Danny Vines presentation - Texas Renewable Energy Industries

Aspen Power, LLC
Danny Vines, President
October 7, 2010
Aspen Power, LLC
• Located in Lufkin,TX
• 50 MW direct-fired
biomass facility
• Utilizing Stoker
• Implementing SCR
• Will Consume
525,000 tons of
Aerial View of Aspen Site
Environmental Sustainability
• A direct fired 50, megawatt biomass plant reduces carbon
emissions 250,000 tons annually
• EPA’s target for CO2 emissions = 1,000 units/m3
• Utilizing today’s technology Aspen Power, LLC’s
emissions = 15.8 units/m3
63.3 X Cleaner than the EPA Standard
• Woody biomass is a Carbon-Neutral operation
• Manufacturing green-renewable energy creates jobs not
exposed to overseas cheap labor - electricity cannot be
• All plant components are manufactured in the U.S.
Majority in Texas
Resource Availability
• Logging Debris
• Urban/Municipal Wood Waste
• Mill Waste
• In-Woods Chipping
Logging Debris
An estimated 8 Billion
lbs of Logging Debris in
the East Texas Region
Logging Debris Cont’d
Utilizing logging debris for
Bio-energy reduces the need
for expensive site preparation
Provides additional income to
the forest landowner
Clearing logging debris
speeds reforestation growth
Urban Wood Waste
•660 lbs/person/year in U.S.
•22 Million Texans produce
14.5 Billion lbs/year
•Majority of urban biomass is
not utilized
•Large volumes are sent to
landfills at great expense
Utilizing Urban Biomass
Using urban biomass for
Bio-energy production conserves
valuable landfill space
Saves disposal expense and provides
income to cities/counties
• John Deere 1490D
Wood Energy Harvester
• Diamond Z- Grinders
• Transportation of Biomass
John Deere 1490D
Wood Energy Harvester
Diamond-Z Grinders
Fuel-Handling Site (Aspen)
Projected 10 Year
Economic Impact (Aspen)
• Direct permanent jobs created = 160
• Total indirect jobs created = 245
• Direct & Indirect salaries paid = $151.6 Million
• City’s sales Taxable sales gain = $67.8 Million
• Plant’s assets on local tax rolls = $95.5 Million
• Net benefits for local taxing districts = $12.4 Million
Future Project
Greenville Energy, LLC
• 63 MW Generation Capacity
• New renewable energy biomass-fired plant
utilizing some assets currently used in a fossil
fuel facility
• Construction Cost: $80 Million
• Primary Financing: Industrial Revenue Bonds
• Consume 700,000 tons of biomass on an annual
• Will Utilize Stoker Furnace/Boiler Technology
Greenville Energy Site
Greenville Energy Site
Development of Biomass
Facilities in Rural Texas
• Create employment opportunities
• Generate tax revenues
• Stimulate local economies in rural communities
• Diversify the State of Texas’ energy supply
• Facilitate the State of Texas in steering away
from the dependence of fossil fuels and foreign oil
Danny Vines, President
Aspen Power, LLC
(O) 936 875 5510
(F) 936 875 5510

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