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Elizabethan era superstitions
By Mrs Bron
• Hello my name is mrs brown and I am
going to tell you about supersticions in the
Quenn Elizabeth time. There were many
superstitions at this time read more to see
some of them in this powerpont!
The three most important
aspects of renaissance
superstitions were good
luck superstitions, bad luck
superstitions, and witch
Good luck superstitions
• Eating fish will make u smarter.
• A rabbits foot will bing you good luck.
• It was unlucky for a black cat to cross your
path. (Black is the color assciated with evil
magic and a cat was stronly associated with
a witch).
• An eclipse was seen as an omen of evil.
Witch supersticions
• Witches were able to fly. This explained
how witchs could move quickly across
impossible distances. They were so fast it
was like lightning speed for real,
Witches brewed magic potions over a cauldron.
THE END!!!!!!!!!!
• www.superstitions.com
• www.elizabethanera.com
• Supersitions by Jenniffer Brown

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