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10+ reasons to
Airport: a growing medium
Over 220 million passengers passed
through UK airports in 2013
Air traffic is expected to double in the
next two decades (4.8% annual traffic
growth globally)
£50m was spent on airport media in the
UK last year
Source: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) 2013; Airbus Global Market Forecast
Reach business opinion leaders
46% of business travellers are from AB
socio-economic group
69% of business travellers expect to
see business and corporate advertising
Business travellers are key decision
makers in every area of spend within
their company
Business travellers are tech savvy,
early adopters of new technology and
internationally focused
Source: JCDecaux Airport Business Traveller 2 Survey 2013 ; JCDecaux Airport AER
Ad-friendly passengers are
receptive and well disposed to ads
85% of passengers enjoy airport
85% of passengers are open to finding out
about new products and services at the
71% say they have time to read advertising
Source: Eye Fly Travel Panel; JCDecaux Airport, Airport Stories 2012
Range of mindsets and opportunities
through multiple touchpoints
Check In
Duty free
Source: JCDecaux Airport AER
Short, visual, impactful
Complex, verbal,
informational messages
Short, visual, impactful
Range of mindsets and opportunities
through multiple touchpoints
Source: JCDecaux Airport AER
Great opportunity for branding
92% of passengers agree that airport
advertising increases a brand’s
international status
91% agree that brands benefit from
advertising in airports
67% expect to see international brands
at the airport
60% of business travellers agree that
airports are the most effective place to
advertise International B2B brands
Source: JCDecaux Airport; Airport Stories 2012; JCDecaux Airport Business Traveller 2 Survey 2013
An influential audience
• The airport is the best way to reach
influential people
• Influence on purchase behaviour of peers
• Appreciate, and influence of advertising
• Airport advertising has the capacity to
attract attention, make a connection and
genuinely influence even after those
exposed have departed
• Ads have a long-term impact on Airport
audience memory
Source: JCDecaux ‘The Power of Influence’, Neuro-imaging Research 2012
Highest dwell time vs. other OOH
Average dwell time a passenger spends at
an airport is 2.5 hours – higher than rail,
underground and bus stops
Airport media may create a stronger impact
amongst passengers due to longer dwell
Increasing dwell time allows opportunities for
passengers to absorb the message and
remember the brand in future
Airport advertising can drive and encourage
passengers to retail visits
Responses to Airport ads are 18% higher
than roadside
Source: JCDecaux AER, Neuro-imaging Research 2012
Retail therapy in duty free
An average of 37 minutes is spent whilst shopping in duty free
73% say they always shop at the airport
55% of C-suite arrive early to browse in the duty free
70% of passengers do not plan what to buy at airports, encouraging
impulse purchases
78% of passengers enjoy going around the shops at the airport
84% say they are happy or excited whilst shopping at an airport
70% of flyers shop at the airport and are open to sales messaging
regarding what to buy
72% of flyers buy gifts at World Duty Free
86% of passengers make a purchase in the departure lounge
Source: JCDecaux AER; Consumer Attitudes Towards Luxury Brands, Mintel; Eye Online panel; EYE Insight
online panel, Tourism and Travel Survey 2012
Perfect place to advertise consumer
products, gifts and treats
Top purchases in airports:
– Perfume/Aftershave
– Alcohol
– Newspapers/Magazines
– Drinks
– Books
Top 3 gifts
– Fragrance (67%)
– Alcohol (51%)
– Chocolate and confectionery (43%)
Source: EYE Insight online panel
Great environment for corporate,
finance and technology advertising
20% of airport revenue came from technology
advertising in 2013
70% of business travellers agree that global
brands fit the international profile of airports
66% of C-suite business travellers expect to
see B2B advertising in airports
47% of business flyers agree that it would be
relevant to see advertising for finance deals at
the airport when returning home from a trip
Source: NMR 2014; JCDecaux Airport Business Traveller Survey 2 2013; EYE Airport Behaviour Survey
No better place to talk travel
No wastage: airport travellers are 100%
85% of air travellers think about booking
their next trip at the airport
69% of arriving passengers are looking
for ideas for their next holiday
73% are looking for ideas for things to do
and places to visit
59% are open to finding out about
alternative travel options for their journey
Source: JCDecaux Airport Arriving Passengers Survey; EYE FLY UK Online travel study
Airport leads interactive digital OOH
Digital signs at airports offer new
dimensions to advertisers
Tactical, day part and day of week
advertising becomes possible
77% of passengers agree that digital
signage could influence them to take action
66% of passengers want to download
61% of passengers are interested in
downloadable coupons and offers
Responses to digital ads are 21% higher
than static
Source: EYE online panels; JCDecaux Airport, Airport Stories 2012, Neuro-imaging Research 2012
Gateway opportunities in arrivals
Airports are gateways to the city they serve
For UK residents, homecoming starts at the
airport. Brands become part of a positive
returning home mind-set
You don’t get a second chance to make a
first impression. Engage strongly with
adverts – high propensity to buy/sell
For visitors to the country, advertising
provides reassurance and familiarity, help
and guidance
30% of passengers buy goods from duty
free in arrivals
Source: EYE online panels; JCDecaux Airport, AER III – Arrivals unlocked; EYE Insight online panel
Leading advertisers in airports
Top 50 advertisers who invested in Airports 2013:
(Average spend £802K)
Bank of America, British Airways, Vodafone, Samsung, Estée Lauder
Cosmetics, Burberry, Nissan, Emirates, easyJet, ICBC London,
Accenture, Turkish Airlines, Stansted Express, Cathay Pacific Airways,
Chanel Ltd, LVMH Watches and Jewellery, Heathrow Express, Oracle
Corporation UK, HP, Aberdeen Asset Management, Parfums Christian
Dior (Uk) Ltd, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Toshiba, SAP, Statoil, L'Oréal
Luxury Products, O2, Apple, Lycamobile, RBS, Etihad Airways,
Skyteam, Microsoft, Allianz, Marriott Hotels, L'Oréal Paris, Acer, First
Capital Connect, Jet2, Gatwick Express, Qatar National Bank, American
Express Europe, National Express, LogMein, Gucci, Citibank, Salvatore
Ferragamo, BP, Norwegian Air, Right Move Ltd
Source: NMR 2014

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