Brad Solberg

Black Hawk High
Physical Education
Health Promotion
Emphasis in
coaching and
adaptive education
I believe every student has the potential to bring
something unique to the world. It is my job as an
educator to meet each student at their educational
level and guide them where they need to be.
Knowledge is power, strength and possibility. Great
things come from knowledge and I have to
demonstrate excitement for it, so my students will
follow my example. There are many different
learning styles, which means I have to be proficient
in many different teaching styles to appeal to all my
students needs. As a teacher it is my goal to create
life long learners who will gain proper life skills to
become a productive member of society.
 Interactive
 Fun
 Trustworthy
 Reliable
 Leader
 Punctual
 Caring
High school teachers aid
 Cory Milz high school coach
 “The test of a good coach is that when they leave,
others will carry on successfully.”
Author Unknown
 Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.
John Wooden
 “What I had I gave what I saved I lost forever.”
 " A teacher affects eternity; no one can tell where
the influence stops."
Involve the community in physical activity
Foster a relationship between parent’s,
students and myself
Varsity basketball coach
Baseball coaching job
Respected and trustworthy teacher
Maintain a respectful classroom where all
students feel welcome and actively
Utilize technology
Masters degree in sports management or
 Maintain an active and fit lifestyle
 Become a colligate men’s basketball
head coach at a four year university
CPR/AED certified
 Certification in high ropes course level
one belay
 Water safety instructor
 Life guard certified
JV basketball coach
 Swim instructor
 Teachers assistant
 Baseball camp assistant
 Varsity assistant basketball coach
 Attended basketball clinics
Head collegiate basketball coach

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