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Write for Texas
September 29, 2014
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What is Write for Texas?
Write for Texas is a series of professional development trainings
designed to accomplish the following:
• Emphasize the importance of reading and writing in all secondary
• Improve writing instruction in all secondary classrooms
• Provide resources and support to all secondary English language
arts and reading (ELA/R), math, science, and social studies
Write for Texas is based on four guiding principles.
What are the four guiding
What are the topics?
Using Reading and Writing to Support Learning
Teaching Sentence Skills
Teaching Revising and Editing Skills
Teaching Expository and Persuasive Texts
Teaching Personal Narrative Texts
How are the topics organized
and delivered?
The topics are organized according to
audience. The audiences include
• ELA/R teachers, grades 6-12; or
• all content-area teachers (ELA/R,
math, science, and social studies),
grades 6-12.
The topics are delivered via online
resources designed to be used by Write
for Texas coaches, ESC specialists,
district/campus coordinators, and
individual teachers.
How do I find the online
1. Go to
2. Note the tabs at the top,
especially “Online
How do I find the online
How do I find the online
How do I find the online
What do the online
resources contain?
The online resources contain
information, videos, and
reflective questions.
What do the online
resources contain?
The videos contain explanations
of the information, practice for
teachers, and samples of
classroom activities.
What do the online
resources contain?
The online resources also contain
downloadable handouts to print
or reference while completing
the training.
The handouts are located in the
“View Related Items” section
under “Related Documents” at
the bottom of each page.
How do I use the online
You can use the resources to accomplish the following:
• Implement training within a district, campus, or classroom
• Supplement training already going on within a district,
campus, or classroom
• Assign and facilitate training for specific groups of teachers
or individual teachers
• Complete training yourself for personal professional
How do I get started?
1. Explore the online resources and information at
2. Request assistance, information, and updates at
[email protected]
3. Request a copy of the Facilitator’s Guide for Using
Reading and Writing to Support Learning at
[email protected]
What is in the Facilitator’s
Big Ideas
Learner Objectives
Suggested Time
Participant Activities
Teaching Journal
6. Classroom Activities
7. Coaching Opportunities
What should I be watching for
during the 2014-2015 school year?
1. A growing library of online resources
2. Resources that specifically address working with students
with learning disabilities
3. Resources that specifically address working with English
language leaners
4. Facilitator’s Guides for each topic
5. A pilot for an online writing evaluation tool
Will these resources be available
beyond the 2014-15 school year?
Yes, resources will continue to be available in various
formats and across various portals. These portals
• writefortexas.org;
• projectsharetx.org; and
• Texas Education on iTunes U.
Is there any other TEA news?
The 2014-2015 Commissioner’s List of Reading Instruments is
now available.
Go to the English Language Arts and Reading page or the
Texas Literacy Initiative page on the TEA website to view.
The Commissioner’s List is posted under “Documents” on
each page.
Is there any other TEA news?
• OnTRACK Lessons for English Language Arts continue to be
available through Project Share.
• Grade 7 lessons will be available in early spring.
• Grade 6 lessons are under development for the 2015-2016
school year.
OnTRACK Lessons for Grade 8
OnTRACK Lessons for English I
OnTRACK Lessons for English II
OnTRACK Lessons for English III
Who do I contact to stay up-todate on Write for Texas?
Please send requests, questions, and feedback to
any of the following addresses:
• [email protected][email protected][email protected]

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