Curriculum Updates PPT

Finding PLTW
Updates, Master
Training, EOC Exams
Ellie Vandiver
Director of School Engagement
Curriculum Updates Occur in 3 Ways
1. Low Priority
Medium Priority
High Priority
Example: Located LMS - IED-OT/Modules
Curriculum Updates
Low Priority Updates
O Very minor revisions
O Usually during the current school year/or in
the next school year
* ENG Formula Sheet was revised to include
additional formulas and was released to all
ENG courses as a manual update
Medium Priority Course
O Most common
O Content may/may not impact a teacher’s
curriculum made during the current school year
Released through manual updates on OT
Released in a zipped folder and download and
manually update using the LMS
Teacher discretion on whether the download
needs to be revised in their current courses
Video and text instructions are provided
High Priority Course Updates
O Rare
O Usually EOC items
O Automatic updates where the content is
automatically added to the each course
O Contact Jason Rauch/Bryan Kind for specific
EOC Exams
O Practice Exams are available
O Students can gauge the rigor of these items
O Located in the LMS under PLTW-PLC
O Example
Master Teacher
O Located PLTW – PLC - Announcements
O Link to the registration
O Through Feb 2
O First year – Apprentice
O Extensive Criteria
Professional growth modules
2 videos
Letter of Rec
O Offered in the Fall of 2015
O Emerging careers: genetic
engineering/biofuels/ biomanufacturing
O Replace Biotech ENG (BE) but will continue
to offer until the 2016-17 school year
O BE EOC’s will not longer be available after
Gateway Updates
O DM and AR Modules will be increased to
semester courses instead of 9-10 weeks
Launch Updates
O CS – developing 6 ten hour CS modules (one
for each grade
O BMS – developing 5 modules: human body,
infection and genetics

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