Euro Steel - Increasing Popularity of Stainless Steel

Increasing Popularity of Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is the most common material used in manufacturing. Stainless steel tubing is
offered by several companies in South Africa. Such tubing is available in various shapes, like
square, circular or rectangular. Manufacturing of pipes is the primary purpose for which it is
being used all over the world. (Information source:
Stainless steel basically is a very low-carbon form of steel, which contains 10% chromium.
Chromium is the substance that provides the steel with its unique sustainability and
resistance properties. The chromium oxide film that is present on the surface of the steel
provides it with the ability to repel corrosion. If the film is damaged or scratched, it can
repair itself after a period of time, provided the fact that there is an availability of oxygen,
even though in small amounts. Nickel, nitrogen and molybdenum are substances which can
further be added to the steel, to enhance its corrosive abilities. There exist more than sixty
grades of steel, which are divided into four categories.
Why Stainless Steel is so popular? Distinct Benefits:
Corrosion Resistance:
The corrosion resisting capability of stainless steel is one of the most significant benefits.
Stainless steel tubes are coated with a film made up of chromium, which creates resistance
from external materials to create any kind of damage to the surface of the steel. Now, this
resistance is further divided into two levels, the lower alloyed grade resists the corrosion
that occurs due to atmospheric conditions and constant passage of water. The high-alloyed
grades, on the other hand, provide premium resistance from acidic and alkaline substances
as well as repel corrosion caused by chlorine.
Lesser Impurities:
Hygiene is a condition which is very vital, and stainless steel effectively maintains it.
Stainless steel is the easiest metal to clean, which reduces the risk of any kind of impurities
remaining behind on its surface. This feature makes steel the best material to be used in
kitchens, hospitals and food plants.
Aesthetic Value:
Aesthetic appeal is another benefit which also attracts a lot of owners and users. Stainless
steel is a reflective metal which can be cleaned very easily and kept good-as-new for a very
long time.
Fabrication Ability:
Fabrication is a benefit which allows steel to be used for various purposes, modern steel
modification techniques ensure that stainless steel can be bent, welded, assembled,
machined, formed and fabricated as readily as traditional steel.
Long-Term Value:
Stainless steel possesses long-term value. When the overall cost of a material is considered
it is mandatory that both the production and the longevity is considered. And in the case of
life-cycle cost, stainless steel is undisputedly the cheapest material that can be procured.
This cost is also a result of the low maintenance property of it.
Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, which means that it can be heated, completely melt down
and then reshaped. Over fifty per cent of the existing stainless steel products today are
manufactured by melting previously used steel.
Thus, there is no denying the fact that, stainless steel is a very comparatively advantageous
substitute for any other metal.

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