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DDi's LABELai is a patent-pending Labeling Automation Tool for end to end Regulatory Labeling Management.

Labeling Automation Solution for Drugs & Devices
LABELai is a patent-pending tool that enables companies achieve their End-to-End
labeling goals. With option of using the system for either Content Management or
Label Operations or both, companies can pick the part of the tool that enhances their
productivity and compliance.
LABELai provides end-to-end support for labeling such as CCDS create/update,
SmPC/USPI create/update, LPD create/update using inbuilt country specific
regulations, artwork processes, local country operations, and supply chain release
aspect. If any compliance issues, system generates alerts for each Label version at
each section level.
Some Key Features of LABELai
Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS) & IFU - creation and
Local Labels generated automatically from any of master
document CCDS, IFU, SPC and USPI documents
Regulatory Intelligence built-in for 50+countries
SPL creation and updating
Full manual/machine translation built-in
Compliance check for local label deviations and local deviation
safety compliance
E2E Tracking with Change control and Label Operations
Built-in EDMS (or can integrate to yours) and BPM (for
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