Texas State University Update – Laura N. Bartlett

Dr. Laura Bartlett
Assistant Professor
Foundry and Heat Treatment
Department of Engineering Technology
Email: [email protected]
The Kent D. Peaslee Junior Faculty
 Special thanks to the
AIST Foundation for
selecting me
 Very honored to
receive this award
named after my
mentor and friend
 I miss him very
 I hope carry on Dr.
Peaslee’s good work
Texas State University
 Located in San Marcos TX
 Main campus spans 457 acres and 
houses more than 50 academic
 Over 35,000 undergrad and grad
The RFM building
Ingram School of Engineering
Engineering Technology
Materials Science and Engineering
 Focus on Industrial research
Engineering Technology
 Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
 Construction Engineering Technology
 Electrical Engineering Technology
 Environmental Engineering Technology
 Manufacturing Engineering Technology
 Mechanical Engineering Technology
 Master of Science in Engineering Technology
 Construction Science
 Manufacturing Engineering Technology
 Industrial Engineering Technology
Ingram School of Engineering
 The Ingram School of Engineering offers three
undergraduate degree programs:
 Manufacturing Engineering
 Industrial Engineering
 Electrical Engineering
 Together, the Engineering and Engineering
Technology programs house over 20 technical
labs and have an average enrollment of more
than 1,200 students per semester
The Materials Science and Engineering
Commercialization Program
 The Materials Science, Engineering, and
Commercialization (MSEC) program at Texas State is
an integrated effort based on the university’s biology,
chemistry and biochemistry, physics, engineering,
engineering technology and business school programs
 The MSEC program’s goal is to train graduate scientists
and engineers to perform interdisciplinary research
while equipping them to emerge as effective
entrepreneurial leaders in the advancement of 21stcentury global discovery and innovation
 Current push is to cultivate a metallurgy component to
the program
 Addition of steel industry related educational curriculum
and research projects will enhance the mission all three
Metalcasting at Texas State
 Texas State is an FEF accredited
 Student chapters of AFS, ASME, and
 The Foundry and Heat Treatment Lab
 5000+ square foot facility
 Two 100lb coreless induction furnaces
Students tapping a heat of lightweight steel
 Thermal analysis
 Green sand, no-bake sand, lost foam,
investment shell
 Programmable furnaces for heat
treating (up to 1600 C) in air or with a
purge kit for protective atmosphere
 Cut off saws, band saws, grinding, and
shot blasting equipment
FEF College Industry Conference 2013
Laboratory Facilities
 High Strength Materials
Characterization Lab
 Chemical analysis: Spectro Maxx OES and
Leco C/S analyzer
 Metallographic prep
 125 kip Servohydraulic load frame
 Tinius Olsen pendulum type impact tester
 Support Labs
 MTS Instrumented drop tower
 22 kip MTS load frame
 Full pattern shop
 CNC machining labs and metals joining lab
 XRD, AFM, and TEM
 Rapid prototyping lab (3-D printers and
water jet cutter)
 And much more!
New and Planned Equipment Purchases
 KDP Junior Faculty Award funds
leveraged with department funds
and funds from industry to
increase steel related curriculum
and research
 Jominy end quench - $3,000 to
fabricate – added to the TECH
4330 course curriculum
 300 lb ferrous melting capacity
induction furnace - $6,400 +50%
in-kind donation from Emsco
 Upton model PE-12-15-15-480-3
externally heated salt pot furnace
(250 - 900ºC) – $16,750 ($5,000
AIST – $11,750 department
 IRM Horizontal 2-High Hot and
Cold Rolling Mill - $81,250
Actively pursuing funding
Collaborations with local steel
 critical challenge facing the steel
industry - how to remain competitive
with other emerging high strength
 must continue to be an industry driven
toward expanding innovation and
increasing the number of young
engineering and technical
professionals that choose steel
industry related careers
 Texas State with it’s student body of
over 35,000 represents an untapped
pool of young talent for steelmakers
 I will leverage funds from AIST with
local industry to establish steel related
programs at Texas State
Texas State University partnership with
CMC Seguin
 Significant progress has already been made toward
forging a collaborative relationship between Texas State
and CMC
 Training sessions to understand day-to-day operations
 CMC has provided guest lecturers for the Engineering
Technology and Materials Science Departments,
speaking on career opportunities and the technological
aspects of steelmaking
 Representation on our Engineering Technology
Industrial Advisory Board
 In-kind donations of equipment and ferroalloys ($5,000)
 Cash donation of $5,000 to support steel related
programs at Texas State
Texas State University partnership with
CMC Seguin
 An internship program has now been established
between CMC Seguin and Texas State
 Two students (one male and one female) from the
Engineering and Engineering Technology departments
have completed paid internships in the Meltshop at
 Two recent graduates from Engineering Technology
have taken full time employment at CMC
 The amount of internship assistance provided by CMC
totaled more than $15,000
 The total amount of financial support by CMC to Texas
State programs and students totals more than $25,000
 I would like to personally thank CMC
For their outstanding support of our
CMC – leading producer
of special quality steel 
long products
CMC employs state-ofthe art technology in
over 200 locations
Career and internship
opportunities for all eng
and tech majors!
* Please note: You must
wear long pants and closetoed shoes for this tour, no
shorts, skirts, flip-flops or
Find out about exciting careers and scholarships!
Come join us for a tour of CMC Seguin
When: Friday, October 3rd @ 12:45 pm
(we will meet in RFM 2240 lobby and drive over)
Where: CMC Seguin
Number 1, Steel Mill Drive, Seguin, TX
* Sign-up in advance with Sylvia in RFM 2240 by Oct. 1
Fall 2014 Tour of CMC Seguin
 24 students
attended a tour of
CMC Seguin
 Approximately
50% were women
or minorities
 Students toured
the EAF, LMF,
Caster, Hot mill,
and quality
 Goal was to
expose students to
technical careers
in the steel
Technical presentation on steelmaking
by CMC personnel
 Tour started with a presentation on
steelmaking and career opportunities for
different technical disciplines
Students at the EAF
 The EAF “stole the
show” and was the
favorite part of the
tour for most
Touring the caster
Steel is cool! Gets a
thumb’s up from Texas
State students!
Students at the rolling mill
 A crash
to roll pass
Having some fun in the
quality department
Presentations on Scholarships, Career
and Research Opportunities in the
Steel Industry
 After the tour, students were given an introduction to the benefits of
joining AIST and Material Advantage
 Undergraduate steel research programs at Texas State were highlighted
 Students also learned about internship and full time career opportunities
at CMC
 The tour/presentation combo was a very effective means of recruiting
Promoting AIST and Material
Advantage to the MSEC Students
 The MSEC program is the newest PhD program at Texas State
 Students and faculty were largely unaware of the benefits of
participation in Material Advantage and attendance at MS&T, TMS,
and AISTech.
 Engineering, Engineering Technology, and MSEC programs have
teamed up to initiate an inaugural chapter of Material Advantage at
Texas State!
Partnerships with the SPARK Program
 The mission of the SPARK program is to inspire,
support, and empower undergraduate
women majoring in engineering, engineering
technology, computer science, and mathematics at
Texas State University
 Funded by the National Science Foundation
 Part of the College of Science and Engineering's goal to
increase the number of women graduating with degrees
 Several SPARK students interested in technical careers
in the Steel Industry
Undergraduate Research
 Currently, there are two
undergraduate students
and one graduate student
that are working on steel
related research projects
 Plans are to increase the
number to 4 students by
the end of the academic
 Newest member: SPARK
student Cassie Elliot
 Funded in part by AIST
SPARK student Cassie Elliot –
Newest member of the steel
Research team
Future Plans
 Continue to reach out to local steel
industry for their support
 Increase Texas State Student
involvement in steel research
projects and industry events
 Initiate steel related senior design
and capstone projects
 Industry tours and student
networking events
 Steel Industry Day Spring 2014 –
working on plans now
 Involve high school students and
faculty in summer steelmaking
 Increase the attendance of Texas
State Students at MS&T and
 The LBJ Student Center will host the first Steel
Industry Day during the Spring 2014 semester.
Many rooms available for Steel Industry events.
Coincide with Spring Career Fair

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