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What is Ask Us 24/7?
• Live Chat Reference – patrons can chat one-on-one with a
librarian in real time.
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What is Ask Us 24/7?
• A free service to all residents of New York State, even if their
library does not participate.
• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• A cooperative service – each library staffs the service for a few
hours a week.
• This means that you aren’t always chatting with someone from
your own library. But you always have a qualified librarian who
is willing and able to help you, and they can tell which library
you are from.
What is Ask Us 24/7?
• Dozens of public library systems and academic libraries
around the state participate.
What is Ask Us 24/7?
• Runs on QuestionPoint software (owned by OCLC) and chat is
conducted through a website.
• No need for the librarians or users to install any software.
What is Ask Us 24/7?
• Just one of several statewide/regional consortia running on
QuestionPoint software:
• All the statewide groups provide backup for each other.
• Along with backup librarians hired directly by QuestionPoint,
this allows for 24/7 service.
Can be Accessed 2 Ways
From a participating library’s website:
From the Ask Us 24/7 website (
What can Ask Us 24/7 Do For You?
• Locate trustworthy, authoritative resources on the web.
• Assist with using your library’s databases to find articles.
• Help you search your library’s catalog for books, music and
• 24/7 access means we’re open even when the library isn’t!
• Perfect for assistance with last minute research late at night or
early in the morning.
Actual Questions:
• What were some recreational activities in the renaissance period?
•In what other countries is Election Day a National Holiday? What is their
voter turnout?
•Where can I find journal articles that discuss the Great Influenza of 1918?
•Is there a public library near Niagara falls? A friend and me would have
some project work - and would like to work together
•I am trying to find a website with sample scripts for radio commercials.
•I'm having trouble finding information about the pros and cons of illegally
downloading music. How do i find this information?
•I am trying to find old newspaper articles or cartoons on the space race
and Armstrong on the moon but don't know how to search for newspapers
•Are there national or international regulations zoos must follow? What is
the importance of having a zoo license or accreditation?
User Comments:
• “I received very helpful information to my question that I was unable to
find when I tried to search online myself!”
• “Nice to have an immediate answer without having to leave your house.”
• “The librarian was able to find what I need almost instantly. I cannot
believe how easy it was. Thank you!”
• “What a great tool! It was easy and took no time at all and the help was
great, asking questions to help narrow the search.”
•“I didn't know what to do, fortunately the librarian helped me out. Now I
can do my assignment knowing how and where to start. Thank you.”
• “This is a very helpful service especially because My project is due
tomorrow and I need some last minute research to do.”
• “In a few minutes I learned more than many, many hours of other
research uncovered. Thanks.”
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