Tips to keep away from pain after Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Tips to keep away from pain after Wisdom
Teeth Extraction
Wisdom teeth, also known as wisdom teeth, are the last molars that appear in our
mouths, usually between 16 and 21 years of age.
The specialists usually suggest Wisdom Teeth Extraction Houston, especially when
there is not enough space in the mouth, since they can produce pressure on the other
teeth. Many times, they even trigger various dental health problems. Wisdom Teeth
Removal may include pain, inflammation of the gums and nerve damage.
Although the procedure for Wisdom Teeth Extraction Houston TX can be a bit
traumatic, it is the most effective way to avoid other negative consequences in oral
Fortunately, along with the care recommended by the dentist, we can consider some
natural remedies. They will be a good coadjutant to reduce the swelling that remains
after the surgical intervention.
Do not hesitate to put these tips into practice if you see yourself in this uncomfortable
1. Ice packs
The application of ice packs is one of the most effective methods to reduce
inflammation after the extraction of the Wisdom Teeth Houston TX.
In fact, because of its effectiveness, it is one of the cares that the surgeon usually
recommends to calm the discomfort that occurs after surgery.
How to use them?
Wrap several ice cubes in a towel and apply the compress on the outside of
the face, right in the inflamed area.
Do the treatment for 15 minutes in a row, rest 5 or 10 minutes and reapply.
You must prolong the therapy for 2 or more hours to achieve better effects
in case of Wisdom Teeth Houston Extraction.
2. Chamomile sachets for the wisdom teeth
Because of its slight analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, chamomile is one of the
most used herbs in many remedies. In this case, it can help accelerate the recovery of
the symptoms that occur after the Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Houston.
It is not aggressive, helps reduce bleeding and has an interesting calming effect that
produces a sense of relief.
How to use it?
After at least 12 hours after the intervention, cool a bag of chamomile and
apply it on the affected area.
If it does not cost you much work, bite the bag gently to release its liquid.
Perform the treatment for 15 minutes, rest half an hour and repeat.
Use it until you notice an improvement.
3. Clove essential oil
The analgesic properties of clove can help to calm the sensitivity and pain that occurs
hours after the extraction of the molars of judgment.
Its application should not be immediate after surgery. However, it can be useful when
12 to 24 hours have passed.
How to use?
Put a couple of drops of clove essential oil on a cotton swab and apply it very
carefully on the inflamed gums.
Repeat the procedure 3 or 4 times a day, as you deem necessary.
Be careful when rubbing over inflammation, since the idea is not to damage the

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