AED Situation in South Africa

South Africa
Presentation By:
Mr. Gary Page
Managing Director
Size of South Africa
Approximately 1,219,912
square kilometres
(471,008 square miles).
Slightly less than twice the size of the state of Texas.
2014 Statistics estimates the
population as 54 million.
Gauteng comprises 23.9% (12.9 million) and
approximately 2100Km (North to south).
• 51% Female
• 30% younger than 15 years
• 8.4% 60 years or older
• 16% Taxpayers
AED Situation in South Africa
AED / CPR Awareness in
South Africa
Ongoing education and awareness is
absolutely essential
 Less than 1% of our population is trained in CPR.
 CPR education is not in the life skilll programmes within
our schools
These two factors amongst others are having a direct impact
in that people in positions of responsibility are not educated in
CPR and do not understand the significance of the proactive
placement of AEDs in the public domain
Areas of Concern:
o AEDs are not a legal requirement! (South African law
mandates that we are not required to “love our neighbour”
o Operating in a 3rd world environment.
o Opposition pricing is an issue. Introduction of 350P in
2015 as a basic entry level AED will allow us to compete
on the lower pricing level.
o Legal implications of using an AED.
o Legal advise - legally sound but medically not
(defibrillators vs. AEDs).
o Response is reactive instead of proactive measures –
someone must die first!
Number of AEDs listed on Google app is 255
AEDs in South Africa - 320 (225 are 500Ps and 95 300Ps).
Concluding an AED sale in South Africa is time consuming,
frustrating and each success even a placement of one
samaritan PAD in either the medical industry or public
domain is viewed by us as a significant achievement.
The samaritan PAD
is a feature product within the
Sere-med diverse range of products
offered to the medical market
Sere-med Personnel
Sere-med Sales Team:
12 Medical Representatives
professionally trained GP specialists
proficient in the doctor market
(All certified in the HeartSaver CPR / AED training course)
National representation in all provinces
Sere-med Target Markets
Target Markets:
* Indicates samaritan Pad sales to these markets
Sere-med’s focus since 2005:
 Doctor market: GPs* (more than 85% do still not have AEDs),
Cardiologists * and Dental market *
Alternative Markets:
 Sporting Facilities (gyms and sports clubs *)
 Private Emergency Reaction Services
 Golf Courses*
 Schools *(private and government), Universities *
 Medical Institutions * (South African National Blood Transfusion and National
Renal Care centres throughout South Africa – samaritan PAD is the product of
 Industry and Business Sectors *
 Mining Sector *
 Hospitality Industry (hotels *, game lodges *)
 Transport (airports *, aircrafts *, railways *)
 Entertainment (casinos *, amusement parks *)
 Clinics (clinic groups *, pharmacy clinics * etc).
How do we reach our target markets?
Direct Consultation by the Sere-med Sales Team and our partners
(started establishing partnerships in 2013 / 2014).
Email communications (SCA, CPR / AED awareness).
AED Partner:
AED Partner:
AED Partner:
Africa Safe-T
AED / CPR Training Instructors &
First aid training and distributors to
the hospitality industry specializing
in Game Lodges.
Following training recommends the
samaritan Pad
Air Cargo Security Solutions
Aviation and Security Industry.
AED Partner:
Continental Medical Distributors
BEE Partner
(Black Economic Empowerment)
AED Partner:
Government business and Defence
Industry etc.
AED Partner:
Medical and Public Sector
Scott Safe
Occupational Health & Safety
AED Partner:
Bakita Industrial Solutions
Industry and Business Sector
AED Partner:
Private Individual
Mr. Jannie Potgieter
Banking and Insurance
Sales Techniques/Promotions that worked
Direct marketing material relevant to the medical industry and to each different type of target market in the public sector.
Pad-Pak programme- service calls to purchase replacement Pad-Paks due to expiry (increase in Pad-Pak sales)
School / Business Initiative:
Local companies to sponsor an AED to a school in their area.
Sere-med provides HeartSaver CPR / AED training free of charge to the school (including basic CPR / AED
education and awareness to all staff and learners).
Basic CPR / AED education and awareness training to sponsors for their participation.
Free adverting in local newspapers and school media highlighting the AED placement and those involved in
the sponsorship.
School – parent / teacher associations responsible for raising funds.
CPR / AED Awareness Campaigns in conjunction with the RCSA (CPR training / AED awareness in shopping centres
Assistance in the form of supporting documentation from the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa (RCSA) and
testimonials from medical doctors.
Website / Google search engines
Finance Solutions – First Health Asset Finance (lease to own options).
Firstly address customers concerns, their understanding of SCA and what is required for an immediate and effective
response to an incident - only then discuss features and benefits of the samaritan PAD once they understand
why they need it.
Support we need:
The support received from HeartSine is more
than sufficient.
In South Africa however we need to improve
the public’s knowledge and understanding of
SCA / CPR and the importance of AEDs in
this environment
Thank You

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