Grievance re Thomas Woznicki Personnel File (13 Documents Removed from File)

This document pertains to a grievance involving Thomas Woznicki and the New Richmond, Wisconsin school district. The first page appears to indicate that 13 documents were “removed from Mr. Woznicki’s personnel file” and “given to Mr. Woznicki” as the result of a “grievance filed by and on behalf of Mr. Woznicki regarding the contents of his personnel file.” The second page appears to contain brief descriptions of the 13 documents removed from the file. The approximate timeframe of the removed documents is from September 1987 until May 1990. The brief descriptions of the removed documents include “Review of T.W. incidents – 3/22/89 (2)” and “5/6/88 Woznicki rumor.” It is unclear what prompted Thomas Woznicki to pursue a grievance to have the documents removed from his personnel file and given to him. In addition, it is not clear whether Mr. Woznicki still has the 13 documents and/or would be willing to provide copies of the documents to an interested party upon request.



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