UTMB- Galveston - Texas A&M University Occupational Therapy

UTMB- Galveston
How to Apply
• Complete online application
– https://www.utmb.edu/OnlineApp/Default_Secure.asp?strPurp
• The applicant must send in ALL official transcripts from
each college/university that was attended.
• These must be sent electronically to Enrollment Services. If
the college/university does not have electronic capabilities
please have that college/university send a hard copy
directly to Enrollment Services. However, this will prolong
the time that it takes to process the application
– UTMB Enrollment Services 301 University Blvd. Galveston,
TX 77555-1305
How to Apply
Early Acceptance
• Application process opens - July 1st through October 1st (please be aware
that it takes approximately 4 weeks to process transcripts)
• Invitations to interview will go out beginning October 15th
• Interviews will take place in October and November
• Acceptance notification date will be no later than December 23rd (2/3 of
the class will be filled during early acceptance)
All Other Decisions
• Application process opens - October 2nd through January 15th (please
make sure that you give plenty of time to get all your application materials
here by the deadline - be aware that it takes approximately 4 weeks to
process transcripts). Late applications will not be reviewed.
• Invitations to interview will go out beginning February
• Interviews will take place in March
• Acceptance notification date will be no later than 1st week in April
Prerequisites do not need to be completed by the application deadline. However, if
accepted they must be completed by spring semester of the year of enrollment. No
prerequisites are offered on the UTMB campus.
Abnormal Psychology - 3 hours
Anatomy and Physiology (including lab) - 8 hours
Human Movement or Physics - 3 hours (i.e., kinesiology or biomechanics)
Lifespan Human Development - 3 hours
Neurological Basis for Human Behavior - 3 hours (i.e., physiological psychology,
behavioral neurosciences, biopsychology, brain & behavior, neuroanatomy,
neurobiology, neurophysiology, neuroscience)
Statistics - 3 hours
Sociology - 3 hours (Introductory Sociology courses will only be accepted)
Human Movement, and Neurological Basis courses are only offered at 4 year
• Have baccalaureate degree completed by the end
of Spring semester before starting program in
Fall. A degree in any area of study will be
• Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
All courses from all colleges/universities are used
for this calculation. If a course was repeated both
grades will be used in the GPA calculation.
• Have a minimum prerequisite GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0
scale. All grades from prerequisite courses are
used even if courses were repeated.
• Have at least 3 prerequisite courses
completed before applying including at least 1
Anatomy & Physiology course.
• All prerequisites must be completed by the
spring semester before starting the program in
the fall. Courses will not be able to be taken
during the summer semester. Courses must be
completed with a grade of "C" or better.
• The applicant must provide documentation of at least 20 clock
hours of observation, volunteer, or paid experience in one or more
occupational therapy settings prior to the time of application.
• The applicant must independently locate volunteer settings. You
will bring this if your are invited to interview. (Do not send to
Enrollment Services, as that would delay your application.)
• The applicant must provide three professional references. At least
one of these references must be from a supervisor (either an OTR
or COTA) during your observation, volunteer, or work setting.
Reference form is located on the website and instructions on how
to send back the recommendation form is listed on the form.
• No letters will be accepted. (Do not send to Enrollment Services, as
that would delay your application.)
• They do not require the GRE.
Selection Process
• Once the application materials arrive eligible students will be
invited to attend an on-campus interview in Galveston. During this
time on campus, prospective students will have an individual
interview with a faculty member, have a group interview with other
prospective applications along with the admissions committee, and
write an essay on a given topic. Also applicants will have the
opportunity to visit with current students in the program.
• The admissions committee will meet after the last interviews are
held for each section (early acceptance and other acceptance).
Students are weighted equally on overall GPA, prerequisite GPA, 3
recommendation forms, individual interview, group interview, and
written essay.
• Notification will be received by email. Please be sure to include a
working email address in your application. If accepted into the
MOT program proof of immunization record, proof of health
insurance, and a background check will be required.
• Step 1: APPLICATION – Complete online
• Step 2: TRANSCRIPTS – from every
college/university you’ve attended
• Step 3: Observation or Volunteer Hours –
Bring this if invited to interview
• Step 4: Professional Reference Forms –
Provide three professional recommendations
with at least one from either an OT or COTA
University of TexasEl Paso
Program Information
• MOT in 2.5 years
• Concludes with two 12-week clinical rotations
How to Apply
• All applicants to the Master of Occupational
Therapy Program must first apply to the UTEP
graduate school for admission. Additionally,
an application to the Master of Occupational
Therapy Program must also be completed.
• The application deadline is January 10
Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab- 4 hours
Anatomy & Physiology II- 4 hours
Introduction to Psychology- 3 hours
Human Development Across the Lifespan- 3 hours
Abnormal Psychology- 3 hours
Statistics- 3 hours
Behavioral Science elective (suggested course in psychology,
sociology, anthropology or health promotion)- 3 hours
• Technical Writing or equivalent- 3 hours
• Medical Terminology- 1 hour
Application to the program can be made before all prerequisites are
completed, but all prerequisites must be completed by May of the year
of admission
Acceptance to the UTEP Graduate school
GRE score within the past 5 years
Grade transcripts of all academic coursework
3.0 overall and prerequisite GPA (no minimum
score is required)
Completion of a bachelor's degree
Course prerequisites
40 observation/volunteer hours with a licensed
Three letters of recommendation
Selection Process
• For final admission into the Master of
Occupational Therapy Program, students will
be required to interview with selected
Occupational Therapy faculty members.
• Students will be notified in writing of the final
admissions decision.
• The Master of Occupational Therapy Program
will admit up to 24 students per year
Texas Tech
How to Apply
• To be considered for admission, the applicant must
complete and submit the online application and the
required documentation: transcripts, verification of
observation/ experience hours in occupational therapy
setting, two recommendation letters, verification of
required immunizations, verification of current CPR
certification, and personal essay.
• Early acceptance: submit application by October 1st
• All other applications must be submitted by December
• The program starts in late May each year
English- 6 hours
Statistics- 3 hours
Anatomy and Physiology (with lab)- 6 to 8 hours
Physics and/or Biomechanics and/or Kinesiology- 3 hours
Introductory Psychology- 3 hours
Abnormal Psychology- 3 hours
Introductory Sociology- 3 hours
Developmental Psychology (across the lifespan)- 3 hours
Electives- 58 to 60 hours
At time of application, no more than 9 hours of prerequisites can be in
progress and at least two science prerequisites must be completed for
file to be reviewed
• A Bachelor's Degree is not required to apply to our
• A minimum of 90 semester hours, including the
courses listed below, is required before starting the
• A grade of C or better is necessary in each required
prerequisites. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a
minimum science prerequisite GPA of 3.0 is required.
For persons with an existing baccalaureate or graduate
degree, a minimum cumulative GPA of a 3.0 is required
for the last 90 semester hours
• Verification of a minimum 40 of hours of
observation/experience in occupational therapy
practice must be submitted as a part of the
• Two letters of recommendation are required. One
letter must be completed by an occupational
therapist. Letters should be completed by
professionals who have observed you during any
related volunteer or paid work, previous or
present instructors and/or counselors, or
previous or present employers.
• A bachelor’s degree is not required to apply to
the program.
• The GRE is not required.
• You must be CPR certified prior to enrollment
in professional curriculum OR application
Selection Process
• A Master of Occupational Therapy admissions
committee will review all completed
applications. Competitive applicants are
interviewed via phone or onsite during the fall
or spring semester.
University of Texas- Pan
How to Apply
• Apply for admission to the Graduate School of UTPA
before applying to the Occupational Therapy program
at www.utpa.edu/gradschool/. This must be current.
• Apply to the OT program through the Centralized
Application Service for Occupational Therapy Schools
(OTCAS) online at http://www.otcas.org/. All required
materials must be completed and submitted online by
the February 1st application deadline.
• Complete FERPA Consent Form and submit to the
Occupational Therapy Department
• The deadline for applications is February 1st
How to Apply
• Application fee: $50.
• Official transcripts should be sent directly to
the Graduate Studies office:
The University of Texas-Pan American
Office of Graduate Studies
Administration Building Room 116
1201 W. University Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78539
• Anatomy & Physiology I (lecture & lab)- 4 hours
• Anatomy & Physiology II (lecture & lab)- 4 hours
• Basic Statistics- 3 hours
• Psychology of Lifespan- 3 hours
• Abnormal Psychology- 3 hours
• Anthropology or Sociology- 3 hours
• Medical Terminology- 1, 2, or 3 hours
* Recommended: Biomechanics, General Physics I, and Technical
Beginning 2014 the following courses will be required prerequisite
courses: Biomechanics, General Physics I, and Technical Writing. (If
you are planning to apply for the Fall 2014 class, these courses must
also be completed by the February 1, 2014 application deadline.)
• Have a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited
college or university by May 31st (or before) of
the year you are applying. A degree in any area of
study will be accepted.
• Complete all prerequisites within 5 years of the
February 1st application deadline.
• Take the Revised Graduate Record Examination
(GRE) within 5 years of the application deadline.
If any component – verbal, quantitative &
analytical writing is missing, the application is
considered incomplete and is not reviewed.
• Indication of volunteer hours and/or work
experiences submitted through OTCAS. (No
required number of hours).
• Provide three references (recommendations)
submitted through OTCAS.
• The applicant must provide a Personal
Statement submitted through OTCAS.
Selection Process
• Applicants may be required to participate in a personal
interview with the MS in Occupational Therapy
Admissions Committee. If required, the Chair of the
Admissions Committee will notify the applicant via
phone or letter for an interview
• Once selections have been made, the UTPA Graduate
School will send notification to all applicants indicating
whether or not they have been accepted. No
information regarding the status of an application is
given over the phone. Once a selection is made, the
status of your application will be available online at
Texas Women’s
How to Apply
• Applications are accepted year round for fall
entry, but must be postmarked by October 15
for assured consideration for entry in the
subsequent fall semester
• Completed online application to Texas
Woman’s University Graduate School
• Completed School of Occupational Therapy
application packet
How to Apply
• Step 1: Apply to the Graduate School at Texas Woman’s University
• Step 2: Complete 20 volunteer hours under the supervision of an
occupational therapist
• Step 3: Obtain two sets of official transcripts from all institutions of
higher education attended
• Step 4: Complete the Plan for Completion of Prerequisites form
Attach copies of course descriptions of prerequisites taken at schools other
than TWU. Include course descriptions of courses completed and courses
planned. Do not leave any blanks on this form.
• Step 5: Apply to the School of Occupational Therapy
• Step 6: Mail your application packet
Texas Woman’s University
School of Occupational Therapy
PO Box 425648
Denton, TX 76204-5648
Anatomy & Physiology I and II- 8 hours
Elementary Statistics- 3 hours
Abnormal Psychology- 3 hours
Developmental Psychology- 3 hours
Medical Terminology- 3 hours
At the time of application, a minimum of 7 credit hours of prerequisite courses for the
MOT program (four hours in the biological sciences and three hours in the behavioral
sciences) must be completed with an overall grade point average of 3.0
A plan to complete all prerequisites must be submitted prior to enrollment (form is
To verify whether a course meets prerequisite requirements contact the School of
Occupational Therapy admissions secretary at 940-898-2801 or [email protected] .
• Baccalaureate degree completed by time of
• Overall grade point average of 3.0 calculated on
last 60 credit hours before completion of
baccalaureate degree
• GRE not required
• Recommendation Form completed by a licensed
occupational therapist who can document a
minimum of 20 contact hours of supervised
observation with that individual therapist
Selection Process
• The Occupational Therapy Admissions Committee reviews all
complete application packets. Individuals from this group are
selected and invited to attend an on-campus interview at either the
Houston Campus or the Dallas Campus. During the time on campus,
prospective students are asked to complete a writing task, and
interview with faculty and area clinicians. Applicants will also have
the opportunity to interact with students already in the program
during this process.
• The Admissions Committee meets approximately two weeks after
the interview. Students are recommended for acceptance on the
basis of academic proficiency, ratings by clinical supervisor and
interviewers, and ability to communicate well in writing.
• All applicants are notified in writing as to acceptance status.
• If accepted into the MOT program, proof of immunization records
and a background check will be required.
University of Texas Health
Science Center- San Antonio
Program Information
• Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) degree is a 33 month (2 ½
years) long program.
• Consists of 84 semester credit hours of coursework and 20
semester hours (6 months) of full time fieldwork.
• The type of learning you will participate in includes:
• Lectures, labs, clinical simulations, observations of clinical
assessment and interventions, community visits and group
• Level I Fieldwork – Five different courses providing over 200 hours
of observational experiences.
• Level II Fieldwork - Two courses allowing students to practice
under the direct supervision of licensed occupational therapists in
hospital, school, clinic and community settings. (6 months, fulltime)
Program Information
• Number of Program Graduates:
In 2009 = 32. In 2010 = 24. In 2011 = 35.
• The number of people who apply has been increasing
• In 2006 -2007 = 10 Males and 81 Females (Total = 91)
applied. 31 were accepted and 29 enrolled.
• In 2010 -2011 = 43 Males and 186 Females (Total =
229) applied. 41 were accepted and 34 enrolled.
• About 1 out of 5 people were accepted this year.
How to Apply
• Complete the Texas Common Application and pay the application
• Send in official transcripts from each college and university
currently or previously attended. Applicants who are enrolled in
college courses at the time of application should submit an official
transcript showing courses in progress. An updated transcript must
be submitted upon completion of the courses.
• Supporting documents must be submitted to the Office of the
Registrar between August 15th and November 1st for summer
admission into the Master of Occupational Therapy program.
• All application materials, the application fee, official transcripts, and
all supporting documents must be submitted to the HSC Registrar’s
Office by the deadline of November 1 for summer admission.
• Human Anatomy with lab or Anatomy and Physiology I- 4 hours
• Human Physiology with lab or Anatomy and Physiology II- 4 hours
• Physics or Kinesiology (Principles of Dynamics of Movement)- 3
• Abnormal Psychology- 3 hours
• Developmental Psychology- 3 hours
• Sociology or Anthropology- 3 hours
• Statistics- 3 hours
• English (Technical Writing or an advanced writing course)- 3 hours
• Medical Terminology- 1 hour
By the end of the fall semester prior to summer admission, all courses
listed must be completed.
• Grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 (on
a 4.0 scale)
• Two Letters of Reference
• A minimum of 40 hours volunteer and/or
observation under a licensed occupational
• Completion of a bachelor’s degree by the end
of the fall semester the year before summer
Selection Process
• Interviews with Occupational Therapy faculty
• Upon admission to the MOT program, these
additional items are required:
Evidence of current health insurance showing dates
of coverage
Immunization record: Immunization requirements
can be found at the student health center web page
Completion of a background check - directions for
this process will be included in the acceptance

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