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At Tinkuy, we offer alpaca clothing for men and women, the baby alpaca clothing are handmade by Peruvians artisans. We sell sweaters, gloves, hat, and other products. Also, we offer Peruvian décor for home, like retablos, dolls, teddies and other different articles for home. All these products about Tinkuy are 100% Peruvians, and we contribute with the environment because we do not use machines for elaborate the garment, only Peruvian hands and the result is excellent. If you want more information about us, you can visit our website:

About us
Tinkuy (which means “meeting point” in quechua) was born in 2016 in
order to give a new working option. We offer a variety of baby alpaca
clothing and home Peruvian decor, with customized designs for all the
tastes, made by the hands of these courageous persons. And we recognize
their strength and sacrifice by the time we pay them.
Tinkuy products are ecological because material used, elaboration
process and company politics.
What kind of products offers Tinkuy?
This is a beautiful jumper that
you can use in a meeting with
friends, with family or when you
go to the university. Is 100%
baby alpaca hand knitted by
Peruvian artisans. It has the design
turtle-neck and two open cables
patterns that gives a youth style.
Also, for women there hand-knitted
sweaters. In the left photo can see
a long coat of baby alpaca wool of
natural color, ideal to dress in the
winter season.
The material used of this garment
assure you will keep your body
Peruvian Decor
Another type of Peruvian decor
are dolls, that is a pretty gift of
birthday or anniversary, you can
put it in your desk or your table
and your house looks like better.
Also, there is male Peruvian doll
with Valicha Attire. He wears a
chullo hat, a shirt, a vest, pants and
sandals. Also is the good option for
a decoration in your house or office.
Our products
In our website and social networks, we upload new
amazing products weekly, so you are invited to follow us.
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