Occupational Therapy EXAM

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How to Reduce NBCOT® Test
Tips To Help Reduce NBCOT ®Test
Feeling anxious prior to taking an exam is common. However,
some individuals may have more difficulty managing test anxiety
than others. Test anxiety may occur before, during, or even after
a test. Reviewing for the NBCOT® exam is challenging and
requires a lot of time and dedication. Knowing this may become
overwhelming for some. If you find yourself feeling apprehensive
before the NBCOT® exam, follow these 6 tips to help reduce test
Make a study schedule
Reduce Distractions
Ask questions
Eat healthy
How To Make a Study Schedule
Preparing for the occupational therapy exam is not a question.
You must prepare in order to succeed. However, before you take
out all your review books and start studying, it is a good idea to
develop a study plan first. Take the time to map out which
chapters you will cover each day. This will help reduce your
anxiety by allowing you to keep your studying organized. If you
anticipate yourself needing more time on specific practice areas,
give yourself a day or two extra between chapters. This strategy
will eliminate the feeling of being rushed.
How To Reduce Distractions
Another way to reduce test anxiety for the NBCOT® exam is to
study in a quiet area. Choosing to study in a coffee shop or
somewhere public may set you up for failure. There is often a lot
of noise and people around in these settings which may make you
easily distracted. In order to find a quiet study environment, it is
recommended to go to a local library or find a quiet area in your
Prometrics offers noise
cancellation head phones
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NBCOT® exam.
helps to eliminate sounds
in the room and reduce
any interruptions.
Ask Any Question
The NBCOT® exam is a comprehensive exam which requires you
to make clinical decisions across a wide scope of practice areas.
Sometimes, your review books and practice tests do not paint the
full picture in explaining a key concept. Therefore, it is a good idea
to ask an occupational therapy colleague or expert for help or
advice. Tutors for the NBCOT® exam offer great advice and are
there to offer you any assistance you may need in order to set you
up for success in passing the NBCOT® exam.
Eat healthy and Do Exercise
Did you know that your diet and eating habits can cause anxiety?
Eating healthy is pertinent to success when preparing for the
NBCOT® exam. Eating fried or junk foods while preparing for the
NBCOT® exam can have a negative effect on your memory. If
you experience brain fog and inability to concentrate, you may
want to pay closer attention to your diet. Eating a well-balanced
meal of protein, whole grains, and vegetables can significantly
help in retaining information and concentration. Snack on fresh
fruits and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. These are all
crucial for passing your boards and becoming an occupational
Being physically active is another important factor towards
reducing test anxiety. It is a good idea to take a study break to
incorporate some type of exercise in your day. This can include
walking for 30 minutes, practicing yoga, or strength training.
Exercise is a good way to retain information.
You Should Meditate
One of the best ways to reduce test anxiety leading up to the
NBCOT® exam is through meditation. Even if you do not know
how to meditate or feel it is not for you, try to incorporate meditation
into your daily routine. Whether you meditate first thing in the
morning or during study breaks, meditating can help calm your
nerves. Try closing your eyes and take deep breaths in and out. If
you feel you cannot meditate on your own, try downloading a
meditation app or looking up guided meditations online. Mentally
preparing yourself for the NBCOT® exam is the key to succeeding.
You must have a healthy mind and be able to clear all negative
thoughts in order to pass the NBCOT® exam.
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