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JULY 31, 2013
Texas Education Agency:
Letters regarding students in foster care:
Subject: Foster Care Awareness, May 17, 2013 available online:
Subject: Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Requirements, March 6, 2013
available online:
Subject: Importance of Maintaining the Education Stability for Children
and Youth in the Foster Care System, August 22, 2012 available online:
Subject: Attendance, Admission, Enrollment, Records and Tuition, August
2, 2012 available online:
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What is foster care?
Foster Care is the temporary placement of youth outside of their own
home because they have been abused or neglected.
Child Protective Services petitions the court to remove the children
from their home and receives legal control via a court order.
Foster care is meant to be a temporary situation for a child until a
permanent living arrangement can be obtained.
Terms: Department of Family & Regulatory Services, conservatorship,
and substitute care are used in the Texas Education Code when
referencing students in foster care.
Foster Care: Who Are the Players?
DFPS: Social
PAL & others
Guardian Ad
Litem; CASA
Fostering Connections to Success and
Increasing Adoptions Act, 2008
Emphasizes the importance of school stability, maintaining the
students school placement, importance of coordination between
child welfare and education agencies.
Assurance that the placement take into account
appropriateness of current education setting & proximity to
the school in which the child is enrolled at the time of
If not in the best interest – state & local education agency
provide immediate and appropriate enrollment in new
school with ALL of the education records of the child
provided to new school.
Amendment to Family Educational
Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Uninterrupted Scholars Act:
Permits educational agencies and institutions to disclose
education records of students in foster care to State and
county social service agencies or child welfare agencies.
The statute also amended the requirement that
educational agencies and institutions notify parents
before complying with judicial orders and subpoenas in
certain situations.
School District Foster Care Liaison:
“Each School District and open enrollment charter
shall appoint at least one employee to act as a
liaison officer to facilitate the enrollment in or
transfer to a public school of a child in the district
who in the conservatorship of the state. (TEC
Must now also inform TEA or your liaison
appointment – (83R).
Identifying Students at Enrollment:
Districts should ask as part of the enrollment process if
student is currently in the conservatorship of the
Department of Family and Protective Services for the
new PEIMS Foster Care Status Indicator Code.
Acceptable means to verify foster care status at
enrollment: DFPS Placement Authorization Form 2085 &
Court Order
Maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity is of the
utmost importance!
Documents are FERPA protected. Must store securely.
Identifying Students at Enrollment:
Districts should begin asking foster care status beginning 9-1-2013
as part of the enrollment process.
Districts will need to ask if student is currently in the conservatorship
of the Department of Family and Protective Services.
Acceptable means to verify foster care status at enrollment: DFPS
Placement Authorization Form 2085 or a Court Order
Districts will determine locally what form to use to ask the question.
A Few Suggestions:
May be implemented similar to the question and coding for McKinney-Vento
using the Student Residency Questionnaire
Enrollment Checklist
Enrollment Card identifying the parent/guardian/caregiver
Identifying Students in Foster Care:
Texas Education Code - recognizes students
in foster care:
Immediate school enrollment - TEC 25.002
Timely Records transfer - TEC 25.002(a-1)
Students are entitled to remain in school they were enrolled
at the time of placement in foster care - TEC 25.001(g)
Free eligibility for PRE-K - TEC 29.153
Accelerated Instruction (At-risk indicators and
Compensatory Education) - TEC 29.081 (Code #11)
Transition assistance from one school to another of students
in foster care - TEC 25.007
Free College Tuition & Fees Waiver – TEC 54.366
School District Foster Care Liaisons - TEC 33.904
New Laws:
Legislative Session
Identify students in foster care in PEIMS - TEC 7.029
DFPS must notify school of child’s education decision maker – TFC 263.004
All Districts and Charters must appoint a liaison and inform TEA of their
district liaison’s appointment. TEA is required to develop and provide
training – TEC 33.904
Develop procedure for awarding course credit, including partial credit, if
appropriate, for work completed while enrolled at another school – TEC
If a student in grades 11 or 12 transfers to a different school district and the
student is ineligible to graduate at the district in which the student
transfers, the district from which the student transferred, if they are
eligible, shall award the high school diploma – TEC 25.007
New Laws Continued: 83rd Legislative
Allow a student in substitute care, who is enrolled in a required course
for graduation, the opportunity to complete the course at no-cost to
the student before the beginning of the next school year – TEC 25.007
Ensure that students in grades 11 or 12 are provided information on the
tuition & fees waiver – TEC 25.007
Require school districts to provide notice the students education
decision-maker and caseworker regarding events that may significantly
impact the education of the child - TEC 25.007
All appointments mandated through court order and case-plans are
excused - TEC 25.085(b)
TEC 25.007: Transition Assistance for Students in Foster Care
The agency shall assist the transition of substitute care students from one
school to another by:
Ensuring that school records for a student in foster care are transferred to the
student's new school not later than the 10th day after the date the student begins
enrollment at the school;
Developing systems to ease transition of a student in foster care during the first two
weeks of enrollment at a new school;
Developing procedures for awarding credit and partial credit for course work,
including electives, completed by a student in foster care while enrolled at another
Promoting practices that facilitate access by a student in foster care to
extracurricular programs, summer programs, credit transfer services, electronic
courses provided under the Texas Virtual School Network, and after-school tutoring
programs at nominal or no cost;
TEC Section 25.007 continued:
Establishing procedures to lessen the adverse impact of the movement of a student in
foster care to a new school;
Entering into a memorandum of understanding with DFPS regarding the exchange of
information as appropriate to facilitate the transition of students in foster care from
one school to another;
Encouraging school districts and open-enrollment charter schools to provide services for
a student in foster care in transition when applying for admission to post-secondary
study and when seeking sources of funding for postsecondary study;
Requiring school districts, campuses, and open-enrollment charter schools to accept a
referral for special education services made for a student in foster care by a school
previously attended by the student; and
Providing other assistance as identified by TEA.
Additional provisions passed during the 83rd Legislative Session.
TEA and Liaisons: Building Capacity
Identifying district liaisons and developing a contact list.
TEA Website: Foster Care & Student Success
Webinar Trainings (Foster Liaison 101, CPS/Court overview)
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