• Marion Malcolm, Brian
Process Owners Responsibilities
The UoA representatives who are responsible for the successful implementation of
ABW within their process area and have the authority to authorise change to
To assist the UoA Project Director in implementing the system
To assist their Workstream team in defining new processes
To report issues and risks associated to their process area to the UoA Project Director
Ensure that requirements are fully explored, understood and explained by Workstream
To act as a champion for the project
To provide support to UNIT4 Consultants
To actively engage users in UAT activities
Project Team Responsibilities
Part 1
The individuals who act as process experts and who will become specialists in the
operation of the system. They should have a good understanding of all the business
processes and will be responsible for working under guidance of the UNIT4
consultants to build, configure and test the solution
To define new business processes
To be trained as part of the project team.
To work under guidance of a Unit4 consultant to configure the solution.
To Develop testing materials (test scripts, expected results).
To test all areas of the system prior to UAT.
Project Team Responsibilities
Part 2
• To act as a champion of the project both within their own
areas and externally (Colleges)
• To act as the main point of contact within UoA when
discussing: interfaces, enhancement requests, and
reporting needs
• Assist with the compilation, approval and maintenance of
all user documentation\manuals
• Ensure all software releases are tested prior to
implementation and disseminate information to all users.
Technical Responsibilities
The individuals that works closely with the Project Team to ensure the hardware is
configured to meet the business needs and implement the system and that technical
resources are available to assist in any required development.
Ensure that the system fits within the UoA architecture
Undertaking technical training relating to ABW
Work in partnership with UNIT4 Technical resource to ensure that UNIT4 is supported
in software installation/support and that installation knowledge is transferred to UoA.
Assist the business process owners with specifying reports and data migrations.
Manage liaison with the software supplier over outstanding enhancement requests
Specifying and provision of interfacing requirements to/from other systems (based on
business requirements identified by the project work streams and signed off by the
process owners).
Managing the delivery of development from UNIT4
Maintaining the system with patches or updates as requested by UNIT4 or the project
Unit4 Lead Consultant Responsibilities
The UNIT4 Lead Consultant is responsible for ensuring the Solution
Design and Build is delivered according to the University’s
Lead the UNIT4 Consultancy team at UoA
To ensure that UNIT4 quality standards are adhered to as part of the
UNIT4 services delivery.
Work with UNIT4 Consultants and UoA Lead Users to configure Agresso
ABW to meet the identified business requirements
Liaise with the UNIT4 Project Manager to ensure that any actions are
followed up promptly and effectively
Provide support to UoA Lead Users/Process Owners and UoA Project
Director during visits
Consider the impact on and from other process areas and ensure that
there are no conflicts.
Unit4 Consultant Responsibilities
The UNIT4 Implementation Consultants are responsible for working with UoA project
team to build and test the solution.
Prepares the build plans.
Guides, assists & provides QA to the UoA project team relating the configuration of the
Troubleshoots issues arising with the build or configuration.
Works with UoA project team to specify any development required.
Runs data delivered by UoA through the standard migration routines within ABW.
Reinforces training through knowledge transfer throughout the project.
Reviews and QA’s the testing plans and scripts created by the UoA project team.
Provides support and trouble shooting during testing cycles.
Provide support to UoA during cutover periods.
Business Improvement Specialists
• Acts as principal point of contact for Business Improvement
• Input to Business Case, PID and Project Plan
• Develop communications and change management plans
• Ensure Business Improvement is considered during the To Be
• Manage Business Improvement Project deliverables in line with
the project plan
• Monitor Business Improvement project progress and
• Work closely with the users to ensure the project meets the
business need
Other Responsibilities
• Developments
• Migrations
• Reporting
• Security & Admin
Development Responsibilities
• Requirements
• UoA
• Technical Spec
• Sign of Reqs & Tech Spec
• UoA
• Develop & Unit Test
• Test
• Amendments arising from
• Sign Off
• UoA
• UoA
Migration Responsibilities
• Data Migration Strategy
• Data Cleansing
• Develop reconciliation
• ABW Input File Formats
• Data extracts to ABW File
• Run Reconciliation
• Sign Off
• Data Imports and basic data
integrity checking
Testing Responsibilities
Develop Testing Strategy
Develop Test Scripts
Setup test environments and
populate with data
UoA – for IST
UoA & UNIT4 for UAT
Run IST test scripts and
document results
Support testing and troubleshoot
Document build changes and
raise appropriate change controls
Update build with changes
Test review and sign off
Project Plan
Risks & Issues
A project risk is an event or occurrence that may negatively impact on the project
Risks can be mitigated or prevented, but this requires advanced planning
We have identified 23 risks to the project , with a score of 6 – 18 after mitigating actions
Existing Finance System inaccessible
Access to legacy data is ineffective
End user training is not effective
Post Go-Live support is not sufficient
Decision on hosting delayed
A project issue is a problem related to a project that is about to occur or is
currently occurring
An issue must be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise it will have a
detrimental effect of the project. A risk can become an issue if not dealt with
We have identified 2 issues:
• Go Live Date to be agreed
• HR/Payroll being implemented at a different time to Finance
Come Here.
Go Anywhere.
That’s the difference

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