Lecture 2 AFA Certification

AFA Certification
Matt McMillan, Ph.D.
O Consists of 3 categories:
O Classification
O Provides opportunity for entry level farriers
O Certification
O Center of the program
O Endorsement
O Provides opportunities for farriers who have
completed highest level of certification
O All levels are expected to demonstrate:
O Hoof trimming skills
O Skills to apply shoes and other appliances in
exact prescriptions
O Forging skills to modify shoes
O Knowledge of anatomy and physiology
AFA Farrier Classification
O Entry-level component
O Not a pre-requisite for subsequent certification
O Focuses on basic concerns
O Safe, sound farriery
O No time constraints
O Elementary Forge work
O Must complete written and practical testing
O Horseshoe display
AFA Farrier Classification
O Written Test 70%
O Bones and Joints
O Identify and locate
O Hoof Structure
O Knowledge of elastic and inelastic structures
O Tendons and Ligaments
O Common/Scientific Names
O Functions and insertion of all tendons and ligaments
AFA Farrier Classification
O Written Test 70%
O Blood Circulation
O Function of arteries, capillaries, and veins
O Pathology
O Recognizing factors associated with lameness
O Horseshoes
O Nail placement, design and function, features, function
of heartbar shoe
O Conformation, Gaits, and Physiology
O All gaits, problems, and faults
AFA Farrier Classification
O Practical Exam (2 parts)
O Must Obtain 60% to Pass
O A. Shoeing
O Hands-on Performance Exam
O Shoe 2 feet
O Front pair or hind pair
O Candidate must provide horse and handler
O 1 ½ hour time limit
AFA Farrier Classification
O A. Shoeing
O Scoring in Three Parts
O Hoof Preparation
O Shoe preparation and Fit
O Nailing, clinching, and finishing
AFA Farrier Classification
O B. Horseshoe Display
O Candidates bring
O Examined and scored
O Includes Timed Modifications
O Oral/explanation/defense
Certified Farrier (AFA CF)
O First Level of AFA Certification
O Open to farriers with one year experience
O Must Perform:
O Written Exam 80%
O Practical Exam 70%
O 1 hour time limit
O Horseshoe Display
Certified Tradesman Farrier
O Second Level – Optional
O Two Years Experience
O Completed CF level
O Written Exam 80%
O Practical Exam 70%
O Forging
O ¾ Fullered, open heel shoe
O Must fit pattern
O 30 Minute Time Limit
Certified Journeyman Farrier
O Highest Level
O 2 years experience
O Completed CF level
O Must display:
O In depth knowledge and highly developed skills
O Requires:
O Written Exam 80%
O Practical Exam 70%
O Forging of specific bar shoe within time limit
O Shoe must fit pre-determined foot pattern
Specialty Endorsements
O CJF have opportunity to continue education
O Particular breeds
O Disciplines
O Veterinarians
O Endorsements Include:
O Therapeutic
O Specialty Forging
O Educational

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