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Meeting Career Training Needs
at a Distance:
Partnership Models for Success
Rural Community College Alliance Conference
September 24-26, 2014
Prescott, AZ
Mary Breeding, Partnership Development Manager
World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S.)
• Identifying goals for your community
• Determining demand: Job Market
• Key characteristics of good online
• Advantages of partnership
• Identifying a good partner
Determining Demand:
Focusing on Community Goals
• Preparing community members for jobs in
careers with high growth potential
• Reducing childhood obesity
• Increasing attainment of high school
• Enhancing parenting skills
Determining Demand:
Researching the Job Market
• U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) provides
short and long-term projections
• Fastest Growing Occupations
• Wage and projected job growth data are
provided for 8-10 years period
• Can drill down to state and/or MSA level
Determining Demand:
Researching the Job Market
• North American Industry Classification System (NAICS code)
• National job growth projections
• State Projections for Job Growth
• Wages and Employment Level
• Detailed occupation-specific charts
Key Components of Effective
Online Instruction (LERN)
• Continual engagement of the instructor
 instructors respond to student questions, foster online
discussion opportunities, provide progress notes
• Use of Multimedia
 Instructor-generated audio and video, YouTube videos keeps students
• Student Involvement with Content
 Simulations, student-created content, e.g. .ppt presentations, video,
team projects
Critical Lesson Learned by W.I.T.S.
• Over 90% of students taking W.I.T.S. online
courses have never taken an online course
• Technical and instructor support are critical
• Mentored model used by W.I.T.S. addresses
concerns of students new to online learning
Student Expectations
Based on research by ed2go
Face to Face vs. Online
Based on research by ed2go
Gateway to Further Training
Based on research by ed2go
Advantages of Partnership
Avoids the high cost of ‘reinventing the wheel’
Subject-matter expertise
Allows college to expand programming
Leverages your marketing reach
Tried and tested curriculum
Makes your life easier
Selecting the Right Partner
• How long has the company been in business?
• Are the other partners comparable to your
• What is the revenue-sharing model?
• What is the level of support offered by the
• Strength of connections within the industry
Selecting the Right Partner
• How flexible is the partner?
• Can partner demonstrate need for program?
• What external accreditations/approvals can
the partner demonstrate?
• Always ask for and contact current partners
whose situations are similar to yours
World Instructor Training Schools
meet all criteria
Building a Fitness Career Page at Your School
• Online Hybrid Certification Programs
• Continuing Education Courses for current fitness
• Online Training in Marketing and Management
specifically geared to the fitness industry
A Sample of Our Educational Partners
Some of Our Fitness Industry Partners
W.I.T.S. Recognitions and Approvals
 American Council on Education (ACE)
 International Association of Continuing
Education and Training (IACET)
Approved for continuing education credit for:
Massage Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Athletic Trainers
•Funding through Veteran’s Education
World Instructor Training Schools
“Knowledge, Practice, Experience”
W.I.T.S. Has Done the Research
• Strong job growth for fitness professionals
based on US DOL statistics
• Average $34 an hour in the US market
• Full-time work within the industry and
great entrepreneurial opportunities
The W.I.T.S. HYBRID Program
Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Developed for ed2go
9 week format – Self Paced online
16 hours online mentored instruction 16 hours hands-on practical training – 4 days
Textbook: Fitness Professional’s Handbook, 6th Edition
Certification requirements
– Complete Modules with a mentor
– Written Exam & Practical Exam
– 30 hour Internship
– Current Adult CPR and AED
Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
Course Learning Outcomes
Define basic principles of anatomy, kinesiology and exercise physiology.
Assess an individual’s level of fitness using recommended guidelines of
the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM.)
Design and customize exercise programs.
Identify and demonstrate proper execution of weightlifting, stretching,
isometric and cardio-respiratory exercises.
Identify and effectively demonstrate at least one strength exercise for
every major muscle group.
Explain and apply ACSM and American Heart Association (AHA)
recommendations for cardiovascular exercise.
Identify special concerns and safety guidelines and create safe and
effective exercise programs for special populations including: pregnant
women, individuals with diabetes, obesity, youth and older adults.
• Highly interactive workshops
• Based on feedback from thousands of W.I.T.S.
•Over 50 online courses provide business acumen to
either take a management role or pursue
entrepreneurship after graduation.
Educational Partner References
Babette Wald
Cal State Dominguez Hills
(310) 243-3730
[email protected]
Michele Bialo
Schoolcraft College
(734) 462-4676
[email protected]
Michael Bankey
Cuyahoga Community College
(216) 987-3237
[email protected]
Michelle Valin
Macomb Community College
(586) 498-4006
[email protected]
largest provider of online courses for colleges
Core ed2go Partnership Offerings
6 Week Professional Development:
Career Training Programs:
Comprehensive Online Course in a
convenient six-week format
Learn in-demand skills recognized by
Expert Instructors lead each course
Start anytime – work at your own pace –
complete in 3 to 6 months
Engaging student discussion areas
New sessions starting monthly
Textbooks and learning materials are
Confirmation of Completion awarded
with passing score
Support offered via phone, email, or live chat
7 days a week
Expert instructor assistance provided
largest provider of online courses for colleges
6 Week Professional Development Courses
6 Week Professional Development Courses
Complete Turnkey Enterprise Solution
• Integrated offering
• Development and production
• Hosting and distribution
• Delivery, administration and management
• Six-week duration; 24 hours of instruction
• Uniquely comprehensive and consistent
• Engaging; conversational style, applied
• Highly interactive; lively discussion areas
• Affordable Selection of over 300 courses
• Sessions begin every month
Creating Web Pages
Speed Spanish
Accounting Fundamentals
Microsoft Excel
A to Z Grant Writing
Grammar Refresher
Secrets of Better Photography
Introduction to PHP and MySQL
Medical Coding
A Revenue Generating Opportunity
Online Courses with ed2go
 Partner sets the retail price
 Partner pays wholesale price when students enroll
 Partner promotes courses; catalog, brochures, ads,
 ed2go delivers/manages/supports the courses
 Partner has expanded offerings with a new revenue
largest provider of online courses for colleges
Career Training Programs
Career Training Programs
largest provider of online courses for colleges
Typically between 40 and 400 contact hours of training
Open enrollment & self-paced; students can start any day of the year & work at their own pace
Each student paired with expert facilitator for one-on-one interaction
All required materials (textbooks, software) sent directly to each student upon registration
Average program retails for $2,000
End result – student trained for new job, industry credentials, and/or national certification
Program Components:
Required reading assignments
Online lectures - flash-based, interactive web-content
Discussion forums
Chat, scheduled hours
Industry specific projects
Some externships (virtual example: (
Pharmacy Technician
Medical Transcription
Project Management
Six Sigma
Medical Coding & Billing
Veterinary Assistant
A+ Certification
Personal Fitness Trainer
Freight Broker Training
Cisco CCNA
A Revenue Generating Opportunity
Career Training Programs
 Partner promotes courses; catalog, brochures,
ads, etc.
 Partner pays wholesale price when
participants enroll or simply receives a check
for their share
 ed2go delivers/manages/supports the courses
 Partner has expanded offerings and a new
revenue stream
Thank You For Your Time
If you should need further information please let us know.
Mary Breeding
W.I.T.S. Director of Partnership
[email protected]
Office: (413) 567-7957
Cell: (757) 636-5112
Chris Gores, Cengage Learning
[email protected]

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