Ramona The Brave by: Beverly Cleary ELA pd.1 Karen Neville!

Ramona is a brave girl, she is also confident in
herself, and she is also creative because in the story
she created her own slipper and it was made out of
paper towels from school. Ramona is dynamic
because when Ramona faced a dog she was scared at
first, but then she became brave.
Beatrice is a helpful girl because when Ramona was
having trouble in school Beatrice would give her
sister some advice. Beatrice is also kind because she
talks to her sister with respect. Beatrice
is static because when Ramona has trouble
at school then she would help her sister out
by giving her some advice.
The setting of my story takes place at school &
at home.
The problem of the story was when Ramona
faced a big dog on the way to school and threw
her shoe at the dog to make it go away. The
dog steals her shoe. The problem was solved
when Ms. Griggs told Ramona to go down to the
office to get her shoe back from the owner of
the dog.
Man vs. man. Ramona faced a dog on the way to
school. She thought the dog was going to bite
her so she had to try to make the dog go away.
This is an external conflict between her and a
my prediction that I made when I was
reading is since that Ramona’s sister was
sleeping by her self Ramona asked her
parent’s that if she could have her own
room to sleep in.
Well when I was reading on my prediction
actually had came true.
The message about life is that when you
need help on something then you should
ask for help. If you don’t ask, you won’t
get the help that you need. In the story
Ramona had trouble sharing during show
tell. So, she when she went home she asks
her parents and her sisters for help. They
helped her with her explanation. Then, at
the next show and tell she was able to
explain herself better.

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