Things to know about Generic Cleocin

Various types of infections are caused by bacteria. Generic Cleocin( is a bacteriostatic antibiotic used for treating bacterial infections of the skin, blood, and lungs. It contains Clindamycin as the active constituent. It is included in the WHO’s list of essential medicines.

About Generic Cleocin
Belongs to a class of lincosamides.
When administered orally, its action starts within 60 minutes.
The action of this medicine lasts for the duration of four to six hours.
It is a non-habit forming medicine.
How it works?
• Generic Cleocin is bacteriostatic.
• Generic Cleocin Works by inhibiting the protein synthesis which is vital for the
growth of bacteria.
What is it prescribed for?
lower respiratory tract infections
skin infections
Intra abdominal infections
gynecological infections
bone and joint infections
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