FLS Update to Coalition - Dec 2013

Update to Coalition Council
discussions / Next steps
Presented by:
Nadia Martins, B.A.
December 2013
French Language Service
• The French Language Services Act (1986) guarantees to
all persons and corporate entities the right to
communicate with the government of Ontario ministries
and agencies and to receive services in French in 26
designated areas.
• Within Simcoe county, 3 areas designated under FLSA:
– Penetanguishene, Tiny and Essa
Population Changes
Ontario is home to the largest number of Francophones
outside of Québec. Approximately 611 000.
Between 2006 and 2011, the general population of
Simcoe county has grown by approximately 5,2% and
Francophone population of Ontario has grown by
approximately 4,5%.
Francophones in
Simcoe County
• Approximately 11 000
• Constitues approximately 3% of total population
• Geographic poles where there is a significant
Francophone base:
– Barrie, Essa*, Tiny*, Penetanguishene*, Midland &
• Some 7 000 francophones live in these areas (almost 70%
of the total Francophone population of the County)
*Designated area
and Trend
If trend continues, 50% of
total Francophone
population will be in
Centre and South-West
regions within 10 years*
York region has less than
1.6% vacancies in rental
units and average salary
(70 000$/year) only
affords housing around
250 000$
*Office des affaires francophones + Comité d’experts en matière d’éducation postsecondaire (2013)
*Human Services Planning Board of York Region (2013)
French Language
Service Plans
• Ontario Regulation 284/11* came into force in July 2011,
clarifying Ministry’s requirements under the French
Language Services Act (1986) and obligations with
respect to services offered by third parties on behalf of
ministries and other government agencies.
• MCYS presented requirements and obligations to third
parties in April 2012. Agencies were asked to present an
FLS plan by the fall of 2012.
French Language
Service Plans (con’t)
• In Novembre 2012, the AFO (Assemblée de la francophonie de
l’Ontario) publishes linguistic data from the 2011 census showing
the growth of the francophone population just south of Simcoe.
• In March 2013, the Coalition hosted a presentation from the
Commissionner of French Language Services of Ontario, Me François
Boileau, in order to support members in developing their FLS Plans
and to better understand the « Active offer of service » component
of their plans.
• Revised plans submitted to MCYS were to be included as part of
agencies service contracts with the ministry.
The ultimate Goal:
Active offer of service
Do Coalition members have a common
understanding of the definition
« Active offer of service »?
Known Initiatives
• New Path has a pilot project for first contact in collaboration with
Common Roof agencies and La Clé
• Some agencies have been identifying their internal capacity and
have been offering their francophone personnel Professionnal
Development opportunities
• In collaboration with the francophone community, Children’s Aid
has developped and implimented a Francophone team for Simcoe
Known Initiatives (con’t)
• Early Intervention agencies have agreed to share francophone
personnel to respond to needs as required
• Community Living Huronia has been approved to provide and
coordinate the Early Intervention French language Services for the
county – December 2013
• La Clé will be producing a training document for francophones –
March 2014
Training and support for
French speaking personnel
• Correction software: Antidote – Available for sale at
La Clé
• French language training (basic FSL or conversation)
– multiple training sites available in Simcoe County*
• Training for Francophone personnel should be
available after March 2014
* Contact La Clé or Collège Boréal
Next Steps:
Now that we know what other members have done in order to
enhance their capacity to work with francophones, is there
opportunities for collaboration to share in these initiatives or to
develop services/projects with/for the francophone community?
If you are interested in participating in collaboration, please leave your information with
Deb Woods, Coalition Coordinator
[email protected]

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