Covenant Healthcare System Horizons Clinic

P. Dave Whittaker, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Horizons Clinic
 Originated from a DSRIP-funded grant to help Covenant’s
Behavioral Healthcare be optimally utilized.
 Rapid readmissions of patients with behavioral problems
to the Inpatient Unit (Plaza) and/or the Adult ER were
exerting a strain on both departments.
Rapid Readmission Definition
The patient must meet at least one of the following
 Referral from Covenant’s Inpatient BHU after 2 inpatient
admissions within 30 days or 3+ inpatient admissions within
the past year.
 Referral from Covenant’s Adult ER for patients with a
primary mental health diagnosis and who do not need
inpatient admission. The referral can be made at the 1st ER
Warm Handoffs
 If one of the aforementioned criteria is met, a “warm
handoff” can be done by one of our staff.
 This warm handoff meeting allows Horizons Clinic staff to
explain the program to patients, and if on site, patients can
even be given a tour of our clinic.
 The Psych Assessors can also do warm handoffs from the
Patient Variables
 Many of the patients in this rapid readmission category
show some common characteristics.
 Homelessness
 Have a SMI (i.e., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder)
 Have a serious Substance Use Disorder
 Poor resources
No Travel Resources
No money for medications
No intermediate support between discharge and outpatient
follow up
Treatment Options
Our outpatient program treats a wide variety of mental health and
substance use disorders.
Staff will provide therapy (group and individual) as well as resource
management. Substance use disorders-emphasis will be Mondays,
Wednesdays, & Fridays; General MH emphasis will be on Tuesdays and
The groups will consist of many topics, including:
• Anger Management
• Stress Management
• Quality of Life
• Substance abuse recovery
• Anxiety/Mood Regulation
• Resource Management
Horizons Clinic Contact Information
If wanting to make a referral, please contact staff via telephone or
email. Below are the Horizons Clinic Staff, their contact information
and address:
 Dr. Dave Whittaker, Psychologist
 Tammie Nichols, LPC, LCDC
 Victoria Medina, LMSW
Phone: 725-7032
Phone: 725-7030
Phone: 725-7033
Horizons Clinic Address
Covenant Medical Center, Lakeside Campus
4001 22nd Pl, (1st Floor)
Bldg. 66 (Behavioral Health)
Lubbock, TX 79410
Main Number: 725-7034
Fax: 723-7066
Thank You for your kind attention!
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