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Veterans Affairs
Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bills
State of Texas Hazlewood Act
Orientation Presentation
Programs Offered
Federal Benefits
(GI Bill)
 Chapter 33
 Chapter 30
 Chapter 1606
 Chapter 1607
 Chapter 35
 Chapter 31
State Benefits
 Hazlewood Exemption
 Hazlewood Legacy
Post 9/11 GI Bill, Chapter 33
 Active Duty Service after 9/10/2001
 If you are eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill and another
GI Bill benefits (such as the Montgomery GI Bill) you
will be required to make an irrevocable choice to
relinquish that benefit if you wish to receive Ch. 33
 If, however, you exhaust your other entitlement
before applying for Ch. 33, you could receive up
to an additional 12 months under that program.
 Ch. 33 can be passed on to dependent children and
spouse if the veterans meets active service
requirements set by Department of Defense (DOD).
Process must be started with DOD prior to discharge
from Active service.
Post 9/11 GI Bill, Chapter 33
 Ranges from 40% - 100% based on active service
 At least 90 days service not including training for
minimum benefit.
 3 years service = 100%
 Benefit Includes:
 Monthly stipend: BAH at E-5 /w dependent rate,
$1422.00 for Austin area
 Must be 51% rate of pursuit or more
 At least 1 course on campus
 Tuition paid directly to the school
 Dorm fees and meal plan are not paid to the
 $1,000 per year for books: $41.66 per credit hour
Montgomery GI Bill, Chapter 30
 Pre 9/11 GI Bill
 Veteran must have contributed $1,200 to the benefit
after enlistment, generally $100 per month for first
year of service and be otherwise be eligible for
education benefits.
 If vet contributed to Ch. 30 but relinquished use
Ch. 33 instead, $1,200 is refundable when Ch. 33
is completely exhausted.
 Must verify monthly
 Benefit Includes:
 Monthly stipend only: $1,648
 DOES NOT pay tuition up front
Selected Reserve GI Bill, Chapter 1606
 GI Bill for reservist with 6 year service obligation or
more who are actively drilling.
 Only completed training (Basic & MOS school)
 Up to 36 months of benefit
 Must provide a NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility)
signed by unit commander along with VA Certificate of
 Must verify monthly
 Benefit includes:
 Monthly Stipend only: $362.00
 DOES NOT pay tuition up front
Reserve Educational Assistance
Program (REAP), Chapter 1607
 For Reservists called to active orders in response to
war or national emergency.
 Must be activated for 90 days or more
 Payments on a sliding scale based on amount of
consecutive qualifying active service.
 Must verify monthly
 Benefit includes:
 Monthly Stipend only:
 90 days = $659.20
 1 Year = $988.80
 2 year = $1318.40
 DOES NOT pay tuition up front
Dependent Educational Assistance,
Chapter 35
 GI Bill for dependents (spouse and children) of VA
rated100% disabled, unemployable, or deceased
veterans as a result of service-related condition.
 Generally 45 months of benefit
 Cut off age of 26
 Benefit includes:
 Monthly stipend only: $1003.00
 DOES NOT pay tuition up front
Vocational Rehabilitation, Chapter 31
 Benefit for veterans with a minimum disability rating of
 Veteran must apply and set up an appointment with
Voc Rehab counselor to discuss vocational goals and
establish need for the benefit.
 Counselors in either San Antonio or Austin:
 Austin: 512-206-0857
 San Antonio: 210-699-5022
 Benefit includes:
 Tuition and book amounts paid to school
 Monthly stipend: established with counselor
 Up to $75 in supplies
Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bills
 The University does not determine eligibility
 Benefit eligibility information must be provided to the
 Certificate of Eligibility (Ch. 30, 33, 1606, 1607, 35)
 Notice of Basic Eligibility (Ch. 1606)
 28-1905 (Ch. 31)
 Apply at www.gibill.va.gov
 22-1990 (Ch. 30, 33, 1606, 1607)
 22-5490 (Ch. 35)
 28-1900 (Ch. 31)
Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bills
 All course work must be specifically stated on Degree
Audit Report (DAR)
 Any course not listed or showing as an open
elective must have approval from an academic
 Minors must be required for your major, optional
minors will not be covered.
 Monthly Payment are paid based on rate of pursuit:
Rate of Pursuit
% of Payment
Full Time
12 Hours
9 Hours
¾ Time
6-8 Hours
½ Time
6-8 Hours
4-5 Hours
¼ Time
<4 Hours
<4 Hours
T&F Only
Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bills
 All payments made on the first month for the month
 Only paid while the student is in class.
 Example: January’s monthly stipend will come
February 1st and will be prorated from Jan 13th to
the end of the month.
 Monthly Verification for Ch. 30, 1606, and 1607.
 By phone: 1-877-823-2378
 Online: www.gibill.va.gov - WAVE
State of Texas Hazlewood Act
 Tuition Exemption for Veterans who:
 Entered service from the state of Texas or had a
Home of Record in Texas on DD-214
 Served at least 181 days active service other than
 Received an honorable discharge (or general
under honorable conditions).
 Resides in the state.
 Transferable to dependent child on semester by
semester basis.
 Spouses eligible in cases of 100% disability or
service-connected death.
State of Texas Hazlewood Act
 Each dependent can be eligible but only one student
at a time can utilize the benefit per semester, even at
different schools.
 In cases of 100% disability/deceased each
student has his/her own eligibility.
 Benefit includes:
 150 hours of Tuition and Fee exemption
 Does not cover student service fee: ~$90
 Does not cover $50 general deposit charge
 Does not cover housing or meals
 Does not cover books.
State of Texas Hazlewood Act
 Student must maintain Academic Progress for
Waivers and Exemptions (APWE):
 At least 2.0 GPA
 Not be in excessive hours
 Dependent Children eligible until 26th birthday
 Must be 25 on first class day.
State of Texas Hazlewood Act
 Documentation needed:
 Veteran:
 DD-214 Member 4
 Applications (HE-V)
 Proof of THECB Registration
 Dependents:
 Veteran’s DD-214 Member 4
 Birth Certificate or Tax Info showing dependency
 Applications (HE-D and HE-V)
 Proof of THECB Registration
Registering with the THECB
Registering with the THECB cont.
Our online VA Certification Request
 Found on our homepage (www.va.txstate.edu)
Online process continued:
 Login using your Net ID and password
Same as your Texas State email and TRACS
Online process continued:
 Once logged in, click “Add New Request,” and select which applies to
**Note that “Both” is for students using any chapter of the GI Bill in
conjunction with the Hazlewood Exemption
Online process continued:
 On the last page of the request, you will have the option to upload
various required documents based on your selections.
Online process continued:
 You may return to the upload page at a later time to upload additional
documents by clicking “My Request,” then click “Detail.”
Online process continued:
 You will receive a computer-generated email every time the status of
your request changes:
In Process
 If your request is Incomplete, Pending, Cancelled, or Denied, a short
message as to why will be included in the status email.
Veterans Affairs Office
J.C. Kellam
Room # 111
(512) 245-2641
Veterans Benefits Coordinator: Alex Stamatis
Administrative Assistant: Peter Shuler

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