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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Duke University Office of Information Technology
Common Solutions Group
Summer 2012
Evan Levine
Duke Health Technology Services
 VMware VDI at Patient Revenue Management
Organization and Duke Raleigh Hospital
 VDI focus decreasing in a shift to virtual applications
 Citrix XenApp use increasing rapidly system wide
 Duke Maestro Care (Epic ERP) system will only be
available through Citrix virtual application
VDI @ Duke University Today
 Central Emphasis on VCL
 Limited use of commercial VDI products at various
Virtual Computing Lab
 Capacity for 300 simultaneous seats
 Central and departmentally managed images
 Network storage through AFS -> Moving to NAS
 Overnight provisioning of machines for HPC to use
with Condor jobs
 8 PowerEdge R710 with 2*4 Core CPUs, 72 GB RAM
(576 GB Total), vSphere 4.1u1
VCL Spring 2012 Detail
 Total Reservations: 5,183
 Total Hours Used: 7,782
 "Now" Reservations: 5,137
 "Later" Reservations: 78
 Load times >= 2 minutes: 383
 Total Unique Users: 775
 Unique Windows 7 Users: 717
Popularity Contest
 1. SolidWorks
 2. OIT Windows Lab
 3. ArcGIS
 4. Stata
 5. Chemistry Course Apps
 6. Nvivo
VCL Reservations by Hour
VCL Challenges Discovered
 Fear of Change – VCL requires faculty, staff, and
students to do something new
 Network – Wireless performance is critical for
synchronized use
 Storage - Not all software is well suited to running
with remote storage
 Training – OIT only creates and maintains public
computing lab and site-licensed application images
VDI @ Duke University Tomorrow?
 Persistent desktops, not just short term
reservations and sandbox environments
 Centrally run service to ease issues of security,
global expansion, travel, and platform independent
 Likely adoption of commercial products from
VMware, Citrix, or similar
 Virtual application deployment
Anticipated Challenges
 People Still Fear Change!
 Network – How well is this going to work globally?
 Vendors – Compared to VCL, working with VMware
and Citrix will feel very inflexible
 Will this really simplify anything or reduce cost?
Technologies to Watch
 Boomerang – Javascript capable of reporting user
network bandwidth, latency, etc.
 “noVNC” – Javascript making it possible to embed a
VNC remote desktop client in a zero-install HTML5
web page
 Virtual GPU solutions

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