2015 Conference Teaser Slides - (ITUP)

ITUP 19th Annual Statewide
Beyond Coverage: Building on California’s
The 2015 ITUP Conference is
dedicated in loving memory
Peter Harbage
ITUP Board of Directors
Howard Kahn, L.A. Care Health Plan (Board Chair)
Jim Lott, Sr., MLK Community Hospital (Board Secretary)
Laura Hogan, Consultant (Board Treasurer)
John Arensmeyer, Small Business Majority
Tangerine Brigham, Los Angeles County Department of Health
Richard Chambers, Molina Healthcare
Lesley Cummings, Consultant
Barbara Garcia, Director of Health of the City & County of San
Sharon Levine MD, The Permanente Medical Group
ITUP Board of Advisors
John Arensmeyer, Small Business Majority
Isabel Becerra, Coalition of Orange County Community
Health Centers
Kim Belshé, First 5 LA, Covered California
Alex Briscoe, Alameda Health Care Services Agency
Carmela Castellano-Garcia, California Primary Care
Dan Castillo, LA County Department of Health Services
Michael Cousineau, USC Keck School of Medicine
Joel Diringer, Diringer & Associates
Anastasia Dodson, CA Department of Health Care Services
Toby Douglas, CA Department of Health Care Services
Tom Epstein, Blue Shield of California
Len Finocchio, California Department of Health Care
Susan Fleischman, MD, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc.
Hector Flores, MD, White Memorial Medical Center
Lisa Folberg, California Medical Association Foundation
Norma Forbes, Fresno Healthy Communities Access
Jean Fraser, San Mateo County Health System
Jon Freedman, L.A. Care Health Plan
Bradley Gilbert, Inland Empire Health Plan
Sandra Goodwin, California Institute for Mental Health
Scott Hauge, Small Business California
David Hurst, Health Plan of San Joaquin
Kerry Hydash, Family Healthcare Network
Pat Johnston, California Association of Health Plans
Mitchell Katz, LA County Department of Health Services
Shana Alex Lavarreda, UCLA Center for Health Policy
Wendy Lazarus, The Children’s Partnership
Maria Lemus, Vision y Compromiso
Burt Margolin, The Margolin Group
David Maxwell-Jolly, Covered California
Louise McCarthy, Community Clinic Association of Los
Alan McKay, Central California Alliance for Health
Anne McLeod, California Hospital Association
Kathy Ochoa, SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West
Jeffrey Oxendine, UC Berkeley, Center for Public Health
David Panush, Covered California
Mary Rainwater, Consultant
Gary Rotto, San Diego Council of Community Clinics
Sandra Shewry, California HealthCare Foundation
Herrmann Spetzler, Open Door Community Health Centers
Marvin Southard, LA County Department of Mental Health
Micah Weinberg, Bay Area Council
Walter Zelman, Cal State LA Department of Public Health
ITUP Leadership Council
Joan Allen, SEIU- United Healthcare Workers WestDrew Kyler, Covered California
Jason Andrews, Limelight Health - Stone Meadow Robert Layne, Partnership Health Plan
Benefits & Insurance Associates
Meaghan McCamman, California Primary Care
Cynthia Carmona, Community Clinic Association of
Los Angeles County
Adrian Nunez, San Francisco Health Plan
Ashley Cohen, Top Tier Consulting
Michael Odeh, Children Now
David Chase, Small Business Majority
Breanne Olmstead, Open Door Community Health
Colleen Chawla, San Francisco Department of
Public Health
Adam Dougherty, UC Davis Health System
Kelly Pfeifer, California HealthCare Foundation
Alvaro Fuentes, Community Clinic Consortium
Reverend Samuel Pullen, LA Voice an affiliate of
PICO National Network
Brooke Fox-Ehrenpreis, Health Management
Anthony Rose, Orange County Health Care
Yoomee Ha, Consultant
Brenda Solorzano, Blue Shield of California
Amber Kemp, California Hospital Association
Kathleen Kerrigan, Los Angeles County
Department of Mental Health
Alison Klurfeld, L.A. Care Health Plan
Srija Srinivasan, San Mateo County Health System
ITUP Funders
Blue Shield of California Foundation
The California Endowment
The California Wellness Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
California HealthCare Foundation
L.A. Care Health Plan
California Community Foundation
ITUP Conference Sponsorships by:
Harbage Consulting
Health Net
Health Management Associates
First 5 Los Angeles
2015 Richard E. Brown
AltaMed Health Services
La Clinica de la Raza
Hill Country Health and Wellness Center
Open Door Community Clinics
St. John's Well Child and Family Center
St. Joseph Center
Wi-Fi Internet Access
Network: ITUP_Conference
Password: itup2015
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1.4 million people enrolled in
Covered California and
2.2 million newly enrolled in
Medi-Cal in 2013-14.
January 26, 2015: 1.2 million
individuals have enrolled in
Covered California plans
January 12, 2015: 466,000
individuals have newly enrolled in
Medi-Cal, and more than 110,000
have been determined “likely
92% of eligible consumers
renewed their Covered
California plans for 2015.
94% stayed with the same
80,000 providers participate in
Covered California plans
75% of licensed physicians in
Commonwealth Fund: The
uninsured rate in California
has been cut in half.
22% uninsured 11% uninsured
From 2008-2013, the rate of
increase in health care
spending fell by more than
Sisko A M et al. Health Aff 2014;33:1841-1850
Annual Growth Rates, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) And National Health Expenditures
(NHE), Calendar Years 1990–2023.
Sisko A M et al. Health Aff 2014;33:1841-1850
©2014 by Project HOPE - The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.
The rate of hospital acquired
conditions decreased 17%
from 2010-2013.
This saved approx. 50,000
Department of Health and Human Services. Interim Update on 2013 Annual Hospital-Acquired Condition Rate and Estimates
of Cost Savings and Deaths Averted From 2010 to 2013

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