SOTA meeting5 - Student Occupational Therapy Association

Student Occupational Therapy Association
Quote of the day!
“A Physical Therapist will teach
you to walk. An Occupational
Therapist will help you put on
your dancing shoes and dance the
night away!”
Make sure to sign in
Ice Breaker!
Save the DATE!
Our Winter Banquet will be on:
Thursday, December 3rd
Shirts are here!
Make sure to pick up yours, if you
haven't already!
Service Opportunities
Independence Classes Every Saturday!
 Contact: Heather Simpson for more details
[email protected]
Make sure to sign up on Google Doc that was sent over
the listserv if interested in volunteering for Gator
Balance 180’s Culminating Event: December 2nd! –
Children showcase their newly acquired skills!
Off Topics?
Alpha Epsilon Delta Concert!
What: Alpha Epsilon Delta (a pre-health Honor society)
is holding a benefit concert to raise money for Florida
Diabetes Camp
When: November 15th
Time: 9:30pm-1:00am
Where: Backstage Lounge
For more information go to their facebook page!
RecSports GOALBALL Tournament?!
What it is: Goalball is a team sport designed for blind athletes.
For the purposes of RecSport’s event everyone will be
When: Friday, November 16th
Where: Southwest Rec Center Court #1
Time: 5pm
To register go to:
*Register by November 14th 2012- 9:00am
SOTA team or teams?
Guest Speaker:
Samantha Haynes, Elonna Faulk
and Megan McMullen
Southampton Fresh Air Home- summer camp for
children with physical disabilities
Thank you for coming!

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