Homestead Planning

Homestead Planning
Planning Factors
1.Water Supply
Water Supply
Most essential consideration
Does it need to be developed?
Account for present and future needs
If an adequate supply of good water is
not available, find another location.
Services to consider
1. Road Access
• 2 entrances to farmstead
• Snow removal issues
• Install entrance gates at least 30-40 ft from
public road
• Design parking to reduce congestion
2. Utilities (Electricity, Phone, Gas)
– Plan installation carefully, centralize
– Plan for future growth
– Consider underground line placement
– Record underground lines in great detail
Fire Prevention
Use fire resistant building materials
Consider location of water hydrants
Space buildings properly
Keep grass and weeds mowed around
• Keep shelter belts free of fallen branches
• Homesteads & small acreages are
vulnerable to theft, trespassing & arson.
• Maintain a clear view from house
• Evaluate location of fuel tanks and
portable property
• Strategically place lighting
• Be able to secure entrances
Divide the homestead into 4
concentric rings or activity zones.
1. Family living
2. Machinery storage & service
3. Small animal buildings/nursery
4. Major livestock facilities
Major Livestock Facilities
Small Animal Buildings/Nursery
Mach. Storage & Service
Family Living
House, lawn, play areas, garden, guest parking, drive
 Operation center – vehicles, animals & materials
 Short distance to frequent work areas
 Make sure drainage is sloped away
 Orient the house to enjoy beautiful view
Family Living
• Shop, work yard, equip. parking, fuel, chemical, and
transformer pole.
• Isolate Fuel and chemicals to outer perimeter
• Need location for parking of mach. & stored snow
• Drainage must be away from building & parking areas
Mach. Storage & Service
Small Animal Buildings/Nursery
• Maternity arns, grain & feed storage, feed processing
• Be able to accommodate large bulk delivery vehicles
• Avoid overhead power lines where loaders are
Major livestock facilities
• Feedlots, livestock & horse barns,
manure storage, & pastures
• Furthest from house due to odors & flies
• Mngmt of waste important for you &
your neighbors
Off-homestead factors:
• Proximity to town, highways and neighbors
• Dust & noise from gravel roads
• All considerations to Homestead planning
become a compromise of priorities.
• It is always difficult to settle on the
“one”best solution, but a good plan will
add value to the real estate, provide
functionality and meet most of your goals.
Contact Information
Dave Ollila
SDSU Extension Sheep Field Specialist
Rapid City Regional Center
1530 Samco Road
Rapid City, SD 57702
[email protected]

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