Blame It on the Brain

Blame It on the Brain
Part I (5 mins)
• You have five minutes to read from line 1 to line 16
and write down the answers to the questions in Part
I. (You can choose to work alone or work with your
Are you ready to start?
*If you have words that you don’t know, just look up to the PPT.
Vocabulary (Part I)
nag v. 嘮叨
9. give…a break饒他一命
stressed out 壓力太大 10. planet n. 行星
recently=lately 最近 11. expert n. 專家
silence n. 沉默
12. match v. 相配
apology n. 道歉
13. theory n. 理論
explode v. 爆炸
14. reply v. 回覆
channel n. 頻道
complain v. 抱怨
Part I: Men and Women communicate
differently (Line 1-16)
• 1. What did the couple fight over?
The socks and shirts everywhere in the living room.
• 2. What did the husband want the wife to do?
To stop nagging.
• 3. What did the wife want the husband to do after their fight?
To make an apology.
• 4. What did the husband actually do in the end?
Changing channels.
• 5. What simile did the wife’s best friend use to show her men
and women are born different?
They are from different planets.
• Questions
What did the second man in the clip forget?
When a woman says you are such a good friend,
what does she mean?
What movie did the second last man want to see?
Part II(3mins)
1. clip n. 剪輯下來的短片 8. mood 心情
2. humorously adv. 幽默地
3. gender n. 性別
4. message n. 訊息
5. According to 根據
6. Gungor 人名
7. Necessary adj. 必須
Part II: Mark Gungor’s theories
(Line 17-26)
• What are there in men’s brains?
Many small boxes.
• When do men go to the nothing box?
When they are under stress.
• What do women do when they have problem
or are in a bad mood?
They share their feelings with their friends.
Gungor’s clip
(Gungor) 5:00
• Where is men’s brain located in the clip? On your
right hand side or the left hand side.
• What’s the example of brainless activities men do?
• What drives women crazy?
Part III(3mins)
brain scan n. 腦部掃描
sex n. 性別
on the whole 整體而言
emotional adj. 情感
center n. 中心
active adj. 活躍
In other words 換言之
8. likely 有可能
9. no wonder難怪
10. stimulation 刺激
11. forgive 原諒
Part III: Dr. Amen’s “brain scans” of
box sexes
1. What’s the difference between men’s and women’s
The emotional centers in women’s brains are larger
and more active than those in men’s.
2. How does the difference affect women?
They are more likely to be affected by emotions.
3. According to Dr. Amen, why does Jim keep
changing channels?
He needs more excitement and stimulation.
Amen’s clip
• Clip 3:
c8g (Mr. Daniel Amen)
• How much of the female brain is active?
• What part of the body did Dr. Amen ask to see
two weeks after he met her?
Part IV (2mins)
struck v. strike的過去式(突然理解)
bridge the gap 拉近差異
apologize v. 道歉
Part IV Conclusion
• How did the husband apologize in the end ?
He cleaned up all the socks and shirts in the
living room.

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