Lock Overview

Jenny Stoddard, University Operations
Types of Electronic Locks at SCU
Onity – Facilities
SecureAll, SecureAll/Onity Hybrid – Facilities
Access/Blackboard – ACCESS Office/Housing
Onity Locks
Managed by Facilities
Offline locks (for the most part)
 Require
physical updating of locks/cards
 Premade templates
Onity Locks, cont.
Ability to enter room when locked, or lock/unlock
by double-dipping
 Double-dipping
needs to be requested specifically, not
given automatically (except for individual offices)
Ability to lock/unlock on set schedule
Ability to request access at certain times/days of
By default, faculty/staff given open-ended access,
students and contractors given expiration date
 Usually
academic year/quarter, or contract length
SecureAll/Onity Hybrid Locks
Managed by Facilities
Functions as an Onity lock with
additional capabilities
Most on campus are SecureAll/Onity Hybrid
 HR
and Schott AES are purely SecureAll
SecureAll/Onity Hybrid Locks, cont.
Online locks
 No
updating of doors
Lockdown capability
 http://university-operations.scu.edu/business-
 “Emergency
Lockdown Information” on right side of page
 Most classrooms have this capability, procedures posted in
classrooms and on lock itself
Light Indicators – Onity and
SecureAll/Onity Hybrids
ACCESS/Blackboard Readers
Managed by ACCESS Office (mostly)
 Housing
Office if securing a residence hall
Additional Information
Call x4742 ASAP if you notice low battery light
pattern to avoid lock-out
Send all requests to [email protected]
Cards can be programmed at Facilities or ACCESS
 Please
do not send users over to Facilities/ACCESS
Office until you receive confirmation that we are ready
Ongoing project to label all locks with room number
to make requesting access easier
Questions and More Information
More info: http://universityoperations.scu.edu/business-services/campus-keylocks/

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