a mainstreaming approach - Equality Challenge Unit

Embedding equality consideration into
academic programme development and
A mainstreaming approach
Jill Hammond
Kath Bridger
Ranjana Thapalyal
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• Equality Act 2010
• Public sector equality duty
• Scottish specific duties to:
mainstream the consideration of equality and due regard
to the PSED for all protected characteristics
Equality Impact Assessment
• QAA code of practice
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Moving the equality agenda ‘from the margins to the
mainstream’¹ ²
• Mainstreaming : a holistic approach to embedding equality
consideration for all protected characteristics in all decision
making, policy, process and practice
• Race addressed as specific aspect of considering equality and
understanding different equality perspectives
• Equality impact assessment used as a tool and a vehicle for
¹ Thomas et al, 2005
² May & Bridger 2010
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Our approach
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‘An opportunity for people to think for themselves in the
context of their own work’
• Action learning project delivered through supported CPD
• Mainstreaming = continuous improvement and better
performance = quality enhancement
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‘It moves (equality consideration) from being a legislative
requirement to something which shows the potential for
Improving attainment and the student experience through quality
• QAA Quality Code key values include:
all students are treated fairly, equitably and as individuals
all policies and processes are regularly and effectively
monitored, reviewed and improved
• Practice based approach to embedding equality consideration
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‘We tend to take equality impact to be minimal – an
assumption based on a lack of any major or obvious
• Time out to develop understanding of equality perspectives
• Work with different colleagues
• Engage in dialogue and debate
• Playing to academic strengths – research and inquiry
• Draw on people’s intrinsic commitment to provide the best
experience and outcomes for students
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‘It has brought equality to the forefront of our thinking by
requiring us to write it down’
Institutional capacity to engage effectively:
• All academic areas engaged in considering equality and
assessing impact as an integrated part of day to day practice
• Consideration of equality mainstreamed into governance and
management structures and processes
• Equality is on the agenda!
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Developing an approach to embedding
equality in learning and teaching
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A blank sheet of paper:
• No template
• No guidance
• Just institutional commitment from the top and facilitated
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• The ‘I already do this’ factor
• We have a learner support function for all that
• I’m too busy
• A blank sheet of paper is difficult
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‘Unfounded assumptions can be made about what’s good
for students’
Post-graduate School Student feedback group’s focus:
The process as a mechanism to highlight issues both in
respect of where action is and is not being taken
Consideration of the appropriateness of the mechanisms
for student feedback and the results it produces
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“Shades: Yoruba and Ancient Indian ideas on space, creativity and self”
An undergraduate historical and critical studies 8-week elective 2003-2013
author/tutor Ranjana Thapalyal
(title changed in 2013 to “Contemporary Contexts for Yoruba and Ancient Indian ideas on
space, creativity and self”)
Has led to current research titled “An African and Asian Interface for Philosophy of Art
Education” and has been applied to general pedagogic principles of the M.Res in Creative
Practices at GSA
Impact of powerful engaging curriculum material from regions and thought
systems not generally included in the contemporary art or art historical canon
at art school
The ‘just do it’ approach - inclusion normalises diversity in curriculum too
Students often more receptive than than staff
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Traditions of criticality and intellectual enquiry have ancient
precedents all over the world
• Why is this still news in so many HE environments?
• What is the impact of social justice and equalities, of omissions of such
information from the curriculum?
Prose poem recorded in 1954 in praise of
Speculation as a means of determining
truth in sanskritik traditions
pradhyAna(n)-subtle speculation
The light shining in Ogun’s eye
is not easy to behold
Ogun, let me not see the red of your eye…
Ogun is a crazy orisa
who still asks questions after 780 years!
Whether I can reply
Or whether I cannot reply,
Ogun, please don’t ask me anything.
tarkajvAlA(f)- flame of speculation
tarkin(adj)- skilled in speculation
satarka(adj)- skilled in speculation
tarka(m)- system or doctrine founded on
speculation or reasoning
Spoken Sanskrit Dictionary
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Barnes, S T (1989) Africa’s Ogun Old World and New Indiana
University Press
Theoretical critiques of 20th century ideologies – the postmodern
turn can inadvertently facilitate a sidestepping of engagement with
equalities issues
“Significant in the debate about racism and academic ethics is that
the issue of individual culpability is conflated with heady invocations
of academic freedom, censorship and free speech.
So raising … issues of racism is immediately reduced to a stifling
political correctness. … (and) the consequences of (racist) ideas
being expressed are sidestepped.”
Les Back in Law et al (2004) “Ivory Towers? The Academy and Racism” p 3
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Alain Badiou makes a case for the examination of 20th century
visions and events, including its contradictions:
“… my aim is not to rehabilitate the century, but only to think it, and
thus show how it is thinkable. What should primarily arouse our
interest is not the century’s ‘worth’…. Instead let us attempt to
isolate and work through a few enigmas.”
Alain Badiou (2008) The Century, p6
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Our approach in action
Reflective Dialogue
Triad Group Discussions
Exercise modeled on Brockbank, Anne and McGill, Ian (2007)
Facilitating Reflective Learning in Higher Education, 2nd edition,
Open University Press
Previously adapted as an interdisciplinary workshop in the M.Res in
Creative Practices, GSA 2011.
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Work in groups of 3
Discuss your / your colleagues’ departmental understanding of
race equality in HE using topic allocated to your group
Rotate roles of:
- Presenter
- Enabler
- Reporter
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‘This has prompted us to talk about the culture of
assessment and think about it differently’
Implications for inclusive learning and teaching at GSA:
Equality consideration placed at the heart of the
development of learning and teaching practice
Development and delivery are based on evidence and
understanding rather than assumption
Cross departmental working to tackle identified equality
impacts linking to internal and external priorities / drivers
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“This is just the beginning for this work which will provide
quality improvement in our programme”
Value of the approach in an academic context:
Grass roots development
Relevant and appropriate within a framework
PSED = fostering good relations through dialogue
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Banner photo credits - slide 13, left to right :
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Flying female warriors 11th century CE, Chandela Michel, George (editor): In the Image of
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Ayagpatta Jain cosmic diagram, Mathura, 1st century CE, Kushan Red sandstone 89x 92 cm
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Mask head Yoruba, Ife 12th- 15th century CE Copper 33 x 19 cm. The National
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