Occupational Therapy
Presentation by: Tanya Hammond,
Occupational Therapist.
• Increase awareness and understanding of the
LCHS Occupational Therapy Service.
• How to refer to Occupational Therapy at LCHS.
• Wait list and fees of Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy at LCHS
• Conduct home visits or center based appointments for adults and
children who live within the Latrobe Valley region.
• An assessment may be conducted on site at Latrobe Community
Health Service or in a persons home depending on the referral. The
OT will make the decision if a home visit is required
• Assist with improving safety and independence of everyday
activities in regards to self care, productivity and leisure.
Interventions include equipment prescription, home modifications, education
and improving safety within the home and community.
Specialised equipment, tailoring to meet the specific client needs
(customised seating on mobility aids, pressure care cushions, mattresses,
hoist prescription).
Some clients purchase their own equipment, others may be eligible for
funding; or assistance from other sources e.g. Office of Housing, SWEP,
Eligibility Criteria
• HACC or Community Health clients
• Full cost (carer training, equipment education to group, where a third
party is paying on behalf of a client)
• Private Clients
• Team Care Arrangements (Medicare), DVA (referral must come
from GP/Medical Specialist)
OT Waiting List
• LCHS Occupational Therapy has a waitlist according to
the DHS Decision & Priority Tool. Waitlist time frames
fluctuate according to service demand.
• Priority 1 – Urgent referral. (Palliative care, pressure care risk, carer
• Priority 2 – Falls risk, reporting difficulty with access to shower,
• Priority 3 – requesting scooter, equipment, modifications.
OT fees
• Fees apply for the initial assessment, report
writing/applications and subsequent visits in line
with the Department of Health Victoria guidelines
• Depending on the funding source (HACC/Full
Cost/Medicare/DVA) fees and costing's may
Referral pathway to OT
• Self referral by an individual or family member
• Referrals through electronic referral system, S2S, fax or
phone call from external service providers.
• LCHS staff can complete internal referrals through S2S.

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