How to Add Money to Account in My Airtel App

A money transfer app allows you to enjoy a hassle free fund transfer. You can easily use one or many of these applications right on your mobile device. Also, these apps allow you to pay for several services and goods with just a few simple clicks.

How to Add Money
in My Airtel App
Instead of carrying wads of money with you, you can make use of a mobile
payments app. Such mobile applications not only allow you to pay for services
and goods while on the go, but also allow you to conveniently and securely
transfer funds. MyAirtel app is one such app and a great substitute for carrying
cash. The money transfer app allows you to make payments, transfer funds,
check information with regard to the Airtel mobile number, and many other
Here’s the step-by-step description on how to add money to your app:
Step 1 – Download MyAirtel App
If you don’t have MyAirtel app on your
smartphone yet, then you need to first
download it. Android users can get it from Play
Store while iOS users can download it from the
App Store.
If you’re not able to download it from the
official application store, worry not. You can
visit the official MyAirtel app Web page and
enter your number there to receive a direct
link to download the app on your mobile
Step 2 – Sign In or Sign Up
After you successfully download the app on your
smartphone, you need to sign in before you can send money
online. If you’re a first-time user then you need to sign up or
Signing up is a simple process that requires you to spare only
a couple of minutes. After confirming your newly registered
account, sign in using the details you entered during
Those using mobile operators other than Airtel can also use
the app to transfer money.
Step 3 – Go to Add Money
Once you’ve successfully signed in with the
app, you’ll land on the app’s dashboard.
From here you can check your Airtel mobile
number information, send or receive money,
pay for services, etc.
For adding balance to the money transfer
app, go to the ‘Add Money’ tab. For doing so,
simply tap on the ‘Add Money’ icon or
navigate it from the menu.
Step 4 – Enter the Amount
After the ‘Add Money’ section is successfully
loaded in the app, click on the tab below
text “Enter the Amount.” In the box, enter
the amount you wish to add to your app.
Minimum amount you can add to your
account is 100 INR.
Step 5 – Select Payment Method
(Net banking/Debit Card/Credit
Once you’ve entered the amount, click on the
payment button. Now choose the source you wish to
add money from. Options are net banking, credit
card, and debit card.
After choosing the payment method, input details
asked by the application and click on add money. In a
few seconds, the amount will be added to your
account. You can see the balance in your app.
You can transfer money online using the app to
another MyAirtel account or send it to a bank account
for a nominal fee.
The app allows you to go cashless and pay for services and goods while enjoying
easy fund transfer services. The app also allows you to activate or deactivate
value added services on your Airtel mobile number.
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