WI ALERT Teams and TEMS PowerPoint

(Aligned Law Enforcement Response Team)
Tactical and EOD Teams
Why develop regional teams?
To acquire critical equipment and enhanced tactical
capability that protects us from terrorist acts
To establish a
coordinated response
to catastrophic
events that would
otherwise overwhelm
local resources
What is the role of the law enforcement
tactical teams?
Support local resources
if/when requested
through Mutual Aid
Be prepared for, respond to
and mitigate WMD, terrorist
and other catastrophic events
Team Selection
Emergency Police Service Areas
Team selection occurred with
a geographic emphasis
Representation of each EPS
region facilitates effective
dispersal of critical/specialized
equipment and capability
Most effective statewide
Minimal statewide response
ALERT: Aligned Law Enforcement Response Team
Law Enforcement
Executive Committee
SWAT Workgroup
Dane Co Sheriff
Douglas Co Sheriff / Superior PD
Eau Claire Co Sheriff
Green Bay PD / Brown Co Sheriff
La Crosse Co Sheriff / La Crosse PD
Milwaukee County Sheriff/City of
Milwaukee PD
• Oneida Co Sheriff
• Winnebago Co Sheriff
EOD Workgroup
Brown Co Sheriff
Dane Co Sheriff
Kenosha Co Sheriff
Marathon Co /Oneida Co Sheriffs
Milwaukee Co Sheriff
ALERT’s Missions
• Primary:
To deliver enhanced tactical capability through specialized/critical
equipment, advanced tactics and a highly coordinated response
plan when activated as a statewide asset.
ALERT Activation
• Possible Activation Protocol Model:
– A local agency must contact their respective EPS Area Director
requesting assistance.
– EPS Director will assess incident and, using the ALERT
Activation Matrix Criteria as a guideline, determine if an
activation is appropriate.
– The guideline provides consistency in the assessment of event
circumstances. It is recognized that the Activation Matrix Criteria
is only a guideline and that specific event circumstances will be
included in the determination whether an ALERT activation may
ALERT’s Role When Activated
• Collaboration with the local Incident and/or
Tactical Commanders in the mitigation of an
event through the application of
specialized/critical equipment, enhanced tactical
capability and highly coordinated response.
ALERT’s Missions
Make available specialized/critical equipment and/or
advanced tactics through mutual aid requests for
incidents that do not meet the activation threshold.
Mutual Aid
• Mutual Aid For Law Enforcement Partners
Equipment acquired through Homeland Security grant funding is
available to regional law enforcement partners through mutual aid.
ALERT agencies shall require memorandums of understanding
with law enforcement partners who may request this equipment.
ALERT agencies may choose to only allow their own personnel to
operate specialized/critical equipment or may require law
enforcement partner personnel to be trained on specialized/critical
equipment prior to use.
Critical Equipment Available
Equipment Available Now
Bearcat Armored Vehicles
Tactical Robotics
Level III Ballistics
Infrared Optics
Negotiation Equipment
Special Munitions
Multiple Breaching Capability
Tactical Capability-Training
Future Critical Equipment
Future Considerations-Training
• Bomb Technician Integration Into Tactical Team
• MACTAC (Multi-Assault Counter-Terrorism
Action Capabilities)
• Explosive & Mechanical Breaching
• Management of High Risk Entry Facility @ Volk
• Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid (SABA)
• Train-the-Trainer with Collaboration Focus
– ALERT Team Trainers
– ALERT Team LE Partner Trainers
• Expand current tactical collaboration to
EPS region and beyond
– Using ALERT as the foundation, establish a
venue for region-wide tactical team planning,
training and coordination
– Enhance region-wide tactical capability
• ALERT’s regional LE partners participate in the
process of identifying future equipment and
training priorities.
– ALERT Team solicits input from regional tactical team partners
on equipment and training considerations
– ALERT work groups and subcommittees review, research and
prioritize considerations
– Acquired equipment is available to LE partners through mutual
– Training acquisitions have “train-the-trainer” emphasis
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Alert Network Pyramid
Homeland Security Grant Funding
ALERT Teams Training
(Train the Trainer)
Regional LE Partners Training from
(Train the Trainer)
ALERT and Regional LE Partner
Trainers provide training to other
interested agencies.
Todd M. Nehls, Deputy Director
Emergency Police Services
(608) 444-0003 or
[email protected]

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