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FIRST Robotics
Kit of Parts - KOP
Seven Rivers Robotics Training
December 6, 2014
Duane Lom – Aquinas Mentor
What is the KOP?
• A collection of parts given to all teams to use
in the construction of a robot
• Cost is covered in the registration to a team’s
first Regional competition
• Word of Caution – each year there are changes to what is
distributed and how it is distributed. Information in this
presentation may not reflect how the 2015 KOP is handled.
• New for 2015 is the roboRIO.
What is the KOP?
What’s in the KOP?
• The KOP contains the parts needed to build a basic structure and
additional elements that may or may not be useful in constructing a more
complete robot.
• Basic Structure– wheels, drive trains, perimeter structural channels and
connectors, electrical components necessary to the power the drive train.
(Most non-electrical elements are in the AndyMark portion of the kit)
• Additional elements for example – electrical components (limit switches,
wire, connectors, relays), additional motors, cooling fans, software, game
pieces, etc. (Black Tote)
• The Rookie kit (Green Tote) contains elements only given once to teams –
pneumatic parts, driver station laptop computer, joysticks, extra battery,
battery charger, camera, etc.
What’s in (cont.)
• Ordering Certificates – Additional certificates are
included that allow teams to order parts on an asneeded basis. (Vitural Kit & First Choice) Examples are
belts and pneumatic cylinders. Important note – even
if your robot design will not need these items, order
anyway to build up your parts inventory for future use!
• Opt-Out option – Older teams, can opt out of KOP
drive train parts and get vouchers to obtain other parts
from AndyMark. Younger teams will want to stick with
the normal KOP until they have enough parts to build
two or more robots.
Delivery and Inspection
• The KOP is distributed on the day of the FRC
Kick Off. You have a few days to check your
KOP to see if any parts are missing.
• When picking up the KOP, some items may be
distributed individually.
• An inventory list is available on-line after the
kick off at the FIRST website.
Sample KOP Checklist
Photos can
on the size
of items
New for 2015
Replaces cRIO
and the
But There Is More !
• Caution – NO indication the following is in the
2015 KOP
• Additional information about the new controls
New Power Distribution Board
New Voltage Regulator Module
New Pneumatic Control Module
Change in Jaguar Motor Controllers
Change in Talon Motor Controllers
Recommend visiting
2015 Control System
Major Supplier - AndyMark
• AndyMark is a for-profit company founded by former
FIRST Robotics students to provide parts associated
with FIRST Robotics. They have most everything you
will need to build a complete robot. Most of the KoP
items can be purchased from them if you need
replacements or extras. (
• Most parts have an associated AndyMark part number
(am-xxxx) and it is the easiest way to find items in their
on-line catalog.
• Technical specs for parts can be found on AndyMark
along with the company websites of the various parts
• First Choice Items
Handy Parts to Purchase
• Pneumatic tubing and connectors - am or Ronco Engineering
on Caledonia St.
• Pneumatic control valves – am-0888
• Specialty wheels such as Mecanum and Omni wheels am
Limit Switches – “First Choice” item
Machine screws (#6, #8, #10 and metric sizes)
Bolts (1/4, 5/16), Washers, and Locknuts
Sheets of Aluminum – 7 Rivers Surplus Hwy 16 Hokah, Mn
• Pool Noodles – 2.5 in Dia
• Bumper Fabric –
Why is Understanding the KOP
• Knowing what you have to work with
– What’s available
– How the parts work
– Size of the parts
– What has to be on the robot (Robot Build Rules)
• Appreciation of the cost of parts
• Preparing the BOM (Bill of Materials)
• Look on FIRST Website for additional technical
information of parts, suppliers, where to get
more –
• Chief Delphi Forums – www.
• Coalition Teams

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