Roald Dahi The Giraffe and the Pelly and me

By: Abigail
The genre of this story is fiction. This story is fiction because in the story the window cleaners, witch
are animals, Were speaking. So that’s why this story is fiction.
The setting of this story takes place in a few places. The
first place is a busy street with a abandon candy shop.
The second place is a very rich persons mansion with a
beautiful garden, a barn, and even a TREE farm! It has
over 100 beautiful rooms! Those are the settings that
take place in my book.
This book is about a kid named Charlie who goes to an
abandon sweet shop every day. But one day he comes back to
see a HUGE door in the sweet shop. It opens, and outcome the
window cleaners. The window cleaners are the Giraffe and the
Pelly and the Monkey. With the help of the Giraffes long neck,
the window cleaners can reach the tallest window. The Pelly,
the pelican, with his long deep beak, can easily scoop up water.
Then last but not least, the monkey. The monkey climbs the
giraffe’s neck to wipe the windows. That is how the window
cleaners work. Charlie’s dream is to become the owner of that
abandon sweet shop I told you about earlier. Later on a car
pulls up leaving Charlie shocked. It’s the Duke of Hampshire
butler! Possibly the richest person alive! He is asking for the
window cleaners to clean his windows. They were honored and
took the opportunity. They did not want to leave Charlie
behind, so they took him to. And as soon as they started
cleaning, a disaster happens! And maybe, just maybe, Charlie’s
dream comes true...
I give this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed it but, I wish the story would
last longer. Besides that, I really recommend this book to you
because it is very interesting and really funny. It is a little silly, but in a
way I think that is a good thing. I think you will get a laugh out of this
book and I hope you like it!

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