SBAC Curriculum Training PowerPoint

SBAC - 2015
Curriculum Preparation
● Review of Accommodations/Supports Grid
● Practice Test - Independent Practice
Group Discussion
 What did you notice?
 What was challenging?
 What would you want teachers to know?
● Test Preparation Ideas for Teachers
● Group Share - Ideas for Teacher PD
Test Preparation Ideas for
Practice Test - Question of Day (test strategies)
Student Independent Practice of Practice Test
Typing Practice on Testing Device
Interacting with Digital Content (highlight, notetaking, scrolling) Scholastic, Destiny, Other?
Basic Keyboarding Awareness
insert Key, deleting text, cursor position, caps lock
Type a class assignment in 1 sitting
Math Calculator from SBAC Grades 6-12
**All Students will take Training Test on Day 1 of testing schedule - Test
Question of the Day - QOD
Practice Test:
Student Independent Practice
● Should be on device student will use for testing.
● Should be a block of uninterrupted time 25-40 minute setting
● Solicit Feedback from students
o What did you notice?
o What did you find challenging?
● Teachers should be encouraged to provide feedback to Technology PD
Leader and Building Administrator
Practice Test:
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What are the Typing Requirements?
Provide authentic digital publishing experiences as part of your curriculum where
Grade 3 - Type approx 100 words in 1 sitting (approx 30-40 minutes)
Grade 4 - Type approximately 200 words in 1 sitting (approx 30-40 minutes)
Grade 5 - Type approximately 400 words in 1 sitting (approx 30-40 minutes)
Grade 6+ - Type approximately 500 words in 1 sitting (approx 30-40 minutes)
Typing Programs
● Type2Learn - License/Client Install
● Typing Club - Free-Lite/Subscription/Web
● Edutyping - 90 Day Trial/Subscription/Web
● Dance Mat Typing - Free/Web
● Typing Rocket/Typing Rocket Jr - Free/Web
iPad App
● Tap Typing -Free-Lite/Paid
● Type Racer - Free-Limited/Paid
● Bee Typing - Elementary/Free/Paid
Interacting with Digital Content
Purpose: Have students experience highlighting
text evidence, online note taking, scrolling and
navigating digital content.
● Scholastic News Online
● Dogo News
● ReadWorks
● News ELA - Sean
● Destiny
Reinforce Basic Keyboarding Skills
Deleting words/content efficiently
Insert Key on/off
Delete vs Backspace
Cap Locks vs. Shift
Num Lock
Split Screen
● Bold/Italics etc..
● iPad Specific Navigation - if applicable Caps/Shift, Show/Hide Keyboard
SBAC Online Calculator
Whenever possible for students in Grades 6-12
have them use the SBAC calculator in class.
● Calculator for Grade 6 (Basic)
● Calculator for Grades 7 and 8 (Scientific)
● Calculator for High School (Scientific/Graphing,
SBAC Ideas - TPDLs
What are things that primary teachers need to do to prepare k-2 students for Smarter Balanced?
Should there be optional PD for teachers of k-2 students?
What makes sense for your school population?
Focus/differentiate PD for k-2 teachers to help prepare rising students.
Elicit input from k-2 teachers. Keep in mind that our k-2 student are digital natives.
Team up as TPDLs at one site to offer differentiated PD.
Triaging requests for support.
Make sure electric infrastructure can support hardware
EdCamp technology pd - March 7 - Sean Hutchinson to provide more info
Hour of code - Liz Hirtenstein
We need to add a calendar of event to share drive
Send directions on how to share/move documents from private drive to another drive - Christina
Google chat/google doc pd.
Voxer - to tweet one another - instant IM for instant feedback.
Recommended Next Steps
● Read through materials
● Work with your administrator to schedule training on “SBAC and the
Curriculum” - January
● Modify and Create Materials as Needed
● Have any typing apps or other resources loaded on computers
● Create a schedule with your Admins to circulate Testing devices/schedule
lab time to classrooms over the next 3 months.
● Solicit Feedback Post Training and Submit Suggestion to Christina Hefele
● Post to Schoology site and resources you have created that may be helpful
to group or solicit feedback from group if needed
● Additional Training for SBAC - Feb/March on Test
Practice Test
Training Test - Coming Soon - Day 1 or 2 of Test
Support & Accommodations Guide
SBAC Resources & Materials
SBAC Portal Site

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